The nights we spent together (Chapter 1)

Scene starts with bridal Riddhima,sitting on a huge bed,crying a lot.Vansh enters the room ,and looks at her.He then goes by her side,and brings her a water glass.
Riddhima looks up at him and then cries even more,
Vansh (feeling helpless): Please have it
Riddhima doesn’t respond and keeps crying.
Vansh: Please ,stop crying,you will get cold.
Riddhima looks at him and takes deep breath to stop crying but again starts crying.
Vansh kept looking at her,even after crying so much,her makeup was comletely gone in tears,but still ,she was looking ,adorable.Vansh couldn’t keep his eyes away from her shining face,but had to,afterall she was feeling a little awkward,situation was such.It was there arranged marriage,Vansh was a businessman,always involved in business,he hardly talked with Riddhima one or two times before marriage.May be because,he was hesitated,as he was today.He couldn’t believe himself,and kept telling himself,”Comeon Vansh Rai Singhania,why are you hesitated?” ,but nothing worked,he was still,sitting quiet in front of her.
Vansh: If you want..I can take you back.
Riddhima looked up at him ,her tears were flowing ,but she was looking at him,as to listen again what he said.
Vansh sat besides her,little far,Riddhima took her legs back,and sat in a more condensed form.
Vansh:calm down,if you want,I can take you back to your mom house.
Vansh:Because you are constantly crying by missing them.
Riddhima wiped her tears,she smiled a bit,her husband,she had a lot of questions in her mind,as what sort of person he would be,if he would care about her feelings…if he would give her space,if he would understand her,and this time of life,first night of marriage !!!…he is understanding her wish so much,this cleared suddenly a lot of doubt in her mind,she felt calm by his soft gesture,and even got good vibes from him.As he was sitting far from her,but then she again started crying,this time ,pouring her heart out,
Riddhima: Mom…she was crying too much..who will make her quiet,who will cook food with her,(crying more),Nimmo..she is so small,who will help her in studies,with whom she will sleep,..and daddy,his medicines,will he take them at time,,
Vansh was getting the sad feeling seeing her situation,how difficult it was for her to leave her huge family and come with him,an unknown person.
Riddhima,was from a joint family,everyone loved her so much,she was their life,on the other hand Vansh,he was from a broken family.His real mom died years back,step mom,hardly gives him a talk,his dad,just share the things about business,that is why he had started living alone three years back,and after marriage,has brought Riddhima straight in his VR mansion,a huge mansion,but no one to welcome them,he himself brought the puja items for her welcome.She was feeling so alone here,and Vansh was helpless,still he liked that she is sharing her heart with him,still her tears were making him restless.
Riddhima continues with her crying talks.
Vansh then again says,when she becomes breathless,:If you want then I can take you back home.
Riddhima,controls herself,wwiped her tears,and took deep breath,as she knew that there is no meaning of returning at this time of day.
Riddhima signed no.
Vansh offered her water,she looked at him and drank.
Vansh:So I will take you tomorrow,you may go and change…
Riddhima looked stunned at him,.
Vansh:I mean,you are not going to sleep in this bridal attire na?
Riddhima signed yess.
She got up.Her heavy dress,and much more heavy jewellery,still the way she was carrying it,and her shining face,vansh kept looking at her,but still making sure that she doesn’t feel awkward.
Riddhima went to dressing table,sat ,and looked at vansh ,Vansh pretended that he is not looking at her,he picked up his phone and started rubbing screen.
Riddhima then looked at herself in mirror,she had thought a lot about this night,but it was different.Still she was feeling comfortable,and was feeling happy now.She then tried opening her necklace strand ,but theere were so much ornaments,it was so tedious to open it.
Vansh noticed her and came to her and stood behind her and looked in mirror,Riddhima’s breath stopped ,she looked shocked,and then looked down.
Vansh lowered himself,
Vansh:Who helped you wear so much jewellery?
Riddhima stunned,and scared a bit,:Diii
Vansh nodded,and with this he helped her necklace to be untied,then untied the heavy waist band from behind,then helped her remove earrings,she was just sitting breathless,
Vansh looked at her and smiled,and went back and sat on bed.Riddhima smiled a bit too,
Riddhima:You stay here alone?,I have my friend here.Angelina,she stays with me here.
Riddhima stood stunned

“He cheated? He stays with a girl and didn’t tell it before marriage?..but he doesn’t seem to be..”Her thoughts got blurred.

Vansh:Hmm..I will make you meet her tomorrow,she had gone to a friend’s house today,I shifted to this house three years back and from then we both stay together,she is ,just my life,she makes me feel better,she is different,she demands me nothing,just love.
Riddhima:Ohh..(she was now feeling heartbroken,he has a girl in his life?)…then ,why didn’t you marry her?
Vansh:What…she is just a friend.My companion,don’t say so please,you don’t need to feel jealous by her.
Riddhima:Excuse me,why will I feel jealous? She is you love,companion,why will I feel sad?Its good,that we have a girl here too.
With this she went to bathroom for changing,dragging her bag,and closing the gate with a jerk ,
Vansh smirked.

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