The incomplete swasan saga Chapter 24

A month passed and by now swara was in her 10th month. She was taken care by all her family members. They never showed that swara was suffering from brain tumor. This made swara overwhelmed as they understood her more. Sanskar was all the time with swara taking care of all her needs.


Swasan completed their breakfast and now sitting in their room along with raglak and uttarj (uttara and arjun). Today it was sunday so all are present.

Utt: Swara bhabhi whom do u want boy or girl?

Arj: What question is this uttara obviously bhabhi want boy only right bhabhi?

SWA: Yes!

SAN: Arjun seriously how do u take for this girl ah? She always an irritating girl.

Arj: Yes bhai, but what to do? Im married to her na so i cant back off too. (Sad tone)

Utt: Oh really? (Glares at arjun)

Arjun gulps.

Arj: No sweetie its nothing like that.

Utt: Then what was that reply?

Lak: Arrey stop ur cat and dog fight, have it in ur home not here.

All smiled.

Rag: Swara u want anything now?

SWA: No ragini im already full from the heavy morning breakfast. (Making faces)

SAN: So lucky we (looks at swara then raglak) made u chacha and chachi, then what about us?

Lak: We’ll definitely make u both into……

Laksh stops in middle as he realized now only what was the question.

Ragini was all blushing looking down.

Laksh was totally embarrassed.

SAN: Continue lucky u…..

Sanskar smirks at lucky.

Lak: Sanskar i….

SWA: Stop pulling their legs sanskar.

SAN: They did this before na so im taking revenge.

SWA: If don’t stop then ragini will blush more and laksh won’t be able to control himself and then……

Raglak: Swara….

SWA: K chill, chill.

Utt: few more days to go, then we’ll have a small baby in our house na.

Arj: Yes uttu

Rag: We all r waiting for that day only.

Lak: Sanskar when is the next checkup

SAN: Tomorrow.

Rag: That’s great then we’ll get to know the approximate day.

Utt: Yes bhabhi.

Lak: K let swara take rest we’ll go out.

Arj: k bhai.

All left leaving swasan alone. Swara was sitting on the bed while her back resting on the head board.

Sanskar closed the door and sat beside her.

SAN: Swara come sleep.

SWA: No i don’t want to.

SAN: Then what we’ll do?

SWA: Sanskar bring our marriage album na, we’ll see that.


Sanskar took the album from the cupboard and came to her.

Both started looking at the photos and remembering all those blissed moments in their life.

Soon swara slept in his arms and sanskar made her lie properly.


Swasan are in hospital now waiting for the doctor as swara already completed her tests.

Soon the nurse called them in so they went.

Doctor started questioning all the basic questions to her and saw those reports.

Doc: Nothing to worry, the baby is growing well. Maybe in 1 week she may get pain. So please take care of her.

SAN: Sure doctor.

SWA: Excuse me,

Swara excused herself as she wanted to use restroom.

SAN: Doctor swara has brain tumor and u didn’t tell about it.

Doc: That’s y i told the baby is fine and not the mother. Swara will be suffering more for the delivery and there only 10% to save her so let’s see.

SAN: Is there no other way.

Doc: try to keep her out of stress and after her delivery we’ll immediately start the brain tumor operation if it’s k for u.

SAN: Yes doctor, but I want to her to safe at any cost.

Doc: We’ll try our best Mr. Maheshwari.

Sanskar smiled a little and came out while swara to came.

SWA: What were you talking to doctor for this much time?

SAN: Talking about the diet chart.

SWA: My diet charts are great.

SAN: I very well know how much u follow those.

Swara stuck her tounge out and Sanskar smiled.

Soon they went home and informed everyone about the date.

Suj: My grandchild is coming! Im so happy.

Ap: ha sujata. Sanskar don’t leave swara alone as now only u have to be more careful.

SAN: Yes ma.

Both went up to their room and sat on the bed.

SAN: My son is coming very soon.

SWA: yes….. Ah (swara winced suddenly holding her belly)

SAN: What happened?

Swara smiled through that pain and kept his hand on her belly.

Sanskar felt the baby moments and his small kicks.

SAN: Our child….

SWA: Yes!

Swara hugged sanskar in that happiness. While sanskar was so much happy too.


PRECAP: Swara in labour pain.

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  1. hey actually a baby gets fully matured in 9 months only woman only have 9 months of pregnancy

    1. Diya543

      U are right but in some cases it gets deley too. Ive seen many like that. Sorry for this but next time I’ll make it correct and thanks for saying it dear 😊

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