The Reason Of My Life …… Chapter 10 – Schemes

It was a long time ago I posted this ff. So I won’t be surprised if you forgot the story. Here’s the last chapter I updated.

The Reason Of My Life …… Chapter 9 – Being her driver

Previously on “The Reason Of My Life…

They bid her goodnight and walked to their rooms.

“You wanted to get me scolded! How mean!!” Sanchi lightly punched Kabir on the arm.

“Well, it’s your fault we got drenched”

“Like you weren’t enjoying the rain ???”

He smiled at her sarcasm.

“Don’t worry Dr. Kabir, I can see you’re happy whether you admit it or not ???”

“Oh really?”

“Yep! ??? Oh and don’t forget to drink some medicine for cold!”

“??? Goodnight Sanchi..!”

“Goodnight… sweet dreams ???”

She cuddled to her blankets as soon as her head hit the pillow. **It really was a nice day! Dr. Ka- um.. Kabir was very different when he’s outside duty. He cared for me past days but there’s something different… ??? like we’re best friends… it’s nice to see him so carefree ☺☺☺**

Kabir on the other hand stood by his door a second more than her. “Sweet dreams? Hmm ??? may be I will ???” Till he fall asleep there was one single thought in his mind. **Being her driver is actually not bad…!**


Veer didn’t come home in a good mood. Not so long ago he saw Sanchi with Kabir near the street food stalls.

Veer’s POV

She used to go there with me. Now she goes to those places with that Kabir. She’s sharing what we used to share with each other. Hahaha! ??? Do you think you can take my place so easily, Dr. Kabir. Kapoor? Oh you’re clearly mistaken. And you Sanchi, you were so happy after ruining everything right? If you think you can snatch our hospital like how that Jaya Mishra shot my mother and snatched her love from me again, you’re wrong! I’ll make sure your mother stays in jail for a long time!

The main door slammed open. The second daughter of the Malhotra family entered throwing her handbag. My loving step sister! She seems to be in a bad mood too.

“Why are you throwing your stuff around sis?”

She jumped in surprise not seeing him in the darkness. “Veer? You were here? Sorry I didn’t see you.”

“No probs. You seem troubled. Care to share?”

“We both have the same problem bro”

“Oh! Sanchi Mishra?”

“One and only!”

“It’s not easy to take her down. Her strength is her friends. We have to separate them first.”

“We’ll have to do something big”

“I have a plan. Will you help?”

“Of course bro! What are sisters for? ???”

Normal POV

It was quite a luck neither Sanchi nor Kabir caught a cold that day. Unluckily for her, the moments she get to stay happy are limited. Two days. Sanchi only had two peaceful days before she get more entangled in the game of Malhotras. Not only that she was a part of their plan but also they were a part of her plan.

After the said peaceful two days, some parents decided to meet the dean of SDCH. Madhu and Bala’s parents to be exact.

“This have gone too far Dr. Sahiba! We sent our children here to learn. Everyone say this hospital is the best in the city but nothing but injustice happened with our daughters!”

“We have so many hopes for them. We want to see them become responsible doctors. How can they even try to prove themselves when others are snatching their chances? And you don’t even stop them!”

Sanchi looked at the old couple seated before her worriedly.

“Okay Mr & Mrs Sharma, I understand that you have a problem regarding Madhu and Bala’s future. Here in Savitri Devi College and Hospital all mentors give importance to each and evert student’s abilities. Both Madhu and Bala are behind studies. It’s not the hospitals fault. Both are spending time unnecessarily with friends when they can use that time to improve themselves.”

“So you’re saying that our daughters are slacking off instead of studying? Wah Dr. Sahiba! Wah! You put the blame on them very nicely!”

“Look Mr. Sharma, it’s not what I’m-”

“Our daughters were right. You always favour your friends! What were those names our daughters said dear?”

“Dr. Pragya and Dr. Isha”

“Yes. Dr. Pragya and Dr. Isha! They are your friends right?”

Sanchi didn’t understand how did Pragya and Isha are relayed to this mess. It’s not she who assign interns for surgeries. These accusations will affect the hospital’s reputation badly. “Listen Mr. Sharma, Mrs. Sharma, I don’t favour anyone. If something had been unfair to Madhu and Bala, I will look in to that matter and make sure not to let it happen again. And you two should advice them to focus more on their studies. Not to waste time with friends. Specially Dr. Riya Malhotra. She’s bad influence for them.” Sanchi concluded kindly. She didn’t see the effect of her last few words on Mrs. Sharma. She didn’t see how Mrs. Sharma’s hands turned in to fists knitting her eyebrows in anger and how Mr. Sharma quickly glared at his wife silently telling her to calm down. Instead her eyes focussed on Kabir who just came by.

“Sorry to interrupt, can I talk to you for a second Sanchi? We have a problem…” he stopped in the middle feeling someone’s stare on him. He caught Mr. Sharma looking intently at him. Kabir looked at him confused and then his eyes fell on Mrs. Sharma.

“Have we met before?” He asked.

Mrs. Sharma beamed at him ☺☺☺. “I don’t think so. If we have met before, I don’t think I’ll forget such a handsome lad like you…”

Kabir saw Sanchi trying her best not to laugh while he tried not to grimace at the old lady’s open flirting. Before he say anything else her husband intervened.

“Men these days!! No shame! No shame at all!! How dare you flirt with my wife? ???”

“What? What did I do? ???”

“Oh shut up! I know people like you very well. A woman in any age aren’t safe with you!”

