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All four were happy with the turn out of events, well except the wrestle mania act Roshni and Abhi pulled off, they were happy about everything, finally Abhi had asked Pragya out, something Roshni thought would never happen and somehow she was right, if not for Sid’s input Mr. Abhishek Mehra rather Karan Sinha would never had the courage to ask Pragya out.

They all called it a day and left to their respective homes, Abhi being the first one to leave, while Sid happily waited for his sister to be done with her duties and responsibilities. The drive to the Khurana Mansion was quiet and happy, Siddhart was happy to see his sister happy, yes she was naturally a happy person, but the only time he remembers seeing her this happy was when she was three years old and it was the first time she cotton candy (candy floss) the same excited facial expression she had when she was three is the same one she wore right now, the same goofy grin she had at three is the same one she was showing right now and nothing made Siddharth happier.

Pragya’s excitement and joy knew no bounds she just wished and prayed that Saturday which was four days away would say hello soon, she was super excited after all this was her first date, she did not know what to expect from it but she just hoped that nothing would go wrong, Pragya was the type of person who dreamed of a Disney wedding, even though she never believed that was her fate, Pragya has always been the type of girl who believed in love marriage, she wasn’t the type of person who believed in love after marriage, she wanted to fall in love first then marry, not the opposite, but looking at her nature she was sure that her marriage would be an arranged marriage, she was the girl who would always hide herself somewhere in the corner unlike her sister who put herself out there. Pragya was so certain that the only way she was to marry was through an arrangement between two families and she was ready to accept that, though she never really believed or wanted an arranged marriage she was ready to accept it firstly because she knew that her father and brother would always pick the best groom for her, secondly because she was the girl who always hid herself from the crowd, but Abhi/Karan had showed her some hope and the fact that her brother had no problem with her and Abhi dating made everything easy for her, she just hoped that Abhi wouldn’t find her boring and outdated, as Pragya was happily and excitedly thinking about Saturday, dear Abhi was a different case, he might have been nervous when asking her out, but he was not as nervous as he was now, he just hoped that his sister in law who came up with this ridiculous idea which is appearing to be working in his favor would help him out, so the first thing he did when he got to his new apartment (he shifted from the shabby apartment five weeks ago his pay check was good enough to get him an apartment in a decent area) he gave Rachna a call.

‘Hey damsel, you called I was beginning to worry about you. Have you made your move yet, because your grandma is not giving up, she just won’t stop searching. ‘ Rachna said under one breath.

‘Hi, how are you and how is everyone back home? As for me I am fine thank you for asking. ‘ he replied sarcastically.

‘What do you want, I only told you to call me once you ask your dear Pragya out on a date or ask her to marry you. ‘

‘The date – yes, but marriage, that will have to wait. I called because I need your help. ‘

Rachna scoffed saying, ‘when don’t you ever need my help. ‘

Ignoring her Abhi said, ‘I asked Pragya on a date, ‘ Rachna was about to jump and scream out of excitement, but all that was thrown out the window when she heard the but, ‘but I don’t know what to do. ‘

‘What do you mean you don’t know what to do Abhi? ‘

‘You see, what do I do, as in where do I take her, what should I say, I just don’t know. ‘ he whined.

‘I am sure this is not the first time you are asking a girl on a date? ‘

‘No. ‘

‘Then you obviously know what to do, after all you have experience. ‘

‘That’s the problem, if it were any other girl it would be easy, but it’s her, she’s different. ‘

‘Oh okay, I understand your point, but it would help if you told me her likes and dislikes. ‘

‘She loves baking, ‘ he said and thought for a while, ‘so a bakery maybe? She would love it, after all she loves to bake. ‘

Silence. Rachna was silent for a good sixty seconds then she spoke saying, ‘Abhi, when you get back please remind me to hit you with my six inch heels. ‘

‘Oh okay. ‘ Abhi replied without paying to much attention to what he heard, ‘wait what did you say!!! ‘ he exclaimed once what she said clicked.

‘How can you take her to a bakery on the first date, in fact not just the first date, on a date. What will she do there, watch you bake bread? ‘

‘Uh… No, but you told me something she likes. ‘

‘Quit winning like a baby and think of something else, you have a head I am sure you could think of something, after all that big head of yours is not just for show. ‘

‘Wow, that was so encouraging, way to boost my mood. ‘ he gave a sarcastic reply.

‘You are welcome, now think of something else. ‘

‘Um… She loves to read, so maybe the library. ” Abhi said with a shrug.

