The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (part 19)


The whole lodge was beautifully covered with flowers and decorative materials. The girls and some of the guards were working very hard to carry out the function in the best way possible with all the traditions kept intact. Priya was showered with loads of dresses, jewelries and accessories to choose from. Isha had practically emptied her wardrobe and also called over her assistants with extra dresses for everyone to make a choice from. There were many beautiful dresses which made the process even more confusing. At last everyone was settled with their dresses for the different ceremonies.

Everyone was now concentrating on the preparations. Radhika was running around while instructing people. Between all the chaos of the wedding, many things were happening. There were deep eye locks between Isha and Veer, murderous glares were exchanged between Radhika and Arjun as they would entangle themselves into one or the other arguments, the two love stuck couples would vanish in the thin air for some time and appear out of nowhere and body languages were being studied between Sanchi and Kabir who were not making any eye contact with each other.

Oblivious from others, materials packed with other wedding things were being brought into the lodge and secured into a room personally by Kabir and Veer. No one but the guards were allowed to go out and the security systems were tightened even more. Sanket was home after clearing all his tests. He was now fit and fine and also prepared to remarry the love of his life.

Everyone was silently having lunch that day when Isha suddenly popped up the question.

I: Sanchi what about the Panditji? I mean we have to call him right?

S: Yes but we cannot send the guards to call Panditji. They will probably scare him. I think that I should go.

V: Sanchi you will not go. You know very well that it is dangerous to go out.

S: I know but Priya di’s marriage is more important than anything else. You can send the guards with me if you want but I have to go.

Veer raised his eyebrows at Kabir and he just gulped down the glass of water that he was drinking while the conversation was going on.

K: Okay but I will come with you.

Everyone excluding the gang and Sanchi were shocked as he had said something for the first time since Isha, Pragya, Garv, Jhanvi, Satish and Radhika had arrived. They were gaping at him with open mouths which were very stupid of them. Sanchi cleared her throat to gain their attentions. They all shut their mouths in unison which was a very funny sight. Sanchi and Arjun could hardly control her laughter where as Veer and Kabir just rolled their eyes. Once everything was back to normal, Radhika hesitantly popped a question.

R: May I go to the market? There are some things that have to be brought.

A: Tell the guards then.

He stated very casually.

R: They were sent three times and they returned carrying the wrong items each time.

She replied through gritted teeth.

A: Then send them the fourth time.

He said even more carelessly which now irritated Radhika.

R: I don’t have much time to waste on them.

She turned towards Veer and said.

R: It will be better if I go and get it personally. They are very essential for the marriage.

Veer pondered over Radhika’s request and nodded his head quietly.

V: Arjun will accompany you. You will not go alone.

Radhika’s face formed in a scowl as she was ready to protest but Isha held her hand signaling her to stop and whispered in her ears.

I: Don’t protest or else you will not be allowed to go out. They are very serious regarding the security.

Radhika nodded and gave Arjun a glare which he happily returned.

The four of them got ready to leave after half an hour. The men were being extra careful as they loaded themselves with their weapons of self-defense. Sanchi and Radhika descended the stairs and immediately came into notice of the two people waiting for them. Sanchi and Radhika were oblivious to the stares of amusement and contentment being thrown towards them as they were discussing about the wedding arrangements. Sanchi was wearing a beautiful white saree and Radhika was dressed in an ankle length pink anarkali as they were both going to do very auspicious things related to the marriage ceremony which reflected their religious side. Kabir and Arjun caught hold of themselves before the ladies would catch them red handed. Sanchi and Kabir got into one of the cars and Radhika and Arjun were seated in the one behind them, both the cars being bullet proof for safety. They drove to their respective destinations, one being a temple and the other one a market.

The Mall Road

Radhika and Arjun got out of the car. Arjun held Radhika’s hand as they made their way through the market. Radhika immediately scurried away from his grip.

R: What do you think you are doing?

Arjun just kept quiet and took hold of her hand again. Radhika tried with all her might to break free from the grip but it only caused him to tighten his grip around her wrist. Radhika fiercely shook her hand and she annoyed Arjun to some other level. In a blink of a second, Arjun snaked his free hand through Radhika’s waist and hurdled her upwards as she stopped all her movements. She just stared at him with wide eyes and mouth slightly open. He lowered his face till their eyes were in the same level. His lips grazing her ear and making her skin tingle as he whispered slowly to her.

