THE LOVE WORLD – Episode 6 (calming down)

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Everyone reaches college and naira enters her class and finds Prerna missing..

Naira in mind:why dint Prerna come yet? It’s ok..I’ll just go and sit..maybe she comes late.

Naira goes and sits in the class while the students starts gossipping seeing her and suddenly they start to laugh seeing naira while naira gets shocked..

Naira in mind:what is happening here? Why are everyone laughing at me?

Suddenly komolika comes there and smirks..

Komolika:hey miss.joker..what happened? Dint you like my suprise?see how the class is laughing at you..

Naira gets shocked and angry..

Naira angrily:what the hell with you komolika? What did you do that is making everyone laugh at me? challenged me yesterday and i won. I couldn’t win in game but i won in reality.. hahaha.. stupid..just tell me what you did?

Komolika shows the video of her drunken state where she was disturbing Prerna with her questions and she jumping into the building where the fire was spreading and gets shocked..

Komolika:i showed this video to everyone that’s all. By the way..i think you enjoyed your drinks yesterday.. di..di did i drink?

Suddenly she remembers that akshara telling that she was lying unconscious and naksh enquiring her about headache..

Naira in mind:my family have lied to not upset me but..but how did i drink? And how did i come out of the fired building if i have went in?

Naira:hey..what you asked whether i enjoyed drinking right?so it was you who made me drink?

Komolika laughs..

Komolika:wow.. smarter than i thought. Yes..i only gave you drinks without your knowledge. I used to carry drinks to college and drink with my male friends after college hours and i used that wine and mixed in your water bottle..that’s all.

Naira gets shocked and she gets angry and slaps her while the students stare them..

Naira:how dare you? Don’t you feel ashamed to do this work?

Suddenly the professor enters and komolika runs to her place while everyone turns back and even naira settles down..

Prerna comes there running..

Prerna:excuse me sir..

Professor:come in..why are you late?

Prerna:sorry sir..a jam happened in my area.

Professor:ok..but next time no excuse.

Prerna:ok sir..

Prerna goes and sits near naira and she sees naira gloomy..

Prerna: naira..what happened?

Naira:I’ll tell you after this hour..

Soon the first hour ends and naira tells everything to Prerna and Prerna gets shocked..

Prerna :how dare she? For losing in wrestling match..she is taking a cheap revenge. I will not spare her now..

Prerna gets up to go to komolika but naira stops her..

Naira:no Prerna..we will punish her in right way.

Prerna calms down..

Prerna:you are right.. already Anurag sir knows about someone mixed wine in your bottle and if we tell him then he will surely punish komolika. did he?

Prerna tells everything of how kartik saved her and Anurag sir asked her about the incidents and what she told to him and naira gets suprised as well as shocked..

Naira:ohh goshh..thank god you told your suspicion to Anurag sir. And the suspicion is also right as komolika have mixed wine in bottle only..


Naira:and..ia..iam sorry for whatever i did in Nasha.

Prerna:its okay leave it.

Naira:and..kartik..i..i never thought..he is so good.

Prerna:i think he is not such type of ragging guys..

Naira: actually he is not. Because he dint rag me but his friends only ragged me and when his friends was ragging me i saw his laughing with samar and i misunderstood as he was ragging but on next day samar saw us fighting with kartik and told the truth to me..

Prerna:but kartik thinks his friends doesn’t do like that..that’s why he is supporting his friends.

Naira:yes.. whatever it is..i should apologise as well as thank him.

Suddenly a group of girls comes there and makes fun of naira..

Girl 1 shweta:hey asked for boyfriend na..see him(pointing towards a guy) he is so drunkard like and get him.

The girls laugh..

Girl 2 riya: and you forced Prerna to dance right? Now we are ready to dance with common dance with us…hahahaha..

Shweta:i thought you are a good girl at first but you are cheap infact..

The girls laugh and goes while naira feels upset and she recalls how she got good name from childhood and her eyes gets filled up with tears..

Prerna:nairaa.. don’t feel bad. We will teach komolika a lesson..