‘You are so lucky you are not standing in front of me right now, what the hell will you talk about in a library, what will you do? Will you read her a book? Hell you are not to make a noise in the library so that is impossible, what now? You will watch her read all day, come on Abhi think of something, I don’t know, maybe ice skating or something. ‘

‘She doesn’t know how to skate, neither do I. But she loves animals and nature. So I should take her to a pet store. ‘

‘No you idiot, you could buy her a pet as a gift and maybe take her to the Zoo, and like you have said she loves nature, go out there – explore. ‘

‘But I don’t know any place here. I am still new to the town. ‘

‘Abhi, I don’t know what to do with you and thinking about this will just raise my blood pressure, have a good sleep and good luck with your date. ‘

‘Wait are you going to abandon me just like that? ‘

‘Think about day time activities, you could take her fishing, if she loves fish. ‘

‘She is allergic to fish. ‘

‘Okay, then that’s a no. ‘

‘I wish I was Abhi right now. ‘He said letting out a sigh.

‘But you are Abhi. ‘

‘No I am not, I am Karan Sinha, if I were Abhi, I would have flown her to Greece or Italy or Israel or any place she would like to visit, but sadly, Karan doesn’t have enough money for all those luxuries. ‘

‘You will figure it out, you have got four days, like I said that head is too big, I am sure it will think of something, if not the head, then just follow your heart. Good night. ‘

‘Good night Rachna, and thanks for the help. ‘

‘Anytime, call me if you need any help. ‘

Abhi cut the call and throw his phone on the bed in frustration, what would she love? My dear Pragya you are one hell of a complicated woman, we are not even a couple yet and you are already causing me this much stress, what will happen when you finally become my wife? He mentally asked himself, relax Abhi, don’t think of crossing the bridge before you get there, you are getting way ahead of yourself right now, he rebuked himself, deciding not to think about this anymore, he took a quick shower and made himself comfortable in his bed, he had no appetite to eat anything as all he could think of was Pragya and the date.


Pragya shocked everyone except her brother by taking her precious time to get ready, today was a Saturday which meant it was her day off, but somehow Sid had convinced her to lie to her overprotective father and ever worried mother that she was helping Roshni out with something, so she would be spending the whole day with Roshni, even though Pragya didn’t like the idea of lying to her parents, she knew that it was the only way she could go out, she was sure that her father would never entertain any boys for his daughters especially her as Tanu was a lost cause, to Raj Khurana, no man was good enough for his princess, he believed his daughter was a delicate flower which had to be watered and handled with care and so far, he did not see any person good enough for his daughter, so Sid and Pragya agreed to keep this hidden for sometime.

Abhi was patiently, no nervously waiting for Pragya with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates at the cafe pacing back and forth, they agreed to meet at the cafe fearing Raj’s reaction if he comes to know that his daughter was going on a date, that too with one of his employees, so they thought it was best to meet at the cafe and it was much more safer.

“Relax lover boy, she will be here soon. ” Roshni said.

“Yes I know. ” He answered towards the door.

“Can I have a choc- ”

“No. ” He cut her off before she could finish, this was the seventh time he she was asking for a chocolate and this was the seventh time he was telling her no.

“It’s okay, you can keep them, after all Pragya will not mange to finish that all by herself. ” She scoffed.

“Ask your boyfriend to buy you chocolate, he is the richest man in town I am sure that won’t be difficult for him. ”

“I would, but I told him I am on a diet, need to lose all this excess fat. ” Roshni squeezing her upper left hand.

Abhi eyed her from head to toe, it was more like he was examining her body, “which fat? ” He asked in bewilderment, “you are as slim as a broomstick, your head looks like it will fall off your body any second from now, your own body is failing to carry your head, looks like carrying your head is a difficult task for your neck and you are talking about dieting. ”

Roshi was about to say something or maybe do something, but lucky for him and alas for Roshni Pragya and Sid just walked into the cafe.

“Hi. ” Pragya said shyly waving at Abhi.

Abhi was so occupied in checking her out he did not hear her, her outfit just made him speechless and deaf at the same time, I didn’t know you were this hot, Abhi you just hit the jackpot, he thought eyeing her up and down. She was dressed in a simple outfit which brought out the curves no one knew she had as she would hid them under under her boring baggy clothes, a white T. Shirt, leather jacket, skinny jeans and white converse was what she was wearing.

Why does she hide those curves in the baggy clothes she wears? He mentally asked himself shaking his head from side to side.

“Karan, that’s enough, remember her brother is standing right in front of you. ” Sid said while tapping his shoulder bringing him back to earth.

“What? ” He asked clearing his throat.

“Enough gawking at her, I know she is so worth looking at, but she is my little sister man and I am her brother, even though I approve of this, that doesn’t mean you could look at her like you want to eat her when I am standing right in front of you. ” He said seriously.

“Oh sorry. ” He apologized then turned towards Pragya, “hi, you look amazing. Here, brought you flowers and chocolates, I just hope Roshni won’t finish them before you can have one. ”

“Thank you. ” She said taking the flowers and chocolates trying to hide the blush that made its way to her cheeks.

“Please leave, as in like now, before I change my opinion about you. ” Siddharth said pointing about Abhi, it wasn’t like he wasn’t okay with them being together, but seeing his sister look at a man like she did, didn’t sit well with him, she was still his baby sister.

“I think we should leave before your big brother turns King Kong on me. ” Abhi said said sending Siddharth a smile.

