The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 23

The episode start with,

Karan takes a deep breaths and sit on bed. After few seconds, he stand up and took bags and hold Sharanya’s hand and start moving towards the door.

Karan: Let’s go, Sharanya. Other stuff we can take later.

Rahul (hold Karan’s hand): You can’t go like this. Now, everything can’t be in your own way.

Karan: Why? You both can do whatever you want, whether it is wrong or right. But I can not.

Meera: You know why we did all that. That have a reason. But what the reason behind behaving like this with us and Vyom?

Rahul: Yes, you can punish us but before that you have to tell us the reason. Why you hate Vyom so much, that you spoke to him in such a way.

Karan: That is none of your business.

Rahul: Ohh really? Than why are you so angery if we try to unite Sharanya and Vyom? We, as well as you both also know that Vyom is the right choice for Sharanya. We all can see in his eyes true love for Sharanya. Then what the problem?

Karan: ‘Don’t judge the book by it’s cover.’ I think you have heard this line and know the true meaning and hidden meaning of this line. Then how can you trust Vyom so much?

Meera: Why not? Why we can’t trust him. We should give him at least one chance.

Karan: No, we can’t risk Sharanya’s life. And also today is fifth day, tomorrow we have to leave this Palace, so why not today?

Aadhya: But Karan, at least think about Naina. Tomorrow is her birthday.

Karan remembers his friendship with Naina and also recalls the promise that he will always be with her.

Karan: In this talk, from where did Naina come in middle?

Naina (enters in the room and gets suprised seeing the situation there): What is happening here? What happened Karan? Where are you going along with these bags?

Karan gets tensed seeing Naina there.

Karan: In this bags, there are some my belongings. I was just taking them to my room.

Naina: Okay.. Is Sharanya also your commodity?

Karan: Sorry?

Naina: You are holding and taking her with you as if she is your commodity.

Karan: Friends are responsibility not commodity.

Naina: So much believe in friendship?

But before Karan can reply,

Rahul: No.. Neither in friendship nor in friends.

Karan and Rahul stare at each other.

Aadhya (sensing the situation): Relax guys, why are you kidding?

Meera: Kidding? Are you serious?

Sharanya: Meera.. stop.

Naina: If now, I am not wrong, Karan and Sharanya are leaving the Palace. Isn’t it, Rahul?

Rahul: Yes..

Naina (in disbelief): Karan, seriously? Why are you going? What happened?

Karan: Nothing serious Naina. In our contract, we all have to leave the Palace after 5th day.

Naina: But 5 days are not yet over. Then how can you both can leave?

Rahul: Not both, only Karan. Sharanya don’t want to leave the Palace.

Aadhya: Rahul, please….

Karan: I apologize Naina, but it is written in contract. So, we have to leave.

Naina (with tears in her eyes): Bu..but, tommorow is my birthday. How can you miss that?

Karan: I am sorry, but I can’t stay here….

Naina: Sorry? Like seriously?

Karan: Rahul, Meera and Aadhya will be there…

Naina: No… Stop it now. Till now ,I was behaving as your friend, but not now. I was wrong to think that you can be a good, best friend forever. But your friendship didn’t stay even for 3 days.

Karan: It is nothing like that Naina.

Naina: Naina? I gave this freedom only to my close ones, but unfortunately you are not the one.

Naina turns to go from there, then she suddenly remember something.

Naina: And yes, I thing more, there are 10 hours left for the completion of 5th day.

Naina left from there heavyly hearted.

Aadhya: I don’t know in which situation you all are in and I even don’t want to know. But I just want to say that Karan you should have told us if you both are in problem or anything that worries you. Because we all are best friends and best friends shares their everything.

Aadhya, Meera and Rahul also left from there. Karan looks at Sharanya.

At 11 PM,
In Naina’s room,

Naina’s phone rings. She pick the call but that was a blank call. So, she cut that call.

Naina (murmurs herself): What is this?

Then she heard some noise. She look at the time, it was only 11 PM. She switch on her room’s light.

Naina (looks here and there): It seems Vyom bhaiya and Uday bhaiya will not celebrate my birthday this year.

Then she feel thirsty and look for the water in jug. But that was empty. She call for servant but no one reply.

Naina (thinks): I should look outside and then I will bring water from kitchen.

She goes outside the room. She notice that there was all dark in the Palace and no servant was present.

She walk down the stairs in the dark. Lights start fluctuating. Naina get scared because of sudden change.

Naina: Hello, anyone there?
Naina call the servants, but no one was there. Then, the fluctuation stop.

Naina: Uday bhaiya…., Vyom bhaiya….., Samridh…. Is anyone here?

Suddenly she hears the same sound and saw trolly bag moving in the corridor.

Naina: Is there someone? Karan are you there? Sharanya, is that you?

She step one stair down and unknowningly kick a ball which was kept on on that stair. That ball roll down and strike at that box kept in the middle of the hall. Suddenly a blast happen there and Naina get shocked.

  1. Shesha485

    Wow, Karan stammers as he could not stand firm in his decision infront of Naina . Seems they would make a good pair. Ending is so interesting. Is it a bomb blast or balloon blast? Expecting the track of finding the real truth behind Sharanya’s murder soon.

    1. Thank you Shesha

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