A: This is for protection so that you don’t get hurt. You are with me now and it is my responsibility to see that nothing happens to you. Stop struggling and I will loosen my hold on you. Get that?

Radhika was too stunned to voice her answer. She merely nodded her head and Arjun released her from his hold. He held her hand loosely but firmly. Radhika made her way to the designated shop still trying to process what just happened. Her thoughts were soon stopped as they arrived at the correct shop and Radhika went in followed by Arjun still holding her hand. Radhika tried to occasionally slip from his hold but Arjun stupefied her with his one dangerous and serious glare, one which he had never used on Radhika till now. She was surprised to see him react like that and hence she gave up the thought of leaving his hold as she concluded that the situation was serious.

After getting the things correctly, Radhika and Arjun made their way to the car silently. Just when they were ten steps away from the car, Arjun stopped abruptly and glanced towards Radhika. He could see the straight beam of red light make its way through the crowd and fall directly on Radhika forehead. The light stayed focused for what seemed like five seconds and Arjun knew what was just about to happen.

Radhika stared at Arjun as he stopped abruptly. She eyed him suspiciously as she thought him to be some sort of mental who was hallucinating an attack or something. She raised her eyebrows in the gesture of asking him why they had stopped but he seemed lost somewhere. Just as she was about the whip her hand in front of his eyes to gain his attention, Radhika was pulled down by a force and she heard a loud noise which definitely frightened the crowd as people started running around and the shutters of all the shops were dropped instantly. She buried her head in the crook of Arjun’s neck as he was currently on top of her and she was lying on the ground as a consequence of Arjun’s harsh pulling.

Within a second, Arjun was up on his feet and he helped Radhika to get up. They both ran towards the car and hide behind it instinctively. Radhika was desperately trying to grasp onto something and she ended up with a death grip on Arjun’s shirt. He took out his gun as he scanned the area for the attackers. He saw the red light again and soon the gun from which it was emerging and also the person who was handling the gun. He took a calculated measure and shot from his gun. The bullet directly hit its target and Radhika let out a scream as she had never seen someone fire a bullet from this near to her. Arjun hurried her inside the car where she was safe and he ran to the other side. He shot another attacker before he got inside the car.

Radhika was overwhelmed with the recent encounter and tears made their way down her eyes. Arjun began to drive the car in full speed. He kept a constant watch at the back through the rear view mirrors for the slightest mark of someone following them but luckily they were left alone. He made it to the lodge in less than ten minutes. He parked the car and glanced towards Radhika who just sat there like a rock. Her face was blank and devoid of any emotions. Arjun called for her name but on not receiving any response, he shook her slightly. She suddenly came to life as she launched herself at Arjun after undoing her seatbelt. She threw her arms around his neck and cried on his chest. Arjun was a bit surprised by her sudden actions but he reciprocated the hug and slightly patted her back to sooth her. She let go of him after a few minutes and her gaze directly met his.

R: Thank you for saving my life.

She whispered in a very low voice which shook slightly due to all the crying that she had been doing since they were attacked. Arjun nodded his head and got out of the car. Radhika followed his cue and got out of the car herself. She held Arjun’s hand involuntarily as she shivered due to the thought of another attack. Arjun squeezed her hand firmly and led her inside the lodge. Everyone surrounded them as they set their foot inside. The girls took a much disheveled looking Radhika inside to put her to bed so that she can rest. Veer raised his eyebrows at Arjun.

A: We were attacked.

He did not need to explain further as Veer got it from there. He took out his phone when he heard a tensed voice call him. He turned around to find Isha with a very worried face. She came up to him and held his hands tightly like her very life was dependent on it.

I: Veer please call Sanchi back. Please I don’t want anything to happen to her. Please.

There was a sense of urgency and pleading in her voice which Veer noticed. He cupped her face and replied very calmly.

V: I was doing that only and don’t worry, nothing will happen to Sanchi. Go inside and all of you be in your respective rooms.

Isha obliged and went to her room where she laid down on the bed and curled herself into a ball. Jhanvi and Garv were in one room with Jhanvi fast asleep and Garv trying to frantically call someone. Pragya and Satish were in their room comforting each other. Radhika was also fast asleep in her room as she was given medicines. Arjun came to check her but after seeing that she was sleeping peacefully, he pulled the blankets up to her shoulders and caressed her hairs and left the room.