“Remember I am your boss. ”

“Nah, not here and I work for your father not you. ” Abhi said and pulled Pragya outside with him.

Like the gentleman he was, he happily opened the door of his new car for Pragya.

“Where did you get this car? Who bought it for you? ” Pragya questioned him.

“It was a gift, from your dad. ” He answered with a shrug.

“My dad bought you a car? ” She asked in surprise. “Why would he do that? ”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I am good at doing my work. ” He answered as Pragya nodded in understanding.

“Where are we going? ” She asked after minutes of silence.

“To be honest I don’t know. ” Abhi said and it was not lie, well not completely, maybe half of it, he did not know where to take her, so he never made any plans, after thinking and thinking and thinking of places he could take her he settled with wherever the heart takes me, so right now he was driving to wherever his heart says, but sadly he was not following his heart, but a certain someone’s idea.

“You mean, you don’t know where we are going? Didn’t you make any plans? ” She said sounding disappointed.

“No, honestly I don’t want to disappoint you, I don’t know where you would love to go and I am still new to this place so. ” He confessed, “but I do have an idea of a place you would like to go to. ”

“Really? ” She asked her eyes lighting up with excitement.

“Yep, but you will just have to wait to know. ”

“I thought you would tell me. ” She said with a cute pout.

“No I won’t, and please stop pouting. ” He said and continued to drive. In less than thirty minutes they reached their destination, Pragya excitedly got out the car, she never expected him to bring her here.

“Amusement park. ” She squealed. “Oh my god, I love you. ” She said jumping on him giving him a hug if I get to be thanked like this just because I brought you here then I would do it every day all day he thought as he tightly held on to Pragya’s waist which fit perfectly in his hands.

“You have never been to the amusement park before? ” He asked breaking the hug as she shook her head negatively making a cute baby face. “I thought Roshni was lying to me when she said that you would love it here. ” He said, yes Roshni gave him the idea.

“No she wasn’t, this is my first time here, and why would Roshni help you out? Not so long ago she was jumping on you pulling your hair out of your head. ”

“I might or might have not bribed her with chocolate. ” He said with a shrug, “come let’s go inside. ”

Both Abhi and Pragya had so much fun, it was really nice seeing this childish behavior of Pragya, it was like she was reliving her childhood, Abhi just wondered why she never bothered to visit the amusement park before if she really wanted to, but he was not going to ask as the were having so much fun. Pragya was thankful to Abhi and Roshni for telling him about her not visiting the amusement park before, it’s not like she didn’t want to, she did, but her sister Tanu felt like she was too cool, so Pragya being the good devoted little sister would always reject an offer of visiting the amusement park, but she never regretted that as Abhi made her dreams come true. They had so much fun together, riding the roller coaster, getting high on sugar, playing games, Abhi even won her a teddy bear which she held on too like her life depended on. Right now they were going back to the cafe, still happy and high on sugar, yes they did talk a little, rather, Pragya spoke more as Abhi listened, but now both were tired and wanted to have some rest, so like they planned Abhi drove her to Roshni’s house.

“Here we are. ” Abhi said once they reached at Roshni’s gate.

“Thank you. ”

“Why are you saying thank you, in fact I should thank you for coming with me. ”

“Then I should also thank you for asking. ”

“Them maybe you should thank your brother and your best Roshni for forcing me to ask you out on a date. ”

“Siddharth forced you? ” She asked in surprise.

“Yes he did. I think you should go in right now, Roshni must be waiting for you. ”

“Okay. ” She replied, Abhi quickly got out of the car and went to open her door. Pragya got out of the car holding onto her new favorite teddy bear who she named snuggles, both stood in their place, looking at each other no one saying a word, what do I do? Is it a hug or a kiss? I should have googled that, Pragya thought still looking at Abhi in the eye, Abhi gently leaned forward which caused Pragya’s heart rate to increase in excitement, he leaned forward and gave her a kiss on her left cheek and smiled at her, I don’t want to scare you on our first date, for now a kiss on the cheek would do, you are different, so pure and I want to keep you like that, Abhi mentally said. Pragya gave him a quick hug and happily hoped to the house as Abhi stood by his car and waited for her to go inside, once she was finally entered the gate, Abhi got into his car and drove himself back to his house, feeling happy and relived, I see a future for us together Pragya Khurana, he thought with a smirk.



To Be Continued.

I just want to let you know, that I know nothing about date, never been on one, so I know nothing, I was raised in a house which has more boys, so it’s really difficult for me to write girly girl stuff, I am sure you wanted me to write more about their time together, but I am sorry I had to cut it shot as I have no idea about what happens on dates and where girls want to be taken for dates, hell I don’t even know where I want to go on my first date, maybe he should take me to a football match, you know the English premier League, probably Chelsea vs Arsenal in London, okay forget about me, but here I am saying that forgive me when it comes to being girly girl, I try, but being raised in a house full of boys really affected me. You won’t be wrong of you called me a tomboy.

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