THE LOVE WORLD – Episode 7 (Anger)

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Naira and Prerna are seated in their class..

Prerna:how did you become alright naira? Did you cry your heart out and released all your pain?

Naira:iam a fool you know..kartik made me realise this.

Prerna:what..did you meet kartik?

Naira:yes..when i went crying he saw and followed me and i..i became weak and poured out all my emotions. And he advaised me that..

Naira tells everything what Kartik told and Prerna gets suprised..

Prerna:yes..he is right. We should not allow our weakness overpower us..we will surely make ourselves proud in front of the whole college and make that komolika face black who did this idiot work. are right.


kartik comes to his class and sees his friends chatting and laughing and he goes to them in little anger mode..

Raghav:hey..kartik..where did you disappeared suddenly?

Kartik:i always been trustful to you all. So be trustful atleast now..tell whether you guys ragged a girl that day?

His friends gets shocked..

Riyan:hey kartik..what happened suddenly? We are always been loyal and we are still loyal to you. Why will we do such works?

Vijay:did that girl brainwashed you?why are suddenly doubting us kartik?

Kartik gets angry and..

Kartik:fine..if you are loyal then promise on yourself and tell that you guys dint rag that girl..

His friends gets shocked and looks each other..

Kartik:tell me..

Raghav:so.. sorry..sorry..kartik..we..we ragged but..but it was just for fun..

Kartik gets shocked and he gets more angry and holds raghav’s collar..

Kartik:you rascals..i trusted you blindly. But you all betrayed me..if you have accepted that you ragged that day i would have forgiven you. But instead of that you all lied and made me conspire against that innocent girl…how cheap work..chi.

Riyan:leave it na kartik..we did by mistake and we are sorry for it. But why are you getting this much angry?

Kartik:shut up..after what you all can i trust you all? If you guys do any wrong again and lie to me then shall i sit and get bad name along with you? And is ragging a silly matter for you all? You bastards..

His three finds gets angry and they all push kartik..

Riyan angrily:yes..we are all like this only kartik and we will be like this only kartik. We just acted one year to gain your trust but that idiot girl broke everything..

Kartik gets shocked and he punches him hard..

Kartik:how dare you tell that girl idiot? It’s you all who are idiots who fooled me and you guys tried to get me bad name..

Vijay:yes..we want you to get bad name and that’s why we acted to be loyal and tried to conspire you so that ..that girl will hate you and slowly we thought to get your name bad in whole college.

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:what the hell? What did i do to you all?

Raghav:you shall not know about this kartik..if you want you try to find it yourself but we will soon make you suspended from this college..see..

The three guys goes away smirking while kartik who cannot able to bear the shock hits his hand on table and his hand gets cut and it starts to bleed..


He sees the bleeding and he walks out of the class recalling his friend’s betrayal and they eagerness to get him into bad books..


Prerna: come..lets go to Anurag sir and tell the matter.


Prerna and naira goes to Anurag in his cabin..

Naira:excuse me sir..

Anurag:yes..come in.

They both go in and Anurag gets suprised seeing naira well..

Anurag:i guess you were crying in my hour..i dint want to stop you as you can feel better if you pour your heart out. Now it’s fine right after crying your heart out?

Naira nods her head.. you can tell me the matter..

Prerna and naira tells everything of whatever komolika did and confessed and Anurag gets shocked and gets angry too..

Anurag:i never thought the student can be like this also. For losing a game..she took a illegal revenge and also took a video secretly.Shameless girl..i will surely punish her for this.

Naira:thank you sir..

They turn to go but Prerna slips and falls on anurag’s lap and both gets shocked and look each other..

Naira sees it and runs away from there while Anurag and prern gets mesmerized looking into each other’s eyes..

Suddenly a fly comes in between breaking their eyelock romance and they move but to the shock prerna’s chain get locked with anurag’s shirt and they again look each other and Anurag totally gets lost in Prerna..

Prerna tries to remove it but couldn’t and.. you remove it?

Anurag doesn’t respond as he is lost but Prerna repeatedly calls him making him coming to reality..

Anurag:sorry…sorry..i will take it out.

Anurag takes her chain and both looks each other..

Prerna:ia..iam sorry sir..

Anurag smiles..

Anurag jokes:it’s ok..but don’t keeping on slipping then one day there won’t be anyone to save you.

Prerna gets embarrassed..

Prerna:agan iam sorry sir..i won’t slip next time.

Anurag:it’s can go.

Prerna goes while Anurag feels stange..

Anurag in mind:what happened to me suddenly? Why couldn’t i take my eyes off her when she came close?leave it..i should not think more about it..


Naira in mind:i guess Anurag sir is going to be prerna’s lover. From the day 1 Prerna is slipping on Anurag sir..which guy will refuse if he keeps on holding a same girl?

She smiles and goes and suddenly she hits kartik and was about to fall but kartik holds her and both meets with an eyelock..

The surrounding distracts them and they immediately steady themselves..

