The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 5


Swara is sitting and sanskar is also sitting near her.

SWA: Sanskar it has been 2 days since u r taking care of me.

SAN: Yes, so?

SWA: Today u have board meeting.

SAN: That, my (before he could complete)

SWA: Don’t say yr manager will take care, r u the CEO or him?

SAN: but if I leave u, u will again do work.

SWA: ha…. K I will not do much work so u r going.

SAN: But….

SWA: U r going that’s it.

SAN: I thought to romance with u ah… (Teasingly).

Swara blushed.

SWA: U can romance with me later first go.

SAN: Oh really?  (Coming closer to her).

Swara nodded.

SAN: But I want something in advance.

SWA: Advance?

Swara now got to know what he was asking. She pulled him a little to her and closed her eyes, while sanskar smiled and both shared a passionate kiss.

SWA: Now u r k na, go.

SAN: k but remember don’t u dare to work more and I will be calling u.

SWA: k k

SAN: Bye

SWA: bye

Sanskar left while swara smiled.

Time was passing by now it was evening, swara was not even allowed to come out of her room. She was now watching t.v no no changing the channels as she was completely bored.

SWA: Ah….it’s truely boring here but if I go down mom and badi ma will not leave me to do anything.

Swara switched off the t.v and stood up from the couch.

SWA: Not anymore I’ll do at least something in kitchen and come.

She went down and saw no one was there.

SWA: Where all went? Uff if they r there then I could not do anything. K first let me make flour for the rotis.

Swara took all the needed flour and started mixing them into a smooth dough. Sujata and AP came inside and saw swara taking the kadai for making curry.

Suj: Swara?

Swara looked up. Sujata immediately came and snatched the kadai from her hands.

Suj: Arrey swara I told u not to work na? Then y u r doing this?

SWA: Mom it’s very boring being in the room.

AP saw the dough.

AP: Swara u did the dough na, that’s enough u go take rest we’ll make the curry.

SWA: Badi ma but….

Suju: No if and but go take rest.

Swara nodded her sadly and started walking out of the kitchen.

Suju: This girl can’t even sit for a second I think.

AP smiled hearing it.

Sanskar calls her and swara picked the call while walking through the corridors.

SAN: What r u doing now?

SWA: Sanskar u have called me 14 times including this one, don’t u have work?

SAN: Ah I do but u r my only work, now tell me what r u doing?

SWA: I went to the kitchen to do something but mom stopped me and now I’m going to our room.(pouts)

SAN: Very good. I told u not to go but u didn’t hear me na so u need it.

SWA: go sanskar u r too bad.

SAN: Swara I’m telling this…..

SWA: For my good, I knew u will say this now better u go concentrate on yr work and I’m fine here.

SAN: k my princess, bye.

SWA: bye.

Swara went to her room.

SWA: Now what will I do? (putting both her hands on her waist). No other way I have to read the same story books again (signs).

She again started reading for sometime.

It’s been 1 hour.

SWA: Ah… This book is boring I’ll read something else.

She got from the bed and went to her cupboard and took a book. Suddenly she felt dizzy. The book fell from her hands. She couldn’t see anything clearly. She stumbled a bit and the glass vase broke.


Sanskar entered the house and hearing the sound from his room, he looked up at his room while others too looked up.

SAN: Swara….

Saying this he started to run to their room. While all others followed him. He looked at swara who was stumbling and sanskar immediately rushed to her while she fainted in his arms. He placed her in the bed and patted her cheeks for her to gain consious but all invain she didn’t. Sanskar became more panick and tensed than before. Soon the doctor arrived.


PRECAP: Suspense 😅

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