The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 19

The next episode start with,

Aadhya entering in Sharanya’s room, where Karan was also present.

Aadhya (runs and hugs Sharanya): Sharanya, my lovely friend.

Sharanya and Karan get shocked noticing Aadhya in that way.

Aadhya ( looks at Karan who is staring at her ): What happen? Can’t I hug my best friend?

Karan: I didn’t say anything. (leaves Sharanya’s room).

Sharanya: What’s going on? Why are you so glad even after doing such a big siyappa?

Aadhya: You remember? Our teacher once said that ‘please’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ are magical words. And today, I have used it. Why don’t you try it also. You will also feel relieved.

Meera( enters in Sharanya’s room): Yes, Sharanya, Aadhya is right. You should also thank Prince Vyom for saving your life.

Sharanya remembers Karan asking her to stay away from Vyom.

Aadhya: Come Meera, join us. Today, I am very happy.

Sharanya: To whom you said those three magically words?

Aadhya: What? Which three magical words?

Meera: Aree pagal, ‘please’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’. These three words.

Aadhya: Ohhh, I see.

Sharanya: Now tell, to whom you said those three magically words?

Meera: Surely to Samridh only. Isn’t it right, Aadhya?

Aadhya: Yeah, I admit it. There is nothing to hide about it.

Meera: Are you sure, you didn’t hide anything from us?

Aadhya: Yes.. (reminisce Samridh’s wound of snake bite).

Meera: Okay, leave that. Let’s play some game.

In Karan’s room,

Karan enter in his room and saw Naina there with servant.

Naina: Place this glass of turmeric’s milk on that table.

Karan: Princess Naina….

Naina( looks at Karan): I am so sorry, I came here without your permission. Actually, I came here to give you turmeric milk. It will help to heel your wounds. I have sent this milk in everyone’s room.

Karan: In everyone’s room?

Naina: Yes…

Karan: I will meet you afterwards.

Naina: But where are you going?

Karan: Actually, I was going in Meera’s room.

Naina: But why?

Karan: Because she hate turmeric milk. And I will make sure, she will drink that.

Naina: But Rahul must be there. He can handle her.

Karan: No..

Naina: Otherwise, I will send Rahul to Meera, to make sure Meera drink the turmeric milk.

Karan: No… don’t tell anything to Rahul.

Karan move towards the door.

Naina: Ka…. Karan..

Karan: Hm.. do you want to say something?

Naina: Vo… I want to be your friend. (Extend her hand towards Karan) Friends?

Karan did not reply or react.

Naina (thinks): I think, he do not want to to befriend me.

Naina lower her hand.

Karan (hold her hand and does handshake): Okay then.

Naina jump in joy.

Naina: Thank you very much. I wanted to befriend you from very first day. I saw, you love your friends and care alots about them. Your would-be-wife will be very fortunate to get such a caring husband. He who loves and cares his friends so much, he can do anything for his wife.

Karan: A true friend is the one who always helps and cares for his friends. A true friend stands up for you. When others try to hurt you emotionally or physically, they do everything they can to make sure you stay safe. They don’t care who is trying to harm you; they will defend you anytime, anywhere. If they can help you, they’ll do it without reservation or reward. A true friend is a friend when is convenient and when it is not. They standby you consistently both when you are present and when you are not. They will never wait even for a second to give their lives to save the lives of their friends.

Naina: And you are one of them.(smiles) Will you take stand for me also and save me from danger?

Karan: No, (Naina get shocked) I will take stand for you in every situation and will save you from every danger.

Both Naina and Karan smiles at each other.

Rahul: And what about us?

Karan: You?

Rahul: Yes, I come here to make sure you drank turmeric milk. Naina, you know, he just hate turmeric milk. No one can feed him turmeric milk except me. So, I am here.

Naina: But, he was telling that Meera didn’t like turmeric milk.

Rahul (laughs): He was lieing. He didn’t want to drink milk therefore he was making excuses.

Naina: It means, Karan also have weakness.

Rahul: No

Karan hold Rahul’s hand and stop him from telling anything else.

Naina: Now, I think, I shoud leave. You both can continue. Good night.

Rahul and Karan: Good night.

Rahul stare at Karan.

Karan: What happened?

Rahul: Where is turmeric milk?

Karan (moves inside the room): I will not drink that. Never.

Rahul: Aree Karan listen…

At Sharanya’s room,

Sharanya unable to sleep, sit up and look at Aadhya and Meera sleeping peacefully. She look for water but there was no water. She decide to go in kitchen for drinking water.

As she approaches Vyom’s room, she notices Vyom near the balcony. She recalls, Meera telling her that she should say thanks to Vyom for saving her life.

She advances to Vyom’s room. Suddenly, she remembers Karan saying she had to stay away from Vyom. She stops near the door.

Vyom: It’s OK, Princess. You should listen to your heart.

Sharanya: How do you know that it is me?

He turn around and looks at Sharanya and smiles sadly.

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