The lost mafia princess (Chapter 2)

Alessandro Romano (eldest brother) pov

I was busy in doing in work of shipment….

Being a mafia leader of Italy is not easy…. I got only 7 hours sleep in a week …..

Huh! My life is very hard but i m not complaining of it…. I can do everything but I can’t live without my bambina (baby) now….. My baby sister…..

When she was three years old she was kidnapped by our mafia rivals.. .. Right now Italian mafia comes in first place… Then russian mafia… Our mother was killed by that mafia’s men…..We searched every corner of world only one country we haven’t check and we did not think that they kept her there …..

I am the eldest brother among all my sibblings and my baby sister was the only girl born in our all family…

My thoughts broke by the phone call…

It was a phone call of a person who i assigned to find my baby sister…..

I pick up the call

“Any information”

“Yes we found her” dante speak through phone

I was in cloud nine….we found her we found her yes now i can live with her pamper her and spoil her again

I m so happy after many years…

“Where?” I said in cold tone…

“Mumbai, India”

“What u find about her? I mean to whom is she with living”

“Capo she is living with kabir shikhawat and his wife”

I clenched my jaw and gritted my teeth…. But then smirked of imagining them to regret for their mothers for opening their legs….

“Fake a accident which seems real and bring them both to me”

“Ok capo”

(Capo means boss)

Then i hang up…..

I grinned…. After many years i m smiling like an idiot… Finally i can hold my baby sister again in my arm…

Its time to said all boys about this….

I then drive straight away to home…


I yelled from hall

First came vincent calmly

Then there is rush in stairs and in few seconds angre xavier and xander came …..

They looked at me

“I wan a inform u that my team find our bambina” i said last part smiling…

All head snapped in my direction

“Aless real..really” vincent said with tears in his eyes

I nodded smiling

But in milli seconds changes it in blank look……

I see both xander and xavier were grinning with happy tears in their eyes but angre he is glaring the ground… Why?

“Angre” he looked at me and huffed clearly not happy for his sister coming

“But ales why she is not with us where was she?” Vince asked

“She was in mumbai in india with kabir shikhawat don’t worry i have settled all things”

I said kabir with venom lacing in my tone.

All including angre gritted their teeth and clenched their jaw.. but then smirks…..

“I will go to take her”said vincent

Me and twins snapped our face towards him….

“No way i will go” said xander

“No i will go… I will meet my baby sissy first” said xavier glaring at xander and Vincent

“Shut up i will go u all with stay at home”i said making twins glaring me

“Ales are u sure u have a meeting with other mafia members” said vincent..

I growled I can’t go there huff

I nodded forcefully and vincent smirks…

“We will also go” said twins

“Shhh!!! U can prepare bedroom for our baby sis”said vince

They nodded excitedly


Riddhima POV

Me and vince were In his car which is driving us to airport…

We were sitting in awkward silence…

He is looking at me sneakily

Aiming to not to continue this torcher

I asked him a question…

“So tell me about yourself”

He grinned widely

“Well i m a doctor.. mm m 25 years old… I m second eldest brother ….”

“Okk how are my brothers …. Will they love me” i asked nervously playing with my hands…

“Riddhima look at me”

I looked at him with my doe shaped eye

“Oh riddhima! U don’t know how much we all love u… U know we were smiling today after many years…. Even we don’t know when were like this last time…. You know i put a fight with my brothers to come to u for taking to Italy….. We searched almost every corner of world to find u…you don’t know how much we all love u”

My eyes become teary… He cleared my all doubt… I was thinking about why they didn’t search but he made it clean and clear… Now i m feeling lil bit happy…

I smiled at him

“Okkk lets change the topic I don’t wan to make my sister cry”

I nodded wiping my tears….

“So i will now tell u about our brothers ..”

I nodded and he starts

“Well first one is alessandro we call him ales he is very strict if u did not obey him and he is very sweet from inside but will never ever show u and don’t get in wrong side of him cauze then he will by hook or crook brings u in his good sides by his methods which u might not like”

I looked at him confused what does he mean…

“O i mean that never go in his bad books if u then he will improve u by such methods u might like but at the end he will bring u in his good books at the end…. He is like this only”

He said smiling

“Well than next is me your sweet and fab brother”

“Well i didn’t say that u are my fab brother” i said smirking

“But u said in ur mind i heard that” he said smirking and i shake my head in no

“Ok leave this i know i m ur fab” he winked at me

“Then came angre… He is a tough guy… But he is soft from inside”

“Then xander and xavier … They both are twins and seriously u will find them annoying.. they love u very muchh they are chirpy and u will love them at end”

“Okk what business u did for earning?” I asked

He become tensed

“Well we reach airport see i will tell u afterwords” he said nervously and get down from the car…….

He opens the door for me

“You don’t have-“

“Shhh!! Come”

He said making me smile…..

We reach the airport in front of some kind of private jet….

“Hey! This is someone private jet i think we reach in wrong place come lets move otherwise our flight will miss”

He only smirk at me

I scrunched my face

“We are at right place bambina”

(Bambina means baby)

I don’t know what the f**k is that word bamboo no bambi whatever huh!


“We own this jet sweetheart”

He said making my mouth jaw dropped


My brothers are rich ass

I opened and closed my mouth like a fish

He chuckled seeing my reaction

“Close ur mouth if u don’t want to catch fly”

I playfully glared him and get inside the jet

Wow! This is amazingggg

I start gawking its every corner

“How is it…did u like it?”

“Like it? I love it bro”

He grinned widely showing his all teeth….

I looked at him confused

“You call me bro…. I loveee uuuu sooo muchhh!!”

He said and widened his hands and comes to hug me…

I flinch bcz i think he come to hit me… He noticed it and a look of hurt comes in his eyes but it soon go away when it came…

“Can i hug u”he asked in sad tone

I don wanna make him sad

“Umm yeah! I guess so”

I said nervously and he did not waste a second and hugs me tightly

Causing me to hissed at the pain in my ribs

He backs away and frowned

“Are u ok?”

“Mhm” i said but he seem totally unconvinced

He nodded

“Wanna eat something”

I shake my head

He glared me making me nodded

He smiled and go somewhere

I make myself comfortable in one sofa type seat…

He comes within second with some nuggets and burgers and cold coffee…

He also settles infront of me in sofa like chair with table between us ….. He put it on that table…..

“Mmm well is that chicken nuggets or veg” i asked nervously

“Chicken nuggets for me and veg nuggets for my bambina” he said separating them

“Well i m not fully vegetarian… I eat eggs but not chicken fish or anything”

He nodded

And we start eating

I become full after eating three…. I can’t eat more

So i started playing with me….

“Till when u r planning to play with it” he said not looking up from his plate

I nervously laughed

“Hey! I m full i have already eaten very large meal in cafeteria before u came”

He seems convinced at my lie and i feel guilty….

He finished my nuggets too….

I feel tired and tries very hard to not to sleep….

Vincent noticed it and chuckled

“Oh bambina come”

He said and pat beside him

I immiediately move closer to him and sit in that place….

He puts my head in his lap and starts playing with my hairs …

“Sleep bambina i will wake u up when we will reach”


I just hummed and sleep in his lap with a smiling face…..

I felt his chest vibrated means he chuckled huh!

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  3. Akshita Raturi

    I m not gonna update here as my work is copied from here to another website. So u can read the story on wattpad

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