Veer called Kabir but he did not pick any calls. Veer knew that Kabir was capable of taking care of Sanchi but still he sent some guards behind them. He then went to Isha’s room. He saw her on the bed and made his way. He sat down on her bed and Isha placed her head on his lap. He rubbed soothing circles on her back as she drifted off to sleep. He placed a kiss on her temple and left the room. He then went to the reception hall where he and Arjun sat waiting for Sanchi and Kabir to return.

Tara Devi Temple

Sanchi and Kabir made their way up the stairs of the temple. Kabir placed his hand on the small of her back as they ascended the stairs together. Sanchi knew that it was for her protection but she felt very good and secured. She tilted her head to see Kabir analyzing all the directions for any hint of attack. She smiled at his stature and resumed the task at hand. She approached the head Panditji of the temple. There she informed him about the marriage and requested him to come and conduct the rituals. He agreed and then they discussed about the extra requirements of the Ganpati pooja before the marriage. Kabir did not go with Sanchi as he stood outside to keep a strict check.

Suddenly he heard certain unlikely noises and quickly went to the place where Sanchi had just finished finalizing things with Panditji. He grabbed her hand and pushed past their way down the stairs. Sanchi sensed the urgency in his touch and hence let him lead her towards the car without any questions. Just as they were about to reach the car, a shooting noise was heard and the next thing that Sanchi realized was that Kabir was hit with one of the bullets on his right shoulder. Sanchi bent near him and Kabir pushed her away as he saw another bullet which was directed towards Sanchi. She screamed as she experienced a piercing pain in her left arm. They were soon covered by Kabir’s guards as they reached there in time. Bullets were fired everywhere in the air and almost ten attackers were killed. Kabir protectively took Sanchi to the nearest hospital. Sanchi had started to lose consciousness as she was not used to blood wounds. Kabir reached the hospital and started Sanchi’s treatment immediately. The bullet that hit Kabir had luckily just passed his right shoulder causing a deep cut but it was nothing new for Kabir. Ha had had several major injuries before so he was used to it. He sat outside the OT as his guards approached him.

G: Sir, we killed all of them and we have caught one alive. He looks like the leader because he was having wireless with him.

Kabir nodded and said in a very taught tone.

K: Investigate him and inform Veer.

The guards nodded and half of them left to go to the lodge and the other half stayed behind for security.

Kabir sat there for what seemed like a life time after the bulb of the OT was switched off and the doctor came out of it.

D: She is now out of danger. We need to keep her under observation for tonight and then she will be given discharge tomorrow.

Kabir nodded and his face scrunched up as he felt pain surge through his upper right side of the body.

D: I think we should tend to you too Mr. Kabir. Your wounds are also very deep.

The doctor said as he studied Kabir’s face and the blood stains that were visible through his shirt.

K: I will be fine.

The doctor left as he knew who Kabir was and how it was a risk to get into any sort of arguments with him. Soon after the doctor left, Veer, Arjun, Isha and Pragya arrived. They all went to Kabir at once. Kabir’s right side was giving him immense pain and his shirt was almost soaked up with blood. Isha and Pragya were in tears and the men were actually worried as it could be seen on their faces.

I: How did this happen?

P: Where is Sanchi? Is she all right?

A: Are you okay bhai?

The only person who was quiet was Veer as he was silently studying Kabir who was taking heavy breaths and was blinking rapidly to clear the blackness in his vision. He leant towards Veer and whispered in his ears.

K: They attacked her. Remove all the information from him and give him a slow painful death.

With that Kabir fell on the ground with a loud thud. The nurses and ward boys quickly rushed him to the OT to attend to his wounds. He was out after half an hour. Though he had lost much blood but he was out of danger due to his high resistance to these sorts of ‘small cuts’. He gained consciousness after two hours. He was fit now but the doctors insisted for him to stay under observation for one night. While the time Kabir was unconscious, the doctor explained to the gang about Sanchi’s case. She had relatively small wound on her left arm but they were threatened by Kabir to attend to her first.

Currently everyone was in Sanchi’s room and they were fighting over who would stay for the night as it was nearly 7:00 pm. Sanchi was under sedatives as she was given saline to keep her strong so she was far from waking up anytime soon. Kabir approached the room as it was adjacent to his. He strolled inside and heard them all fighting over a thing that was already booked.

