The Reason Of My Life …… Chapter 5

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So far we saw… Kabir married Sanchi who was left to wait in the mandap for her groom. Sanchi assumed it was Dr. Anand Malhotra and Kabir’s planning because of Veer’s made up stories. After accidentally getting know the truth, she was shattered and Kabir was trying to get her back to her old self.


Couple of days passed. Sanchi doesn’t go to the hospital. She can’t make her mind to work there seeing Veer. They made up an excuse saying that she broke her leg falling from stairs. So she’s home with Kusum. Sanchi doesn’t show her tears, just put up a fake smile but it isn’t hard for him and Kusum to see through it. Pragya and Isha come by and try to make her mind. They now hate Veer for what he did. It was very hard for them coz Veer was their friend too. They helped in Sanchi’s and his relationship. It was because of them Sanchi and Veer even had a love story.

At night, she get nightmares which make her scream in fear. She see Dr. Malhotra and Veer laughing at her. At times like those, Kusum hold her stroking her hair until she sleep. It was like a mother taking care of her child in a difficult time.

“Kabir, I think you should take Sanchi somewhere. Some place she could forget all this nuisance and relax her mind” Kusum suggested to Kabir after thinking a lot.

“I thought about that too maa. But would she agree?”

“Talk with her”

Later that day Kabir talked with Sanchi along with Kusum, Pragya and Isha to help him.

“I don’t want to go”

“But Sanchi, Kabir sir is doing this for your own good!!” – Isha

“I’m fine yaar!!”

“You’re fine? Really? Ok then come to the hospital tomorrow and start working!!” Pragya ordered.

Isha tried to stop her. “No Isha! Don’t stop me!! She has to understand that staying home in depression is not a solution to her problems. She has to understand that she needs to be strong for Jaya aunty. She can’t fall weak because of Veer. She has to understand how painful for all of us to see her like this!! (She turned to Sanchi) You always said that Kusum aunty is like your own mother right? Can’t you see how sad this mother is to see you like this?”

“Please beta, we can’t see you like this” Kusum who was sitting beside her too tried to make her agree.

Sanchi looked at everyone repeatedly. Kabir looked understanding. “It’s alright if you don’t like to go with me. You don’t have to. You can go with Pragya and Isha. Just say yes and I’ll arrange everything?”

She looked apologetic. “That’s not it sir, I just don’t want to be a burden to you!! I’ve troubled you enough”

He came and knelt in front of her. Taking her hand on his, he spoke gently. “You’re not a burden to me Sanchi, don’t ever think like that!! Ok then it’s decided!! You’re going with these two.”

“We would love that. But how can we get leave for this? Malhotra will never let us go!!”

“It’s alright I’ll go with sir” Sanchi added quietly.

Kabir looked doubtful. “Are you sure about that? I mean I’ll talk to Malhotra and try to ge-”

“Yeah I’m sure. So where are we going?”


“It’s Darjeeling darling!!” Pragya yelled holding Sanchi’s hands.

“Awww!!! I’m so jealous right now!!” Isha began to whine making all laugh.

Two days later it was Kabir had took a week off making both Dr. Malhotra and Veer curious.

“A week Kabir? Why suddenly?” He asked in his fake fatherly voice.

“Nothing special sir. It’s just maa. She complains I work too much and need a break. After her emotional blackmail, I agreed finally. And even I think she’s right. That’s all.”

“Waise Kabir… Sanchi is on leave too. Why isn’t she here yet?” Anand asked cunningly.

“I told you before na sir. She has broken her leg. That’s why she isn’t here. She’ll come after getting well”

“Are you taking care of her?”

“Sir, I have many things to do than taking care of her. I told her to stay in the hospital till she gets well so that nurses can take care of her, but she didn’t listen. Now if she wish to stay home it’s her responsibility to take care of herself!” Kabir brushed off his questioning getting annoyed.

Veer was curious because Sanchi didn’t came to the hospital for days and now Kabir too is taking a leave. He knew the “broken leg story” is just an excuse. The real reason for her absence is that she got to know his truth. **But what’s Dr. Kabir doing? They’re getting divorced right? Or does he thinks he can get closer to her now? ??? No it don’t happen!! Sanchi only loves me!! Even after all that happens, she can’t think about anyone else. Whether I love her, or hate her, she’s only mine!! ???**

Finally the day they leave for Darjeeling came.

“Are you sure you got everything Kabir?” Kusum asked from her son skeptically.

“Haa maa. It’s the 4th time you’re asking me that!!”

“Arre chup kar. You may be a good doctor but I know how forgetful you’re about your own stuff. When you go there you’ll start to whine, I forgot this… I forgot that… so I need to buy that…!”

“Maa… I didn’t forgot anything!!”

“That’s what you always say!!”

Sanchi was enjoying their banter from aside. “??? hahaha!!”

“It’s very funny to you isn’t it?” He said sounding annoyed but he was happy to see her smile instead of crying. She laughed after so many days.

“Sorry sir… But… ??? hahaha”

He went out to put their bags in the car. It was just an excuse for him to hide his smile.

Kusum came to Sanchi. “Beta, don’t worry much. I know it’s not easy for you to go with Kabir alone like this. But we’re sending you out for your own good. If I could come, I would but you know I have to go na. Take some time to enjoy there… roam around. There are nice places. Kabir will take care of you. You two may be married but we all know what were the circumstances that led to that. Just think of him as a friend. Don’t force yourself thinking too much…” She advised her calmly.