She hears the nearby bench too speaking of her and gets more affected and she gets up from her bench and runs out of the class crying..

Prerna gets shocked and she gets up to follow while Anurag enters and she stands there atself..

Students:good morning sir..

Anurag:good morning. Kindly take your seat and miss.prerna please come here..

Komolika feels jealous..

Komolika in mind: what’s the need to call her now? Iam there to do any works for him then why is he Calling her??

Prerna goes to Anurag and..

Prerna:yes sir..

Anurag:i saw your friend naira crying and there any problem or do anyone torture her?

Prerna looks the whole class looking at them and gets embarassed..

Prerna:sir..woh..shall i tell you in private?

Anurag understands her tensed face and.. problem.

Komolika bites her teeth angrily..

Komolika in mind:what is he discussing silently? Is it important to discuss silently especially with this bookworm?

Prerna:sir..shall i go and bring naira?

Anurag:no..leave her alone. Let her cry her heart out and come..then she will become fine orelse for the whole class she will be upset.

Prerna:ok sir..

Prerna turns to leave but suddenly her leg slips and was about to fall but Anurag immediately holds her and they meet with an eyelock..

Komolika breaks the pencil in anger..

Komolika in mind:what the hell with this Prerna? Is she came to woo my Anurag? If it’s so..then i won’t spare her..

Anurag breaks the eyelock and he steadies himself and Prerna..

Anurag:be careful miss.prerna..

Prerna:sorry sir..

Anurag:it’s take your seat.

Prerna goes and sits in her place while Anurag starts taking his class while naira is seen running in corridors crying..

Naira in mind:i..i always been agood girl for this whole world..why is my fate playing like this with me? Today i..i spoiled my good name and fame.. everyone thinks that iam a drunkard..i can’t able to digest it.

She runs crying and she comes across kartik’s class and kartik notices her and gets shocked..

Kartik in mind:what happened to her suddenly?why is she running crying? I shall go and check her..

Kartik goes and follows naira and naira enters a garage(a room where waste materials are kept) and kartik too enters and pulls her towards him..


Naira looks him crying and hugs him immediately burying her head in his chest and cries her heart out while kartik feels something wrong but to give her comfort he too hugs her back..

Slowly naira feels good after crying her heart out and she moves away from him..

Naira:i..iam sorry.. sorry kartik..

Kartik: it’s okay i understand. But what happened? Why did you run like this crying?

Naira wipes her tears and..

Naira: what do you feel about me kartik? I know you saved me but i guess you would have found that i was you think bad about me?

Kartik:are you mad? I don’t feel any wrong with you..i know you wouldn’t have drunk yourself..

Naira:the trust which a student from other class is having is not there in my own class. I and a girl have a problem and that girl mixed wine in my bottle and that’s why i behaved like that and she took the video of my nasha’s act and shown to everyone and everyone are making fun of me..i couldn’t bear it..

She cries more and kartik holds naira’s face and wipes her tears..

Kartik:no’s wrong to cry for a silly matter.

Naira:is it looking like a silly matter for you?

Kartik:no..but you shouldn’t become weak for such a small issue. Life is not only filled with is filled with problems too. Happiness depends on how you face the problem..if you face it with full courage then everything will get fine but if you fall weak then your enemies only wins. So don’t let your weakness overpower..

Naira gets impressed and smiles slightly..

Naira:i think you are right..i will try not to fall weak..

Kartik:that’s the spirit..

Kartik:ok..go to your class and now iam going..

He was about to leave but naira holds his hands suprising him..

Naira:i..iam sorry as well as thanks kartik.

Kartik:for what?

Naira:thanks for saving me and sorry for hurting you. Actually your friends only ragged me and i misunderstood you too a ragger as you was joking with samar on first day. But samar clarified my misunderstanding after he saw we fighting that day. And i know you get angry if i say wrong about your friends..but i swear they really ragged me. If not will understand about them one day..

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik in mind:even in Nasha..she told this. No one lies when they are not in senses. That means my friends have really hurted her..i should confront them.