Naira:woh..ia..iam sorry kartik..

Kartik:it’s ok..

Suddenly naira sees kartik’s hand bleeding and gets shocked and she takes his hand..

Naira:hey..kartik..what happened?how did you got hurt?

Kartik: actually thanks naira..i..i was been with wrong friends. Because of you..i came to know their reality. Even this wound is because of them only..

Naira gets shocked and she pulls him towards the stone bench and she bandages it with her kerchief as it was just small wound while kartik stares her all while..

Naira:you stupid.. can’t you be careful?

Kartik:what to do..i couldn’t control my anger after hearing the truth and i banged my hand myself.

Naira gets shocked..

Naira:so because of hurted yourself?



Kartik’s anger on his friends disappears seeing naira’s puppy face and laughs..

Naira:hey..why are you laughs? Iam telling truth only na..if you have seen your friends reality then you should punish them not you yourself.. only idiots do that. i an idiot?

Naira looks his eyes while kartik sees her glaring and gets mesmerized seeing her beautiful eyes..

Kartik in mind:ohh..krishnaji!! How did you create such a beautiful eyes? I feel like as if she will kill me with her beautiful.

Suddenly naira punches him making him come out of his thoughts..

Kartik:ouchhh..what are you doing?

Naira: don’t ask silly questions..first of all you be careful..iam sorry be an intelligent student instead of being stupid.

Kartik:you are right. But i should be careful too as they may do something do defame me..

Naira:you broke their friendship right? Then why will they trouble you?

Kartik tells everything of what they told while naira gets shocked..

Naira:seems like they are upto some plan to be fulfilled..


Naira:yes..kartik. by getting you bad name what they are going to get? There is something careful.

Kartik:hmm..thanks for bandaging me..

Naira:it’s my duty to save a life.

Kartik gets suprised hearing the s!e dialogue which he told yesterday and he smiles..




Teni reads the letter..

“Hello bebe..hope you remember me. You rejected me but i can’t reject you..if you have rights to reject me then i have rights to get you..i will surely get you this time. I want to tell you something meet me at 4pm sharply orelse you will get the shocker of your life”

Teni gets shocked and she shivers..

Teni fearfully:Ro..rock..rocky..

Nila:what happened teni?

Teni:the guy who proposed me in higher secondary have came again. He loves me madly but i rejected him..and now he has returned again. He will do anything for me..iam very scared..

Nila: don’t worry..we will inform police. You inform police and then go and meet him and if he does anything then he will be caught.

Teni:you are right…

After the college overs teni goes to police station and sees Niel sitting tensedly..

Teni: excuse.. excuse me sir..

Niel looks at teni and gets angry..

Niel:ohh lord.. won’t you spare me for sometime? Why did you send her to me again?

Teni:sir..i..i dint came to trouble you but for asking a help..

Niel: don’t fool me..

Teni:sir..why should i fool you? Iam really..i need a help..

DD:sir..i think she needs a help..that’s why she is pleading like this..

Niel stares teni angrily and..

Niel:fine..i will help but if you did any joke out of it or trouble me then..

Teni:i wont do tht can trust me.

Niel:tell me what you need?

Teni tells her problem and Niel gets shocked..

Niel:then…you go that place and we will follow back of you. And if he blackmails or do anything wrong then we will arrest him..


Teni goes to the place where rocky called while Niel and his constables follows her and hides behind a rock..


Rocky comes out and laughs at her.. obeyed me..nice.

Teni:shut up.. whatever you think will never happen. Your obsessive love will not get succeed..understood?

Rocky:if it dint get succeed..then..

Teni: don’t try to blackmail orelse you will face the consequences.. teni..why are you shouting before i complete? Actually I’ve wanted to tell something regarding your family..I’ve been paid money to bring back your lost sister.

Teni gets shocked..

Teni:lost sister?

Rocky:you don’t know your history miss.teni Goenka. Your Manish chachu had three children.. Shubham, kartik and other girl. And mr.ashwin who is a rival of Manish has kidnapped the girl at her birth and made them believe that their daughter is dead. And now the girl came to know that Ashwin kidnapped her and she escaped along with ashwin’s daughter maya to this place. And I’ve been paid to bring her back..

Teni gets shocked and stumbles..


Rocky:it’s true..he said everything to me as he knows that iam a great rowdy and can do anything. So he paid me money to bring your lost sister back to him. But iam not such a fool to obey him..i used this chance in favour of me as i know you are manish’s brother Akhilesh’s daughter..

Teni gets shocked..

Teni:what do you want?

Rocky: i have a picture of your lost sister’s photo. And if you marry me tomorrow..then I’ll hand your sister to your family orelse i will take her to mr.ashwin. so decide it yourself..

Teni gets shocked and stumbles while Niel and his constables come and point the gun towards him..

Niel:well confessed mr.Rocky.. now you can’t escape or you can’t make your plan success. Better give that photo to me orelse you will face the worst consequences..

