Here is the first Episode..

Maya and Keerthi were talking and giggling and..

Maya:Keerthi.. come we will go a nearby icecream shop and come.

Keerthi gets scared..

Keerthi in mind:if i go out..then papa will surely kill me.. am not interested di.

Maya: what’s wrong with you Keerthi? From never accompanied me anywhere. You are always staying inside this four just come out atleast today na.

Keerthi:i..i..iam sorry di. I am not interested come out.

Maya gets angry..

Maya:you will never listen. If you be like then you will become mad should enjoy your life. So come out with me..

Maya drags her forcibly and takes her out and makes her enjoy…

Later they come home and see Ashwin staring them angrily..

Keerthi in mind:now..iam gone.

Ashwin:maya..i did errors in some files. So go and correct which is kept in my room.

Maya:ok dad..

Maya goes while Ashwin pulls Keerthi inside a room and he beats her angrily..

Ashwin:how dare you go out? Only maya has right to go out but today you disobeyed me…see what I’ll do.

Ashwin starts beating her with belt and Keerthi cries in pain..

while maya who was checking the files gets confused suddenly..

Maya in mind: i will ask papa should i check all these files..

Maya runs down and she peeps in a room and gets shocked ashwin beating Keerthi harder..

Maya shouts:papa..

Ashwin stops hearing her voice and turns to her..


Maya angrily:papa..i couldn’t believe that it was you. Why were you beating her in such a way?

Keerthi cries while Ashwin stares maya..

Ashwin in mind: now..i can’t escape.

Maya:tell me dad..

Ashwin angrily:it’s because she is not my daughter. Only you are my daughter..

Keerthi and Maya gets shocked..

Teni is seen eating junk foods while her family gathers there..

Anurag:arrey bhagwan.. what kind of sister you gave me?

Teni: what’s your problem bhai?are you jealous that iam eating more?

Anurag:why will i get for eating more? The problem is you are eating only junk foods which is only harmful for health.

Shubham:yes..stop eating junk foods. If i see you eating junk foods then..

Teni: then you won’t talk with i right? How many times you will repeat this Same dialogue bhai?

Anurag stares him and gives him a funny knock on hishead..

Anurag: Dialogues and your actions doesn’t even match can never change teni by your false dialogues.

Teni then takes her bag and runs out..

Surekha:hey forgot your HRM notes..

But she doesn’t hear and she just runs away..

Surekha:i don’t know when this girl is going to change.. always careless.

Anurag:maybe some heroes like in movies only should come and change her.


Kartik and his gang are sitting near the entrance.. freshers will come right?

Kartik:ofcourse..we will have nice time to make fun with them.


They see students entering and kartik calls a guy and goes to him.. look dance and show your dashing dancing skill. don’t know to

Kartik puts his arms on his shoulders..

Kartik:what bro you are? Can’t you do a small favour to seniors?

Riyan:why are you talking kind kartik? We have to make him obey seniors only by..

Riyan holds tht guy’s collar scaring him while kartik pushes his hands.. physical tortures..

Riyan frowns..

Kartik: don’t get scared..just dance and go..

A beautiful girl gets down the car and she hugs her brother and she is none other than naira..

Naksh:all the best for first day..


Naksh:you wait here at evening and i will come and pick you up..



Naksh goes while naira goes in and kartik’s gang turns and sees her and..


Naira stares him..


Riyan:you look beautiful..can you dance with me?

Naira:no..i wont dance with unknown persons.

Raghav:now you will know who we are..we are Raghav , Vijay, riyan and kartik from senior batch. Is this information enough to know about us..common now dance.

Naira gets angry and she gets her hands ready to punch them..

Naira:stupids..i know you guys are here to rag new comers but thaat won’t work on me..understood?

Kartik doesn’t see his friends ragging naira as he is turned opposite towards a guy..

Guy:i..i..i really don’t know to rag me..

Kartik:hey cool..i dint rag you. So don’t get scared..

The guy gets calm and..


Kartik: actually i just want to start the new year with fun. Last year we danced nice but this year you all are boring..that’s why i told. I don’t have the habit of ragging and hurting others..

Guy:ohh.. you are great. Yes..this year’s freshers seems boring.

Kartik:then let’s do one thing..we seniors will sing and you guys dance evening.

Guy:that’s great idea..but how to inform everyone..

Kartik:i will see to it.

Guy hugs kartik..

Guy:iam samar..i got scared at first but you are really good. Let’s meet at evening.

Vijay:if it doesn’t work..then we will make it work..

Naira:you blo*dy fools..if you try to misbehave then you will see my horrible mode.

The three guys laugh..

Raghav:lets see..

Riyan pulls naira closer while Raghav tries to remove her dupatta..

Naira gets angry and she kicks Raghav and she slaps riyan and holds his collar..

Naira:how dare you all misbehave with me?

Samar goes while kartik turns and gets shocked seeing naira holding riyaan’s collar and he immediately goes and pulls her hands away.. dare you hold my friend’s collar?

Naira:haa..shall i hold your collar too? You guys misbehave with us..then will we stay silent? Excuse mister..instead of doing these cheap works..go and focus on your career.

Naira storms away angrily while kartik stands confused and looks the three friends..

Kartik:hey..what is she telling? Did you all misbehaved with her?

The three friends act as if innocent..

Riyan:kartik..are you doubting us? We are your loyal friends right?

Kartik:i know..but why did she tell like that?

Raghav don’t know about girls. They will just misunderstand for small things. The girls dupatta was flying and we thought to help her and went and catch her dupatta but she misunderstood as we are misbehaving with her and…

Vijay: she beat us..

Kartik gets shocked and angry..

Kartik:how dare she? The girls like her never understands the good part in us..


Kartik:if i see her next time..i will surely confront for it.

The three guys smirks and later they go..


The first year students of mba gets seated and naira and Prerna sit near each other..



Prerna:by the way..iam Prerna Basu..a graduate.

Naira: myself Naira Singhania..BBA graduate.


They both get introduced themselves and..

Naira:shall we be friends?

Prerna:why not?

They both shake hands and Anurag enters and everyone stands and wishes him..

Students:good morning sir..

Anurag:good morning students. Kindly take your seat..

Everyone sits while Anurag introduces himself..

Anurag:i will handle the subject Financial laws for you. So you can approach me anytime if you need any help relating to my subject.


Anurag:as it your first day..i don’t want to irritate you by taking lessons. So you all can enjoy knowing each other.

Everyone gets excited and..

Everyone:thank you sir..

Everyone chats while Prerna and naira enjoy chatting each other and laughing..

While a girl named komolika curls her hair and smiles seeing Anurag…

Komolika in mind:you are my aim sir..sorry Anurag Goenka. That’s why i came to this college..i will surely impress you and make you fall for me.

The scene freezes on her devil smile..


Ashwin reveals his revenge. Kartik shouts naira. Komolika fools Prerna. Kabir locks Teni.

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