The Reason Of My Life …… Chapter 1 …… by Ru

Hi again ??? I had time today so thought to post this one too ???. Like I said this story starts from where Savitri was shot by Gayatri and all the misunderstandings were created. Current plot where Kanchi marriage broke and sanveer marriage taking place won’t happen here. That part is ??? utterly disgusting!! And if any sanveer lover happen to read this and got angry, that’s your problem sweetheart! Not mine!! ??? oh and yeah, that 30 day challenge has not happened too!

Ok let’s get to the story.


……….Sanchi ki shaadi ke din……….

Sanchi is getting ready as a bride. Isha and Pragya are helping her. She was glowing with happiness ???.

“Finally!!! I never thought, this day would come after all the things that happened!!! I’m so happy ???” she told her besties.


After Savitri was shot, Jaya was arrested on an attempting to murder. Sanchi was doing everything she could to make Veer understand but he wasn’t listening to her.

Dr. Malhotra haven’t banned her from the hospital. She can still come there. But he was mocking her every chance he get and Veer was helping him.

Kabir was watching the drama without getting involved coz who was he? He was just an employee in SDCH. He don’t have any right to involve in this Mishra-Malhotra dushmani.

One day something unexpected happened.

Sanchi was sitting in the cafeteria. Veer came to Sanchi with a sad face ???. She lifted her head to see him.

“Can I help you, Dr. Veer?” She asked professionally.

“Sanchi, I want to talk to you” Veer said with his head turned down.

“What else are you doing? You ARE talking with me right now!” She replied sarcastically.

He started to talk. “Actually, Sanchi…. I wanted to say sorry. I thought about everything happened that day, Sanchi ???. I realized Jaya aunty would never try to harm maa. They’re best friends na! It’s all Dr. Malhotra’s conspiracy to turn me against you!!! I’m really sorry for not trusting you. I-“

“That’s all? Are you done? Then leave Dr. Veer. I have work to do” she said sternly.

“Sanchi sun na, please!! I know have hurt you a lot, but please!!! Aaj ke baad aisa kabhi nahi hoga!! ……after today this won’t happen again…… Please forgive me?” – Veer

“You never trusted me Veer!! I always get hurt by trusting you!! I can’t do that again!!” She left from there.

He kept troubling her to forgive her. One day, he sat on the ground outside the hostel, in front of Sanchi’s room.

“Until you forgive me, I won’t eat or drink anything. I will be sitting here, all day and night!!” He said with determination. True to his words he was there even if it was raining.

After so much pressure from Pragya and Jaya to give Veer another chance, she finally agreed.

“I know all about Dr. Malhotra! He would never let you get the hospital. There’s only one way to make sure you get your rights Sanchi. Marry me!!” Veer suggested.

“What’re you saying Veer? Getting justice to my papa and making the hospital the way he want is one thing and our love is another thing! I don’t want to get my family’s rights like this!! And how could you even think I’d agree to this?” Sanchi panicked.

Veer triedto explain to her. “Sanchi! Listen!! If you become my wife, if you become a part of Malhotra family, only then you can get your rights!! Please understand this!! We love each other na. So it doesn’t matter how we get married!”

Sanchi agreed after many attempts. She hugged him tight. “I’m sorry Veer, it shouldn’t have happened like this. Our love shouldn’t have come in between this!!”

“Even I don’t like it Sanchi, but that’s the only thing we can do!!” He smiles through the hug.

……….end of flashback……….

“Ok now get ready soon. Veer will come now!!” Jaya poked her head through the door and said breaking her flashback.

Veer even got a special permission for Jaya to attend her daughter’s wedding.

Pragya and Isha got Sanchi down as pandit ji said. Veer had yet to come. No one from Malhotra family came. They all openly opposed this marriage. Somehow Veer had managed to get the HR rule removed. No one knows how.

Veer had invited Kabir for the wedding, just out of spite. Our ever the nice Dr. Kabir didn’t want to see his beloved getting married to another guy, but still he came to see her happy day. **I only wish her happiness! I did wrong with her by not helping her. I lost her respect. If she’s happy, that’s enough for me** He stood behind a pillar, not getting much attention.

The muhurat has come. Sanchi is waiting for Veer in the mandap. Veer isn’t here yet. The guests have started to mumble things. Sanchi was worried. Pragya tried Veer’s phone but he isn’t answering.

It’s been almost 2 hours without any news from Veer.

Kabir who was watching all this commotion from a side was upset. So he too tried Veer’s phone. Then he tried Garv’s phone coz Veer isn’t answering. Garv too wasn’t answering, but after few seconds, the call was answered. Kabir tried to talk, but what he heard made his heart stop. He couldn’t believe what he heard. He looked at Sanchi, who was sitting in the mandap. Unconsciously he disconnected the call and kept staring at her. She was sitting there without a clue about how cruel the world around her. Not knowing how everyone wanted to crush her innocent soul by hurting her.

He was brought back to reality by some gossip ladies words.

“Seems like the bridegroom has ditched the bride!!!” – gossip lady 1

“Yeah!! This is what happens when you try to get match with people who are far away from your standards!!” Gossip lady 2

“Haan! Aur nahi tho kya? Now who would marry this girl?” Gossip lady 3

Amidst of all these rubbish, Sanchi was sitting looking at the fire. Her forehead had creased with worry. Her eyes go towards the door every now and again, waiting for her groom.

