The magic of love, part 29

I am sorry for the delay, but my schedule… This is the second last part of this ff. Here you go.

Few months later:
Yuvraj has turned to a complete workaholic by then, spending so much time and energy on office. But there was noticeable changes in behaviour too. The Sadu beta of the Birla house had turned to friendly and fun loving. He was tension free and appeared cool and spent quality amount of time with his family. The family was out of their grief because of him. He cheered them all. They all knew the reason for the change in his behaviour and with all mind whished that the person who changed him like this to be back in his life.
But he had accepted life like this, without her. He accepted the face that she won’t be coming back in his life but this time he was not ready to weep. When that day Pratima confronted him and remained him about his responsibilities, he was absolutely clueless thinking how will manage all these. It seemed so impossible to him. He closed his eyes and she appeared before him. He remembered her words, she told him that problems are our tests and this time it was testing his love, and he can’t fail. He thought of how she would have dealt with all these. He remembered her saying that you should do all those which make your heart truly happy then alone you will find peace, and he did it. He found peace in music.
From that day he started to live his life as she does and became jolly. Whenever he does things like she does, he feels her presence around him, he feels that she is with him and he needs nothing more. Like her, he too started accepting things as it comes and tired to bend them in his favour. He was happy even with the void within him, because she was around him.
He was sitting in airport waiting for his flight; he was to leave for US for some business meeting. He was immersed in his phone and someone came and sat beside him. He doesn’t know why, but he had a strange feeling when that person he came and sat beside him, he looked at her and froze, she too was frozen seeing him. They looked at each other, they were meeting after months, and their eyes communicated too many things. Everything from their first meeting to that dreadful day flashed in front of their minds. All those miseries which they hid deep down in their minds started to come up and they felt the latter’s pain, which they were successfully hiding from their family till then. Both felt themselves responsible for the latter’s pain and apologised, that too without saying a word and calmed the other saying that it wasn’t their fault, and it was wasn’t, they knew it, none of them were at fault, it was the situation that was dreadful, and all of them did the best they could.
But he wanted to talk to her.
Yuv: (hoarsely) Hi.
Bh: Hi.
Yuv: Umm, how, how are you?
He was very awkward; meeting her all of a sudden was truly a surprise, rather shock for him.
Bh: G, good. We are at Delhi.
Yuv: And here…..
Bh: Came yesterday, to meet Dr. Uncle. It is my friend’s marriage tomorrow, so I am going back.
He nodded. He looked at her, he desperately wanted to know about Suhani,
Yuv: You…you… you came alone?
She smiled slightly.
Bh: No, she is here, she has a program and the community hall, Dr. Uncle organised it, and she alone asked me to leave.
He nodded again, he was happy to know that she was here, but he decided that he won’t meet her, he just can’t, but he was happy. There was silence.
Bh: Um, do you, do you want to see her last show?
He nodded immediately, he so wanted to meet her, to see how she is, but he was not yet ready to face her, but now, seeing her video, it was the best thing that can be fine, he could see her and she won’t.
Bhavna handed her tab to him and he watched it.
The pleasure was something beyond words can explain, to see her after these much of time, saying he was happy would really be an understatement. He watched her, she appeared fine, but that sparks in her eyes were missing. His love was evident, Bhavna smiled slightly, she was angry with the fate!
He froze after sometime, after seeing something, he was happily shocked, after months he had a raw of hope for the first time, and he became sure that everything will fall in peace. They heard an announcement, it was for Bhavna, and she got up.
Bh: Yuvraj, the cal is for me, I should leave.
He didn’t hear her, she shook him.
Bh: Yuvraj, I have to leave.
She took back the tab and was about to leave when he held her wrist. She turned back questioningly.
Yuv: (sternly) you are not going to leave.
She looked on surprised and confused.
Bh: What but,
Yuv: (cutting her) Bhavna, it is only a marriage, it will happen peacefully even if you are not there, but it is the matter for your life damn it.
He said it all every excited, and dragged out a truly confused Bhavna with him.

  1. 2nd last??? oh no.. it made me upset.. 🙁 🙁

    coming to the epi, it was fantastic and yet another twist.. positive changes in yuvi reminded me of the movie ‘jab we met’ where adi deals with the troubles just like geet would have done smiling.. and bha-yuv meeting was superb; I thought it would be suhani, rather everyone thought the same.. but I didn’t understand the last part.. it seemed there was something not yet clear.. why did he drag Bhawana? was it her wedding?

    1. and what did he see in the video that made him happily shocked??

    2. Yuvani

      Love is same everywhere dear, when we love someone unconditionally, we change unknowingly or automatically for them, and if they leave us and we are capable of holding us back together then there will be a smile on our face whenever we remember them and we will do everything that will make them happy.
      And about the video, just wait dear, thank you

  2. ItsmePrabha mein aise kya dekha Yuvi ne eager to know..and 2nd last update…? it makes me sad…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

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