Sanchi frowned. Mr. Sharma is being too rude. “Mr. Sharma, I appreciate it if you don’t talk to my husband that way!” A silent warning was there in her tone.

Both Sharma’s and Kabir was surprised. It was the first time Sanchi acknowledged Kabir as her husband. Kabir didn’t know what he should feel. Should he feel happy? Or not? Though his mind didn t have the answer his lips naturally curved in to an affectionate smile.

On the other hand the Sharma couple rose from their chairs somewhat angrily. By now, Sanchi could care less about their attitudes. She had tolerated them enough for the day.

“As I said before Mr. Sharma, I will look in to your problem and make sure not to let it happen ever again. You may leave now.” Her words were final. There was no room for any more discussions.

The Sharmas left with grumpy faces.

“Thank God they’re gone” Sanchi sighed pressing her temples.

Kabir now sat on a chair the Sharmas occupied previously. “She was very familiar…. ???”

“Don’t tell me you really have a crush on her ???” Sanchi was alarmed.

Kabir stopped tapping his chin and gave her an alarmed what the hell look ??? like his soul just went out of his body. She giggled ???.

“Very funny! Who were they anyway?”

“Madhu and Bala’s parents.”

“What did they want?”

She explained the whole complaint to him.

“Why did they blame you? It’s not your fault.”

“I know but…. they accused that I’m favouring Pragya and Isha!”

Kabir momentarily got lost in his thoughts. She “Pragya and Isha?”


“Hmm… ???”

“Why what’s wrong?”

“Huh? Oh nothing.”

“Anyway what’s that problem you came to talk about?”

“Oh yeah… that… the investors are pulling back.”


“Don’t worry much. We’ll figure out wha-” he couldn’t complete what he was saying.

She was shaking her head covering her face with her hands. “What am I doing? How would I fulfil my father’s dream like this? Now the investors are pulling back. Maybe I shouldn’t have challenged Malhotra like that! Who am I kidding? I’m just a nobody! How could think I can handle a prestigious hospital?” She removed her hands from her face but her rambling didn’t stop. Kabir reached across her desk to hold her hand.

“Sanchi… you’re not doing this alone. I’m here. Pragya and Isha are here. Your parents blessings are with you. You can’t fall weak like this! And you’re not a nobody! Don’t ever think low of yourself ever again! You’re Dr. Sunil Mishra’s daughter. His pride… investors are a problem. But we’ll get through. Now take a walk around the hospital and think of new ideas we can do to improve our service to the patients as well as can impress the investors. So they would like to work with us more than they were before! Let’s discuss about those when we go home. Meanwhile I’ll talk with other doctors and prepare a table to make sure every intern gets the same experience. We should also make a rule or something for them telling that if they’re unable to attend any surgery they should exchange the duty with another who have perform the same in a different day. That way no one can tell they missed anything. And for the emergencies we will pick interns from those who’re available at those moments. We weren’t partial to anyone before. But if there’s a complaint we have to be careful. Specially now that you’re the dean, many would like to see you falling.”

“Thank you…” She was overwhelmed seeing how perfectly composed Kabir is when her mind is going haywire. He was already up to leave. “How do you always have answers to my problems?”

Kabir pretended to think. “Hmm… ??? let’s see… because I’m awesome?” Answering her with another question he left for his work throwing a playful wink at her ???.

His sudden change of demenor made her laugh ??? forgetting her trouble momentarily. It took a moment for her to get a hold of herself. “Of course you’re awesome…!” She mumbled to herself fondly, glancing the way he disappeared in to.

“It wasn’t that hard right Veer?” Riya asked her partner in crime while removing the white haired wig she was wearing. She looked to see why he wasn’t answering. He was clutching his white beard and the steering wheel so hard making his knuckles turn white.

“Veer? Are you okay?” Riya was actually concerned.

“How can I be okay Riya? How can I?”

“But the plan is on the move na…”

“The damn plan is on the move and it’ll be a success soon. But didn’t you hear what Sanchi said?! I appreciate it if you don’t talk to my husband that way! She said “My husband!! What does it mean?” He angrily slammed his hands on the steering wheel.

“She probably said it just like that Veer. I don’t think she meant it. ???”

“The Sanchi I know doesn’t just say anything without any meaning!!”

“Veer, I think you’re thinking too much. We all know how their relationship is. So there’s nothing to worry.”

“I hope you’re right. I really do…” he sighed. “Now time to set things for the second part of the plan ???”

**But I really hope what Veer said won’t be true… I can’t lose my love… my Kabir… I love him so much!!!**

They didn’t know why she said it. Veer was somewhat convinced by Riya. Sanchi didn’t even realize she said something like that. She acts pretty normal. Though Kabir was happy to hear that he quickly forgot it knowing well if he let her words to his heart he will hurt himself. All in all everyone is busy with their own work while a plot is hatching right under their noses. That’s not Veer & Riya’s plan or Dr. Malhotra’s many plans. Neither it is Sanchi’s carefully executing plan of fulfilling her father’s dreams and bringing him to justice. It’s a plan that’s woven by the fate intwining all of them like a game.

Kabir was doing his rounds as usual. His began phone vibrate in his pocket.

“Yes Pragya, what happened?”

“You’re right sir. It’s not them.”

Her answer made his face harden. He hoped he’d be wrong for Sanchi’s sake but turned out to be right.

“And Isha found-”

“We’ll discuss about this later. Come to our house in the evening after your shift”

“Okay sir!”


Coming up next….. His past

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