Kabir couldn’t tolerate it anymore. “SHUT UP!!!” He exclaimed silencing everyone. “How can you insult this girl like this? Just because-“

“Oh hello mister!! Why are you interfering? Who are you? Don’t you know that in our country, when a groom doesn’t show up on the wedding day, no one would marry the girl?” – gossip lady 2

Sanchi was close to tears hearing this. That lady’s words were like a dagger through her heart.

Kabir got more angry seeing this. “If I’m no one, then who are you to talk nonsense like this? (He asked angrily, making Sanchi look at him in tears.) To hell with you and your rubbish talks!! All the time waiting to find a reason to tarnish a girl’s dignity!!” His words made all the ladies mouths shut.

But this gossip lady 2 isn’t one to be quiet that easily. “Seems like you worry too much about this girl!! ??? (She was taunting him.) You’re just arguing with us, young man. But in the end, what we said is the truth!! No one…. NO ONE would marry this girl!!”

Knowing well that Veer isn’t going to show up, seeing Sanchi so depressed and getting insulted, he came to a decision. A decision that would change many lives. He walked to where Sanchi was sitting and made her stand. He took her hand and started to walk around the holy fire. Sanchi was looking at him shocked while he had a hard face. After the rounds, he tied a mangalsutra around her neck and filled her hairline with sindoor.

“Ab yeh vivah sampann hua” – pandit ji

Sanchi was still in shock.

All the gossip ladies left there shocked. Gossip lady 2 came out and called someone. She informed that Sanchi married some Dr. Kabir.

On the other side of the line, a person threw his phone at the mirror breaking both the mirror and the phone out of anger. “Dr. Kabir!!! Yeh tum ne achcha nahi kiya!!! ??? ……you didn’t do the right thing……”

…..Where Sanchi’s wedding took place…..

Jaya came to Kabir folding her hands ???. “What you did today, Kabir…. tum ne hamari izzad bacha diya…. ……today you saved our dignity…… I don’t know to thank you!!!”

“Aunty ji, I did what I thought was right. Don’t say like this” as Kabir said that Sanchi ran from there. Jaya was upset. Pragya and Isha went behind her followed by Kabir.

“Sanchi-“ Pragya and Isha tried to talk to her but she wasn’t listening.

When Kabir came there, the two left leaving them alone.

He talked to her who was facing the other side. “Sanchi, I know you’re upset with me. And this wedding…. this shouldn’t have happen!! But with the situation-“ cutting him off from there she turned and hugged him, making him surprised.

“With the situation you didn’t know what else to do. I understand that and thank you for saving me from that humiliation!!” She said crying.

His heart didn’t let him tell her about the truth. Not knowing what to do to calm her he just patted her head to comfort her.

Afterwards they came to Kapoor Mansion. When Kusum opened the door, she almost had a heart attack!! Who wouldnt, when your lovely son, who went to attend a wedding, showed up in your doorstep with the bride!! ???

“Kabir??? Yeh kya???” She asked worriedly looking at Sanchi, who was looking down.

“Maa I’ll explain everything. Let’s talk inside!!” Kabir signed Sanchi to go inside.

She just took a step but something pricked her foot making her flinch in pain. She didn’t mind it and walked ahead. Kusum who was about to close the door when they entered, stopped on her tracks when she saw a faint foot print of red. It was a foot print made with Sanchi’s blood when her foot pricked.

“Lakshmi?” Was the word came to her mind.

Kusum took Sanchi to a room and told her to get changed. Then she confronted her son. “Now tell me Kabir, what happened?” Kabir explained how he married her to save her dignity.

Kusum who was patiently listening to his asked one more question. “There’s something more than Veer not showing up, right?”

Kabir told her everything he knew.

Kusum gasped in shock. “You should tell her about this, Kabir!!!”

“How can I maa? She’s already hurt. How can I hurt her more?” He was clueless of what to do.

“She has to know that Kabir.”

“I’ll tell her soon. But maa for now, please be nice to her ok?”

“Kabir… you know I always wanted the two of you to end up together but not like this. Sanchi is like a daughter to me, and I’ll treat her good but no matter what, I can’t accept her as my bahu!!”

“But maa-“

“No Kabir! Don’t argue with me!! You two may be married, but in her heart, she still wants to be with someone else. She loves someone else. She’ll never accept you as her husband!! So I can’t accept her as your wife!! She will be treated as a guest only!!”


Now that’s it for the first part. There are many questions that need to be answered. Why Veer didn’t show up for his own wedding which he planned? What Kabir heard when he called Garv which made him marry Sanchi? How did he knew Veer wont come? Who was that person broke his phone out of anger? How would Kusum and Sanchi’s relationship will turn out? Everything will be answered in the near future.

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  1. Oh god ru, such a lovely start with lots of suspense ,drama, love.
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      Thanks dear ??? and you got that right. Lots of things Will happen ??? I’ll try to post soon ???

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    1. RuCh23

      Thanks dear ??? yes this ff is a bit on the emotional side, but I’ll try not to make it too boring ??? and my other ff is there too na ???

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    1. RuCh23

      Queen ??? I don’t know about that at all!!! But suspense will be there for sure ??? I’m glad you liked this and Soch Na Sake too. It made me so happy that even after it ended readers still talk about that fs ☺☺☺ I’ll try to post asap ???

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