The Reason Of My Ecstasy – Every End Is A New Beginning Chapter – 60

Chapter : 60….” All is well that ends well III “….ย 

The day for finals came and Siya, Ishani, Angre’s plan was ready to implement it in the competition only.

Ishani: Now by anyhow we have to convince Vansh bhai and take him to the competition.

Siya: But how can we? He hates music so much, everything was snatched from him by this music then why he will?

Angre: But today the music will only give back his lost things. And for that we have to take him over there.

Ishani: We have to take Riddhima also over there. They both have to be there. I don’t know what will happen.

Siya: Don’t worry di, today there will be end of evil and win of Vansh bhai and Riddhima di’s love. They will not live like this.

Angre: Let’s go to convince him.

All three went to Vansh’s room. Vansh was busy with his files.

Vansh: Do you people want to say something?

Siya: Yes, Angre will say.

Angre: Not me, Ishani will say.

Ishani: Me? Voh We want to say…. I forgot Siya say.

Siya: I don’t know anything.

Vansh: Just say!! Instead of doing you and me. (irritated).

Angre: We will go to music competition today, and you have to come with us. (fast forward mode).

Vansh: Have you lost your mind? I will go to competition and hear music? (shouting).


Siya: And if you not then we have our ways.

Vansh: Even I also want what are your ways, show me now. (folding his hand on his chest).

Three of them looks to each other and then went towards Vansh with a naughty smile. Vansh got a bit scared seeing them but he act to stand with pride. Angre took out a rope and ties his hands.

Vansh: What the hell is this Angre? Leave me!!

Siya took a cloth and shuts her mouth.

Vansh: Umm!! Mmmm….hmmmm.

Ishani closes his eyes also and then three of them took towards the car. And then they left for competition.


Ajay: You have to go today with us Riddhima.

Riddhima: No way dad!! You know how that stage took everything from my life.

Kabir: We all know that, but it may happen that you get back everything today from the very place?

Riddhima: What do you mean by it?

Kabir: I can’t say you that Angre, Siya and Ishani had said me everything and we have to take you there. Vansh will also go. (thinking). (To Riddhima) You have to go and that’s final.

Saying this Kabir took her with him holding her arms. Riddhima tried to protest but all in vain.


The stage was decorated for the finals. It was looking same like 6 years before it was. The judges have took their sit, even audiences also came. Vansh, Ishani and Angre was sitting in the first row. Vansh face was like a angry baby whose chocolate is snatched from him. (Bechara Vanshu๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ).

Beside them it was sitting Kabir and Riddhima.

Chipkali umm I mean Tista ( the pista ) also sat with Vansh.

The host came on the stage.

Host: So the day for finals came. Today we will get our national champion. Let’s see who will take the Taj of Champions. So our first participant is Aryan Singh.

Aryan comes and sings.,

Jo mile usme kaat lenge hum
Thodi khushiyaan thode aansu baant lenge hum
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na
O re piya re..
Jiya jaaye na jaaye na jaaye na
O re piya re.. piya re..

Host: Wow!! An amazing song from Aryan, so….

The competition goes on. After 6 years Vansh is listening songs. Though he is showing he don’t like it but from inside he get intense peace.

Host: So it’s time for our final and last participant Siya Raisinghania.

Siya comes on the stage. As soon as she comes Angre goes behind the stage.

Ishani: Bhai I am very thirsty can you bring a bottle of water from the stalls.

Vansh: Wait I am bringing.

As soon as he leaves Ishani shows a thumbs up to Angre and then he tells a boy something. He nods and leaves.

Vansh was buying a bottle when he heard a boy is saying in call.

Boy: Yes mam your work is done. As you have said I have added the chemical in her drink.

Vansh to himself: What that boy is saying about? What he had add? Is my Siya is in danger? Did he add something in her drink?

Then he remebers his bitter past. What happened with him on the stage. Coming out from the past he saw that the boy is not there. Vansh took the bottle and went towards the stage running.

As soon as he reached he saw a boy is on the stage and shouting.

Boy: Listen to me everyone, Siya can’t sing. Someone else sang for her in back stage and she just do lip – sync.

All the audiences stand up and even Vansh was shocked. Same allegation which he got!!

A person: She was making us fool.

Everyone: Siya Raisinghania Haye!! Haye!!

Ishani goes on the stage.

Ishani: Stop it!! She can sing. Please sing Siya, make them wrong.

Siya was trying to speak but no voice is coming. She was holding her neck and crying. Vansh also gets on the stage.

Vansh: Just stop it!! What do you guys think? A person will come and say that she can’t sing and you all will start with your haye, haye!! I am sure someone mixed something in her drink.

Person 1: Look he is the same singer na who used sang like that?

Person 2: Yes, I thinl the whole family is only fraud.

Vansh: Fraud? How dare you to say my sister as fraud!! I will kill you. Siya sing, for god’s sake.

Person 2: How she will sing when she don’t know only?

Everyone: Siya haye, haye!! Haye haye!!

Voice: Bezubaan kab se main raha
Begunah sehta main raha

All of them turned their face and saw Siya is singing.

