The Last Spirit Chapter 2 ‘Meet Him’

Meet him🧡

A group of pigeons were flying across the clouds, when one of them got shot and fell on the floor making noises. Two muscular hands came for the rescue, carefully picking it up and moving into a small hut-like structure.


His dark black orbs were something anyone can drool over, his dry lips which adorned a slight smile, his masculine body any girl can fall for, but everyone couldn’t see was, he had something hidden.


Carefully applying the turmeric paste in the wound, he dressed it nicely and kept it in the cage so it could not fly until the wound is healed.




The voice made him a little angry, and he turned to him with a stern face.


“Prince Aryan, I will not tolerate this again.” He said with a glint on angriness in his eyes.


Aryan, his Uncle’s only son was a arrogant and never had any interest in looking up for the Kingdom of Raiyajya. He always behind the throne of the king, which was never to be his.


“Oh Bhai, you are angry for just a mere bird?” Aryan said being carefree.


“Even that ‘mere’ bird lives in our kingdom. And it’s not a mere bird. It’s our royal pigeon.” Vansh stated and Aryan was shocked.


“Bhai, I am sorry, please don’t tell him” Aryan fell on his knees with his head down.


“It’s fine Aryan. But it’s high time you should have a look towards out kingdom,  your wish isn’t that easy to be fulfilled.” Vansh said and chuckled at Aryan’s expression.


“Of course. You are the great Vansh. Our Vansh bhai.” Aryan said with a pissed face and left from there.


Reaching the royal palace, Vansh was heading towards his room when he heard the voice.

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“Not again” Vansh muttered under breath moving towards the other side of the palace. As soon as he reached a forbidden room, full of potions covered with clothes, her returned back from where he came.


“Nice trick. Why do you always distract me when I try to do something?” Vansh said with fisted hand, and his biceps properly in view.


“Vansh?” A sweet voice came over his thoughts and he smiled.


“Your highness, you here at this time?” He turned and said playfully.


“Quiet! Queen Uma is here to call her son for lunch.” She said.


Uma, mother of Vansh. The first person Vansh loves in his family. She is a lady full with patience and kindness, the perfect example of a queen.


As a the Rai Singhanias take there respective seats. The lunch was served by the servants, and as usual the first to take the bite was, the king of course.


Ajay, Vansh’s father and the king of Raiyajya Empire. Loves his kingdom and the citizens too, respect him and his decisions equally. He lived on one basis, If anyone initiates you have to finish.


“Prince Vansh, can I know why did you not go to meet Ragini as I said?” Ajay asked taking his morsel.


Vansh who had opened his mouth to take the morsel in, kept in back in the plate and exhaled a deep breath.


“She is too sticky and always talks about wealth only. Her eyes are on becoming the queen before marrying me, Father. And that’s what I don’t like.” Vansh said.


“Vansh, do start finding her positive side, she is your to be wife and the to be queen of our kingdom.” Ajay said.


“I tried many times but I miserably fail. She didn’t even liked the citizens touching her feet. Do you think she will be a queen to the bliss?” Vansh asked.


“No questions, Prince. She IS the next queen and accept it as fast as you can. And please try NOT to contact Shanvi.” Ajay completed.


Vansh nodded and looked at Uma whose eyes were full of tears, she wiped them continuing to eat her food.


“I am sorry, but I have promised her to meet today. Just one day.” Uma said with her croaky voice.


“It’s the last time queen Uma, not after that.” Ajay said wiping off his hands and left from there.


“Don’t worry Ma. We all know what she did was wrong. So now let her be punished for what she did. Hmm?” 


Siya, younger sister of Vansh. Just like her mother. Always respected her family members and lived in her own life. A perfect princess, she was.


“Don’t take that girl’s name again infront of me. I am telling I can never forgive her for giving a betrayal to my Kabir.” Anupriya taunted in between.


Anupriya, second wife of Ajay. A rude woman who always stays away from Uma as she is the queen. Her only son, Kabir was a challenge for Vansh to become the next king as they both were manually of the same age.


“That characterless….” 


“Enough! Not a single word more!” Vansh growled in between and left from there.


Sitting in his room, Vansh closed his eyes. Shanvi, was someone whom Vansh shared a different bond always. She shared the reversed name of his with an ‘i’  But something happened in just a month that changed everything. Deeply in his thoughts, Vansh saw…


A woman standing on a big stone and 6 people which were sparkling, sitting with their head down. The all threw sparkles in the air together creating a circle, and then, the earth. The woman standing in the stone faints and fells on the ground.


Vansh opened his eyes with a jerk, he looked at his hands which were sparkling black. Vansh’s face became pale as he fisted his hands tightly trying to stop it but it didn’t work. He closed his eyes which were burning, sparkles flowing through them like tears. With a loud scream, he got up from the bed and started throwing things here and fell on the bed again. He covered his face with his palms and his hands were throwing sparkles in the shape of daggers breaking one side of his window.


As soon as everything stopped, Vansh was lying on the bed with a thud taking short breaths.


“Why are you calling me? The Optimistics, our last encouter wasn’t enough for you? Don’t distract me from my aims of life. You took Shanvi from me, and now I have nothing to loose. Not even my life. Don’t call me” Vansh said.


But who knew, the voice came again and Vansh ran his fingers in his hairs ruffling them.


“I hope to get out of this soon” He said before drifting into a deep slumber.





Vansh saw the same thing as Riddhima did……..*connection?*


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