Sanchi couldn’t help but to hug her. “Maa… th-thank you maa…”

Kusum was elated to here her call her maa. Normally, a mother would be so selfish and think like ‘If Sanchi’s married to Kabir, then she should behave like that!’ But Kusum thinks different. True she always wanted her son to marry someone like Sanchi and have a wonderful life. But to her, her son’s marriage doesn’t seems like a marriage. Neither of them wanted this. So expecting anything is useless. The main thing is right now is to help her to get out of her depression. She’s a woman too. She knows if what happened to Sanchi, had happened to her, how would it feel? If Sanchi and Kabir decided to continue on this marriage, then it’s their decision. Whatever they choose to do, Kusum will be there for the both.

Kabir came to find Sanchi and saw her hugging Kusum. Past few days have cleared the differences between them much to his relief. It’s nice to see the duo like this.

“Ahem ahem…” he cleared his throat to get their attention. “Shall we go now?” He asked when they looked at him.

“Aww already? I think Kabir got jealous of Sanchi coz she hugged me right now!!” Kusum teased him.

He looked at her disbelievingly. “Seriously maa? Me? Jealous of her? No way!! If you want, you can go with her!”

“You know I have to go to see your aunt. She will kill me if I don’t go this time” then she whispered to Sanchi. “You don’t know how jealous he was when he was a kid. If I carry some other baby, or even if I paid a little attention to them, he gets jealous and start to cry…”

Sanchi was shocked. “Really? Kabir sir was like that when he was little?”

“Haa… I’ll tell you more stories about him when you came back ???” she whispered again.

Kabir got suspicious seeing them. “What are you two whispering over there?”

“Nothing!” Both answered innocently.

They started their journey. Both weren’t talking much. But that silence was not pleasant. She was spacing out. He knew what’s bothering her. This trip was planned to make up her mind. So it’ll be useless if she stay like that. He dragged her out of her thoughts almost forcefully when he started to talk to her. He started to talk about hospital and medical stuff. Normal people would think it’s so boring. But for this duo, it’s not. Both share the same love and passion towards their jobs. Little by little the conversation went through various topics. They even argued on somethings. Her mind slowly drifted from her sadness and she was so engrossed in the convo. And the scenery she see from out of her window caught her attention too. Between those two, there was no room for being depressed. And it was a long road trip and plenty of different sceneries.

They stopped for lunch. Sanchi offered to drive sometime, so Kabir could take some rest. He didn’t want to tire her but driving through the cities is another way to distract someone’s mind. So he allowed her. They kept on talking. Sanchi was amazed to know some things about Kabir’s life.

“Its just that I’m being professional at the hospital. I’m strict, yes, but that doesn’t mean my whole life is so boring!” He answered defensively to her amazed expression.

She knew in heart, he was trying to keep her mind away and she appreciate his efforts. It’s hard not to think of the betrayal she faced but she promised herself that she would forget everything these days and start a new page of her life. Everyone’s doing a lot for her. So for her friends, Kusum aunty / maa, her mother and father’s dreams and for… Kabir sir too.

“Sir, where are we staying?”

“There’s a small cottage of ours. We’re almost there.”

“You said that for the past half an hour” she muttered under her breath.


“Nothing sir!”

It was Kabir’s turn to continue driving and they still haven’t reached their destination. It’s already getting dark.

“Are you sure we aren’t lost?” She asked carefully, trying not to make him angry.

“Yeah” was his curt reply.

They went on for some more time but still not reached.

“Are you sure we aren’t lost?” She asked again.


But Sanchi couldn’t trust that coz to her, it looks like they were lost. Five minutes later she again asked. “Are you sure-” with a jerk, the car stopped in the middle of the road, cutting her off. He turned towards her and slowly took her hand. She was watching him questioningly and he kept her hand over her mouth. “We aren’t lost. Now stay quiet!” She nodded agreeing him with her palm covering her mouth. But now she had another problem. “And no, the car isn’t broken” he answered the question in her mind.

**How did he know-**

Kabir gave out a small laugh. “It’s all over your face” and started the car. He turned the car to a somewhat narrow road. “We’re here” He announced relieved, catching her attention. **Thank God!! I thought I won’t find this place. How could I tell her we were actually lost when she said she thinks we’re lost?**

(??? so they were lost ???)

Sanchi looked out of the windscreen. Then blinked twice looking out again. “We’re staying here?” She asked incredulously.

Her reaction made him think that she didn’t like the place. “Yeah… it’s nothing much-”

She didn’t listen to him and got down to have a better look. He followed her. “If you don’t like here-”

“Are you kidding me?” She forgot she was talking to Dr. Kabir, her senior. She addressed him like he was her long time best friend. Then she realized what she said. “I’m sorry sir! But why do you think I don’t like here? This place is so beautiful!! How can you even think I don’t like here?”

“Can I go inside?” She asked excitedly making him laugh. “Go on” He was relieved to know she liked it here.

She tried not to run inside like a crazy kid but it was hard to control her excitement. When she entered she was awed by the beauty of the cottage she didn’t even realize Kabir came inside carrying their bags.

“Oh!! Sorry sir, I forgot to help you!!”

“Its alright. I’m glad you like this place”

They were greeted by a caretaker, Raghu. Kabir call him Raghu bhai. So Sanchi too call him like that. He’s a caring person like an older brother. The cottage has two bedrooms. One for Sanchi, one for Kabir.

“Dinner is ready for you, saab!” – Raghu

“Raghu bhai, you need to stop calling me saab. You’re like an older brother to me!” – Kabir

Raghu smiled. “Ok fine. So finally you got married na? She is really beautiful”

Kabir stared at Sanchi, who was still wondering around, admiring everything. “She is. From every side, she’s beautiful, but…”

Raghu noticed his eyes distant. Like there’s some problem between the two. He even wondered why they’re staying in two different rooms despite being married but then thought it’s none of his business. **Maybe this small vacation can solve the problems between them** patting kabirs back, he went to arrange the table.


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