Siya: Bezubaan kab se main raha
Begunah sehta main raha….. Yes I can sing. I am not a fraud. Not even my brother. (seeing towards Vansh). And today we will give a prove of it.

Vansh: No prove is needed, Riddhima is the reason for my pain!! She is behind all this, and even she tried to do same with you also Siya.

Riddhima comes on the stage clapping.

Riddhima: Great Mr. Vansh!! Without knowing the truth you point a finger on me? I was silent for so many years but not now. Today I will say what exactly happened that day. It was finals of the National Competition. We all are well prepared for it. I was coming here when someone kidnapped me. (eyeing towards Tista ). After that they kept me captivated for the whole day. But in the mean time I lost everything in my life. My love, trust, self-respect and everything!!! (seeing towards Vansh). Vansh had came on the stage like everyday show but he was about to sing when a person comes and say he can’t sing, another person sings for him in back stage and he just matches his lips with him. You foolish audiences came on his talks. You all asked him to prove it but he was unable to sing. Why? Do you know why? It was not because he can’t sing, it was because someone has mixed a drug in his drink so that he can’t sing anymore. Yes, this is the truth. For this reason he was unable to sing that day, and you people made false allegations on him. And you want to know who is the person right? She is none other than Tista!! She wanted to make misunderstanding between me and Vansh and she was successful because we didn’t have so much trust on each other. (crying).

Vansh was now full of guiltness, he was wrong for so many years. His Riddhima was not behind this.

Riddhima: Yes Vansh, it was your fiancee Tista who is the reason for your pain not me. And today what happened with your sister is panned by them to bring out the truth.

Vansh: I am sorry Riddhima, because of me you also got pain. I gave you so much pain. I a really sorry.

Riddhima: Sorry? What do you think a sorry will work? The self respect I lost, can you give me back? I fall in your foot for forgiveness but what you did? You just kicked me. Am I a toy or what? Don’t I have feelings?

Siya: We can understand through which pain you have got di, but believe me bhai also got the pain same pain. There was not a single day that hr didn’t cry.

Angre: Yes Riddhima, I saw him crying holding your belongings.

Riddhima was just crying and Vansh sat on his knees crying for forgiveness. Riddhima leaves from there, not able to control her anynore. All the audiences head were hung down with shame. Angre came down and drags Tista to the police. Then he come back towards Vansh again.

Angre: Now it’s your duty to win back your love again..

Vansh wipes his tears and runs outisde. He remember the same road where Riddhima and Vansh last meet. She was crying sitting there only.

Vansh: I know I am wrong, it was my mistake to do all those without knowing the truth but think about my position also, how I felt that day when they were bullying me, there was no one beside me. Not even you. I was feeling betrayed. It was the worst part of my life. Even today also I am scared of darkness. I feel like they are bullying me again. They will kill me.

Then he remembers again how they misunderstood him and shouts on him. He was not able to say a single word. His neck was paining like hell. Blood was oozing out.

Vansh: No they will kill me. I am not able to sing, they will kill me. (Holding his neck). Blood!! Blood!!

Riddhima gets up hugs him.

Riddhima: Shsh!! No one harm you. Everything got solved. Now no one can make us apart. We are made for each other and we will stay with each other. You are my better half and how can I be angry on you? Moreover we gets angry on the person we love the most right? You are the reason of my smile, my life, THE REASON OF MY ECSTASY. No only in this life, but in my previous and and succeeding life. I love you…

Vansh: I love you too.

Then it starts to rain and they kissed each other passionately standing on the road which made them apart 6 years ago. They has found their love again and become the reason of ecstasy. Their love faced a end in previous birth but it makes an new beginning and got succeed in this birth.


Hello guys!! You all may think what happened just now, yes I end it. It is not because I don’t get good response, actually I lost interest in it. And I have other ideas for new ffs. So I will start a new one. I didn’t want to end it in an abrupt manner. But circumstancesย  ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™.ย  I thought to end in one chapter only then again I thought it will be too much. Okay so meet with you all again in my new ffs. Tab tak k liye bye. Chappal, tomatoes, guns everything is accepted. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ. Aayu ye suprise pasand aya ki or ek acha wala du? Okay no problem I will give you two more suprise๐Ÿ˜˜โค๐Ÿ˜‚.ย ย 

-: Radhika (RiansHLoveR).ย 

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      Finally unite to hogayeโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ.
      Loved it โค๏ธ.
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    3. Accha, so this was an amazing part and yes it was in Haste and rush .
      but writing skill were wonderful and I loved it.

      yes many of us are getting hovered with new ideas and But the previous Idea and ffs are going on also and even I was thinking to end Mine and start new one but I will get lots of chappals and jutas u know๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

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      Thanks a lot praptiโคโค๐Ÿ’ž. Yes I will start a new one very soon. โœŒOk done epilogue is on the way๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚โœŒ. Itna to kar hi sakti hu, then I will give a proper ending now. Sab dungi riansh moments and tista ki chutney๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โœŒ. Proposal accepted!!! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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    Amazing ending….really going to miss it Radhika but eagerly waiting for your other new FF!

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