The Reason Of My Ecstasy – Every End Is A New Beginning Chapter — 48

Chapter : 48…” Health Issues “…


Vansh was about to turn when he felt a soft hand around his chest. He very well know who can do this. He jerks out and removes the hand,and turns to the person.

Vansh:Tista please!!

Tista:Why Vansh baby?

Vansh: Because I don’t like all this things. You can just talk with me as a friend but don’t try to cross your limits.

Vansh storms out from the room.

Tista:You like me or not, I am least bother about that. I know I loves you and I will get you hook or by crook. ( smirks).

Vansh went to the washroom to get freshed. He splashes water on his face,making some of his hair wet. He tooks the towel and rubs it on his face and comes out of the washroom.

He comes in the bedroom and removes the towel from his face and saw something which makes him scared like hell!!

He starts to shout on top of his voice. He was also crying, yes Vansh Raisinghania is crying. He puts his both hand on his ears and kept on shouting. He sats on the edge of the bed. He folds his leg near his chest and keeps on shouting.

Vansh:Aaahh!! Angre!! Aahh!! Siya….Ishani… switch on the lights!! Angreeee….

Hearing his scream everyone went to his room. All of them were seeing the lights being switched off. They switched on all the lights immediately. Seeing the lights Vansh took a long breath. But he fell down on his bed.


Angre:I think he is unconscious for this shock but who have done this?


Tista came in the room.

Tista:I thought to give him a suprise but why he was screaming like that?

Siya:Don’t you know bhai has Nyctophobia? He got scare seeing dark, then what is the need for all this? ( angry).

Angre:You very well know about that. Then do you done that intentionally?

Tista:Angre!! Who are you to point finger on me? Huh? Remember you are a servant of Van…

Before she can complete the words she got a tight slap on her face. It was Ishani who slapped her.

Tista:How dare you to slap me? ( shouting).

Ishani:Lower your voice!! You are not in your billionaire father’s mansion. You are in VR Mansion, and one more thing ANGRE IS HIS BEST FRIEND. Don’t you dare to say anything against him. If bhai was not unconscious then the slap would be given from bhai not me.


Ishani:Yeah, I know my name. Just get lost from here. (Ishani rocked Tista shocked😂😂).

Siya:Can’t your hear her? Get lost!!

Tista leaves from there in anger.

Siya:Let me give him the medicines.

Ishani:Don’t take her words in mind.

Angre:Why will I listen to her? I know my Vansh very well, he and I am best friend and will be.

Riddhima just came back from her hospital when she saw her Dadi is talking in the phone.

Riddhima to herself: This old lady don’t know anything else leaving puja and puja. And her guru ji!! Oh god!! If I get a chance then I will surely kill him in my own hands.

She was in her own world, when dadi calls her.

Riddhima to herslf:Let’s see what her guruji said again about me!!

Riddhima:Yes dadi..

Dadi:We will have a puja on sunday.

Riddhima:Sunday? But why?

Dadi:Guruji said there is some bad sights on you so..

Riddhima:So they will remove those so called bad sights.

Ajay enters,

Ajay:Riddhima don’t say like that. Maa I will tell the servants to do all the arrangements.

Dadi:Okk beta. God bless you all.

She leaves chanting god’s name.

Riddhima:Dad why you always support her. ( annoyed).

Ajay:Beta let her do what she loves. Now come with me, we will have some ludo time.

Riddhima:Give me 5 mins and I will come back soon. Today I will only win.

Ajay:Let’s see who wins.

Riddhima:Dad VS Daughter.

Ajay leaves for the competition and Riddhima went to her room. She was washing her face when she remembered the date of sunday.

Riddhima:It is 12th June. How can I forgot this day!! My emotions, my love, my hatred, my everything relates with this day!!

Precap:Siya:National Music Competition. 

Sorry for this short update again. I am not well. But our beloved show is going to end🥺🥺, how we will live yr? Will miss them very much😭😭😭. Everyone please pray for menna di’s health. Take care. ❤

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