Kartik:i can feel it naira. I believed my friends like anything so i couldn’t see your pain and their lies. And during nasha you told it again and from that day..i felt that i did wrong by supporting them. I will surely confront them..and even iam sorry for shouting you that day.

Naira:it’s okay..and did i do any horrible works or did i disturb you when i was in Nasha?

Kartik remembers her moments and smiles..

Kartik:you did little mischievous but i handled you..there is no issues in it.

Naira smiles..

Naira:thank you..bye.


Both goes smiling..


Maya enters the office and she sees everyone doing works..

Maya in mind:dint Arjun try anything to console me today?did he gave up so soon?

Maya enter her cabin and starts working while her mind is disturbed with the thoughts of Arjun..

Maya’ evil side:hey maya..tht fool has easily forgot you. So go and confront him and break up with him permanently. He doesn’t love you truly that’s why he dint try to console you today.

Maya’s good side:no maya. He loves you truly..he would have planned something. So be patience..first you go and forgive him.

Maya stops working and sits tensed..

Maya in mind:what the hell with my mind? I couldn’t concentrate on anything because of Arjun. Now what shall i do? Shall i go and confront him for not trying anything today to console me?yes..i will go then only i will feel peace.

Maya gets up from her place and she goes inside Arjuna’s cabin and gets shocked seeing a girl flirting with arjun..

Maya gets angry and she goes and slaps the girl surprising Arjun..

Maya:hey who the hell are you to flirt with my boyfriend? He is mine and will only be mine get lost.

Arjun smiles hearing that..

Arjun in mind: finally i won!! I made her realise her love for me..this is called brainy Arjun. Finally she called me as boyfriend.

Suddenly the girl laughs shocking maya..

Maya:hey..are you mad? Why are you laughing? I told you to get lost then what’s the problem?

Girl: actually i was not was Arjun’s plan to make you realise your love for him. Finally you told tht he is your boyfriend..that means you love him. He told me to act as flirting so that you will get jealous and reveal your love and as per plan you told that he is your boyfriend..that’s it.

The girl laugh and goes while maya stares Arjun angrily.. told that you hate me and i should console you to make you fall for me again and i did i not intelligent?

Maya beats Arjun angrily and..

Maya:you idiot always make my heat get heart attack. Last time you made it with prank and now with flirting..stupid. it is very useless idea to mame me confess love..i really hate you. I thought you will plan something where i get mesmerized but you only give heart i hate you.

Arjun gets shocked..

Arjun in mind:ohh noo..


Maya goes angrily while Arjun sits holding his head..

Arjun :what a useless man you are Arjun? Can’t you plan a better one? Now she got more angry are capable of only adding more fuel to the burning fire.. useless fellow.


Naksh walks restlessly here and there..

Akshara:arrey..duggu..what happened? You seem you lost your brain somewhere.

Naksh: ofcourse..i lost half of the brain. Dad tell me one thing..

Naitik: what’s it beta?

Naksh:was your marriage with muma arranged or love?

Naitik and akshara gets suprised and shocked as well..

Naitik:why are you asking suddenly beta?

Naksh stumbles..

Naksh:woh..woh.. simply..

Akshara:it’s arranged marriage only. We started to love after the marriage..

Naksh:nice..but when you both fallen in did you identify it?

Naitik laughs..

Naitik: can’t love be identified? When you fall in love then you will know how love is identified..

Naman comes there and laughs..

Naman:arrey bhai.. don’t you understand why he is desparate in asking about love?

Naitik and akshara gets confused while naksh stares him..

Naksh:Naman uncle..

Naman:i know love a girl opposite to our i right? Ofcourse you love her..this is called as love. Love is something which we feel special and happy seeing them..

Naitik and akshara gets suprised while naksh bows down due to shyness..

Akshara:waah..duggu..that’s why you were very desperate in asking about love. Iam so happy for you..

Naman:and you know one thing bhabhi..he even blabbered something to his customer due to love affect..

Akshara naitik and Naman laughs and hugs him..