I: I said that I will stay.

A: No I want to stay besides my angel.

P: What will you do when she gets up at night for her humanly needs? She would then require a lady to accompany her not a joker.

Arjun pursed his lips at that statement. Veer rolled his eyes as Isha and Pragya began to fight over this issue, both of them unfortunately being ladies. The argument was cut out when Kabir spoke.

K: Out all of you. I will stay with her as I have to be here tonight too.

V: Best idea.

Veer said eyeing Kabir mischievously. Isha and Pragya did not dare to argue back to him as they were scared of him. Arjun merely followed Kabir’s orders. All of them stayed up to 8:30 pm and then left when the visiting hours were over.

Kabir was left alone to drown in his own thoughts after everyone was gone. Even the sisters had finished their last check and the next one was in the morning as Sanchi was on sedatives. He sat on the huge couch in the room and stared at the sleeping angelic form of his love. It pained in his heart to think about her being through any kind of pain and it nearly killed him to know that the reason of her pain was he himself. He felt like a failure. He had her responsibility but still he failed her, he failed her love, he failed her trust, he failed everything. It gave a sting in his heart and tears began to form in the corner of his eyes. He put his face in his hands as two tears made their way from his eyes. He was never the one to cry but even the thought of loosing Sanchi forever made him want to lock himself and cry his heart out. He forced close his eyes as he stopped tears from flowing down.

Sanchi slowly opened her eyes as she took in her surroundings. She could hear slow breathing of someone else in her room. She tried to move but a sharp pain rose through her left arm. She lay still as she waited for the pain to subside. She could now see silhouette of a man sitting on the couch with his head in his hands and bandages wrapped around his right shoulder. The previous incidents flashed in her mind as she identified the man on the couch. She slowly got up and removed all the drips that were inserted into her veins. She desperately wanted to see if he was okay. She slowly padded across from the room to the couch. She stood in front of him and noticed that he shook a bit and a large bandage covered his right shoulder. He was wearing a loose tank top that proudly displayed his biceps and chest muscles. Even in this situation, Sanchi found him adoringly attractive.

Kabir noticed someone’s presence before him. He picked his heavy eyes to see who the person was. He was staring right at a pretty but weak Sanchi. She had her left arm in a wrap of bandage but she was much better than before. As he lifted his face, she could see the heaviness in his eyes. There were some tears that were still in his eyes as the rest he had managed to pull back. His eyes were heavy due to the tears and lack of sleep as he could not get a wink of sleep even though he wished. His eyes wanted to see Sanchi fit and fine and here she was, standing in front of him and staring down at him with those lovely eyes of her.

She noticed his forehead which was marred with a frown. Lines were visible on his forehead which looked like he had been stressing over something. His lips were also dry and slightly parted as she though he wanted to say something, anything to her but he could not bring himself to do so. His heart was beating rapidly against his chest. She could hear his wildly beating heart in this silent room.

Sanchi leaned down and sat on his lap which surprised him but he needed her right now. He wanted to be with her to make sure she was okay and to lessen the guilt that he was feeling for not being able to protect her. She leaned her forehead against his and let their warm breaths fan each other. She slowly raised her head as she placed a warm kiss on his forehead to stop his thoughts from running wild. His forehead slowly straightened as he was now left with the thoughts of the present where Sanchi was with him in this moment.

She then went forward and kissed away the tears from both of his eyes. She reassured him that she was fine with this small gesture of hers. Relief instantly washed over him as he slowly placed his left hand on her right arm to hold her onto his lap. He wanted to make sure that he was not dreaming and that she was right here in his arms and near him. She then placed a chaste kiss on his lips as she sucked in each word that he wanted to say to her. The small kiss comprehended to the loss of words that were due to his inability to express his emotions freely but somehow Sanchi would always understand him which was quiet surprising to him.

Moving further down, Sanchi placed a soft kiss on his chest where his heart was beating wildly. He calmed down instantly and his heart slowly going back to beating normal. He leant back on the couch with his legs forming a hollow for Sanchi to place in. She happily obliged. She leant on the left side of his chest and he slowly placed his right hand on her waist as he held her close. They both soon fell into a deep slumber, both ravishing the fact of each other’s soothing presence.


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