Rocky gets shocked and stares teni angrily..

Rocky:so you called police along with you for your safety..well done Teni. But whatever you do..iam not going to give the photo as if teni is not in my fate then i wont favour her family..that’s it.

Niel angrily beats him hard and holds his collar..

Niel:i know how to handle an idiot like you..unless you give that photo i won’t leave you.

Rocky laughs and he takes the photo and tears it and throws away..

Rocky:beat me mr.police..i don’t care. I can live even in hell if i dint get do whatever you want and you can also kill me.

Teni gets shocked and cries..


Niel comes and consoles teni..

Niel: don’t worrry teni.. i will surely get the details of mr.ashwin and will find out about your lost sister and inform you. I know how to bring the details from don’t worry.

Teni nods her head cryyingly and hugs him..

Teni:thank you sir..

Niel gets weird on her hug but doesn’t respond anything and later he goes arresting rocky while teni goes to her house thinking about Keerthi..


Naksh was working in his restaurant and suddenly Keerthi enters there and naksh looks her and gets mesmerized and drops the things which he was holding..

Naksh in mind:what a beautiful princess.. ohh god..

Hearing the sound everyone turn and watches naksh and even Keerthi notices him and comes to him..

Keerthi:hi..naksh..what happened?

Naksh comes to senses and immediately picks all the things and places on the service table..

Naksh:wohh..mind slipped seeing you..


Naksh:i..i mean hand slipped seeing you.

Keerthi: ohh..are you scared for me that much?

Naksh stares her while Keerthi laughs..

Keerthi:just joking.. don’t take it serious.

Naksh admires her smiles..

Naksh:no..i wont take it serious as we are friends..

Keerthi:by the way..are you busy? Shall i come in som other day or time? will always be free for you..


Naksh:i..i mean i will always get free for my friends or for my family.

Keerthi:ohh..that’s nice of you.

Naksh:ok..come i will bring something for you..

They both get settled in a table and naksh asks his employees to bring the necessary items and they enjoy chatting and eating together..

Later Keerthi gets up..

Keerthi:i think we enjoyed nicely. I will meet you on some other day again as it’s time up.

Naksh: being as neighbour you don’t need to meet me some other can meet me daily.

Keerthi smiles..

Keerthi:yeah..i will meet. Ok..bye..


Keerthi goes while naksh smiles seeing her..

Naksh in mind:hope your friendship turns into love soon..


Maya was walking out of office while Arjun comes and holds her hand..

Arjun:maya..leave your stupid ego and accept your love.

Maya:not so soon Arjun. If you want you make me propose by doing something great..

Arjun:i tried na..but you are flopping everything.

Maya:iam not’s you who is a great flopper.


Maya:Arjun..please..leave my hand.. don’t waste my time. I have to go home and help my sister in cooking. So leave me..

Arjun leaves her upsetly while maya goes walking and Arjun crossing the road sadly and suddenly a lorry comes towards him..

Maya who just turns simply gets shocked seeing it and shouts..


Arjun hears her and sees that truck is coming towards him and gets shocked..

Arjun:ohh noo..

Before he runs the truck hits him and he falls down in thud while maya gets shocked and runs to him..


Maya lies on Arjuna’s chest and cries..

Maya:Arjun.. please wake up.. please..

Arjun doesn’t respond and so maya cries more..

Maya:Arjun..i love you..i love you more than anything should wake up atleast for me Arjun.. orelse i will also..

Suddenly arjun wakes and closes her mouth..

Arjun:shshshshsh.. don’t talk bad. Nothing has happened to me.. don’t hurt me telling that you will also..

Maya closes her mouth..

Maya:you are we shall not talk about death..

They meet with an eyelock..

Suddenly arjun smiles..

Arjun:so madam left her ego so soon?

Maya:shut up..if you want then I’ll again be angry..

Maya gets up and turns to go but Arjun holds her hand pulls towards him nd caresses her face..

Arjun: don’t make your ego come in between us.. orelse i will kill that ego which separated us.

Maya laughs and pinches his cheeks..

Maya:you are so cute when you are jealous Arjun..i promise i wont be angry from now..

Arjun:that’s nice of you..i thank god that truck came and hit me orelse i wouldn’t got you..

Maya beats him funnily and..

Maya: don’t talk like stupid..what if something happened to you? I thank god that nothing happened to you.

Arjun back hugs her and..

Arjun:even something had happened..i wouldn’t have worried as you are there for me to take care..

Maya: don’t talk rubbish like this.. nothing will happened to you unless iam there.

Arjun:fine madam maya Raichand..iam sorry..

Maya gets angry on hearing the word ‘raichand’..

Maya:i already told you not to call me as Raichand..iam just maya.

Arjun gets confused but agrees and they spend romantic time together..



next episode promo:- Manish reveals the truth. Kartik and naira spend some time together. Anurag and Prerna feels something. Keerthi at Singhania house. Arjun suprises maya..


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