Naitik:iam proud of you beta..i always yearned to meet akshara before but she was very adamant that she will look him only after marriage and so i couldn’t fall in love before marriage but you got nice impress her very well and spend nice time..

Akshara stares him and pinches him and laughs..

Akshara:shut up naitik. Our story was different..

Naitik: anyways yes..

Naksh:then tell me ideas of how to start talking with her?

Akshara: don’t behave like previous generation kid think yourself and execute your plan. Then only it will work..

Naman:yes..bhabhi is right. When i used naitik bhai for impressing Karishma..she got angry and blasted me after she found out..

They all have good laugh and..

Akshara naitik and Naman:all the best Naksh..

Naksh smiles and goes to his room and thinks something and later he goes to keerthi’s house taking a shirt and taps the door while Keerthi opens and suprised seeing him..

Keerthi:you? What a suprise..

Naksh: actually.. actually..

Keerthi:arrey..come in and talk..

Naksh goes inside and he looks her mesmerized..

Keerthi:do you want anything?

Naksh: actually.. shirts’s button is can you stitch and give me?

Keerthi giggles..

Keerthi:just a shirt button..give me I’ll stitch and give you nowatself?

Naksh smiles and gives her his shirt and she starts stitching it while naksh admires her beauty standing nearby..

Suddenly a cockroach jumps near Keerthi and she gets scared and runs and hugs naksh tightly suprising naksh..


Naksh laughs at her cute fear and Keerthi suddenly moves away from him..

Keerthi:iam..iam sorry..woh..

Naksh:no problem..miss.cockroooooachhh..

Keerthi states him..

Keerthi:hey.. don’t make fun of me. Iam just scared for cockroach not for ants..understood?

Naksh:fine..fine.. don’t get angry..yyou look cute only when you smile only.

Keerthi smiles and naksh too smiles seeing her..

Keerthi:can.. can you chase that cockroach away orelse i will get headache seeing it..

Naksh: don’t worry..i will chase it in such a way that it will never come back and admire you..


Naksh:i..i mean it will never come and disturb you..

Keerthi:ohh..that’s sweet of you.

Naksh chases cockroach away and later Keerthi too finishes stitching and gives it to naksh..

Keerthi: here it is..

Naksh takes his shirt and was about to go but Keerthi stops him and..

Keerthi:eat something and go in my house..or shall i bring tea or coffee?

Naksh:iam sorry..i am not hungry now..

Keerthi:ohh…it’s ok.

Naksh:by the way what’s your name?

Keerthi:iam Keerthi..and you?


They both smile and..

Naksh:i think we can be friends anyway as you are my neighbour..

Keerthi:why not? We will be..

They both shake hands and..

Naksh:i have came here as customer and you should also come to my restaurant as customer but for free..

Keerthi smiles..




Naksh goes and he jumps in joy..

Naksh:wow finally succeeded first plan..that is to make her your friend and next step is to make your lover..i will do it soon..


Teni and her friends were busy talking with each other..

Teni’s friend Nila:hey look so beautiful..why don’t you do modelling?

Teni: modelling? Ohh girl.. modelling and me doesn’t have any bit of connections iam not going to do.

Adhiya:you can just try na?

Teni:no way..

Suddenly a girl comes there and..

Girl:hey is the letter for you.

Teni gets shocked and gets the letter from her and..

Teni:letter for me? Who gave this letter that college?

Girl: don’t know but it was placed in my seat with a chit and in that chit it was written to handed it over to i have you that’s all.

Teni:ok..i will see to it. Thanks for giving it to me..


The girl goes and teni opens the letter and she gets shocked seeing it..


next episode promo:- naira and Prerna reveals the truth to Anurag. Kartik’s friends burst out their truth to him. Teni is shocked. Arjun to meet with accident? Keerthi and naksh spend sometime together in krishna..

  1. Beautiful storyline… Excited to read ahead

    1. Jia Toshi

      Thank you so much 😊.

  2. Beautiful storyline… Excited to read ahead

    1. Jia Toshi

      Thank you so much 😊

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