The Mysterious Culprit: Vyom or someone else? Chapter 16

Next episode start with,

Karan: Sharanya, you can sit here, at my place.
Naina: But Karan….

Karan ignore Naina and stand up to give seat to Sharanya. Sharanya nods and sit beside Naina, and Karan sit beside Vyom. Meera and Rahul look at Karan disappointingly.

Samridh: Sharanya, you also take the vegetable of mushroom, Vyom himself has made it.
Karan: No….

Everyone stare at him.

Karan(staring at Vyom): Because she has allergy with it.
Queen Unnati: It’s okay, actually Vyom love mushrooms and mostly like to cook himself. Karan, you can taste it.
Karan (looking at Vyom): I am sorry, Queen. I don’t like mushrooms.

Rahul (understand the situation): But I like it, I like to eat it very much because mushroom is my favorite. I finish the mushrooms from their plates. (Suddenly realizes what he has just said, looks carefully at the faces of everyone who was staring at him) Joking …. I was joking.

Prof. Rajiv: Maharani, I have to go back to college because of some work.
Maharani Mainka: Yes, you can go. We will take care of everyone.
Karan: Sir, we all want to go back with you.

Karan look at Sharanya and she nods her head positively. But Vyom, Naina and Samridh screams ‘NO’. Everyone looks at them.

Naina: I mean, in such a few days, we all because such a good friends.
Samridh: Yes, she is right. Isn’t it, Vyom bhaiya?
Vyom: No, it’s about contract. And I don’t think anyone would afford to break this contract.
Prof. Suvarna: No Prince, no one is going to break the contract by leaving Deogarh before 15 days.
Karan (looking at Vyom): 13 days, only 13 days are left.

Next scene,

Everyone get ready for going to Hills.

Queen Unnati: Manager, take care of everyone. I have heard that there are many dangerous and poisonous animals. You can call if you need any kind of help.
Manager: Sure, Queen.

Rahul, Meera, Sharanya and Prof. Suvarna sit in one Jeep and Samridh, Naina, Karan and Aadhya sit in another Jeep. After reaching there,

Manager: Please don’t step out of jeep, there are many wild animals. I will just go and take my call. I will be back soon.

Manager (on call): Yes, Prince. We have reached.
Vyom: Good, keep telling me every detail of single second.
Manager (on call): Okay Prince.

Near Jeeps,

Samridh’s ring fell off the Jeep.

Samridh: Karan, can you please pick that?
Karan: Sure.
Aadhya (stops Karan): Stop Karan, he can pick it himself. You need not to bother.
Karan: It’s okay, Aadhya. He is sitting away from door. I can pick it.
Samridh: Thanks, Karan.
Aadhya: It means, Samridh is afraid of stepping out of jeep and in the forest.
Samridh: No, I am not afraid.
Aadhya: Oh really? Then go alone to the forest and show it.
Samridh: Okay, I can go anywhere.
Karan: No Samridh, she is just joking. You need not to go anywhere.
Samridh: No Karan, today, I will show her who is Prince Samridh. And no one will follow me.
Karan: No Samridh, you will not go anywhere.

Samridh ignore Karan and heads towards forest.
After two minutes, Samridh screams in pain.

Karan: I will go and see. No one will step out from the Jeep.
Aadhya and Naina: We will accompany you.

All three go in the direction of Samridh. After five minutes,

Sharanya: Guys, I will go and check them. Please Rahul take care of Prof. Suvarna and Meera.

Sharanya reaches near Karan, Aadhya and Naina. Sharanya ask whereabout of Samridh but no one knows about him.

Sharanya: I and Naina can go in that direction and you and Aadhya can search in opposite direction.
Karan: No I will not leave both of you alone. You both are my responsibility.
Naina: Relax Karan, we can take care of ourselves.
Aadhya: Call us if you both need help.
Sharanya: Okay.

They all part apart and search for Samridh.
Later Karan and Aadhya found Samridh. He was holding his left hand.

Aadhya: What happen Samridh? This mark is like snake bite.
Samridh: No,No, this is because of bees. Two bees were there.
Karan: Strange, this is same like snake bite.
Aadhya: Why did you tie hanky on your hand?
Samridh: It’s called fashion, you will not understand.
Karan: Okay, Aadhya, take Samridh to Palace. I will bring Princess Naina and Sharanya.
Aadhya: Me? No…
Karan: This all situation is because of you only.
Aadhya: Okay, come Bandar..
Samridh: What?
Aadhya: Come with me.
Samridh: I can go myself.
Karan: Please Samridh, go.
Samridh: Okay..

After, Samridh and Aadhya went from there. Karan hear Naina’s scream and run towards her. Sharanya also hear her and run towards her but she was quite far from her.


  1. Shesha485

    Wow, the episiode is great. Mushroom scene shows how Karan is overprotective and Sharanya is frightened. Aadhya and Karan somehow found Samridh but where is Sharanya and Naina. Are they in any danger? Its little weird about Samridh’s fashion and bees bite. Excited for next episode

    1. Glad to know that you are still reading my ff. Thank you so much Shesha.

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