The incomplete swasan saga Chapter 22

It was already morning and swara was still sleeping. Sanskar has already got ready and was sitting beside swara caressing her hairs lovingly and all lost in thoughts about swara.

Sanskar’s pov:

She was going through so much and my heart got pierced the way she was in pain yesterday night all of a sudden (his eyes turned glassy) and I don’t know how many times she faced this situation that too without anyone’s help. no I’ll will not let the pain come near her (wiped his tears) I’ll support her as much as I can. From now on I will leave u alone swara.

His thoughts were broken by swara who was rubbing her eyes like a kid to wake up after a long sleep. She opened her eyes and saw sanskar who was smiling at her. She too smiled.

SAN: Good morning swara.

SWA: Good morning

Swara tried to wake up and sanskar helped her to sit.

That is when she got remembered what all happened yesterday.Being lost in those thoughts she totally forget he was beside her. He very well knew what she was thinking so to bring her out of thoughts he kissed her forehead which made her come to sense.

She looked at him emotionally but still he was smiling.

SWA: Sans…….

Her words went incomplete as he kept his finger on her lips.

SAN: Don’t need to say anything.

he took her his arms and took her neat the restroom.

SAN: I’ve already kept your dress in go and fresh up.

Saying this he dropped her down. Swara went in confused with his behavior yet she went in. Sanskar called his manager and informed him that he won’t be coming to office for 2 months. After 20 mintues swara came out. Sanskar who saw her kept his files on the table and went near her. He took her hands in his and made her sit infront of the dressing table.

She was staring at him through the mirror while he made her wear her accessories. Atlast he took the sindoor box and filled her maang and then he took her mangalsutra and made her wear around her neck. Swara stood up and turned towards him.

SWA: You forgave me?

Sanskar looked at her and cupped her face.

SAN: It’s not about forgiving swara. I…I was just hurt as u didn’t tell but it’s k. Come i’m very hungry and i’m sure our baby will also be hungry.

He turned to go but she hugged him.

SWA: Thank you.

SAN: You forgot no thank you right?

SWA: K baba i’m taking back my thank you.

SAN: But u can say i love you

SWA: I love u so much.

SAN: I know k come let’s go

swasan went down while swara was quite nervous due to yesterday’s incident. Sanskar held her hand tightly showing that she is there.

Both went near the dinning table where all are present. Sujata who saw them.

Suj: Swara sanskar come sit y r u bothing standing?

swasan sat. Ragini and sujata where seving for everyone.

After eating swara was about to get up but sujata stopped her.

Suj: Swara wait have this juice and go.

SWA: Mom i’m full I can’t eat anymore.

Rag: Swara nowadays u r eating very less atleast have this na?

SWA: Ragini u too i’m full.

SAN: Swara drink na!

Swara glared at him and sanskar gave a innocent look.

Swara gave up and drank the juice.

Swara actually thought all would be angry at her but here it was just the opposite.

Suj: Sanskar take swara out but only nearby.

SAN: K mom.

sanskar took swara out and made her to sit the car and after sometime he stopped near a park and both got down and started walking.

SWA: What you did?

SAN: What i did? i didn’t do anything.

SWA: I know everyone should have been angry on me? but how they were behaving normally?

SAN: Hmmm…… i only did. I made them understand and they did but mom was only bit tuff yet i somehow convinced her.

Swara smiled.

SAN: Swara when u get those headaches? i got scared seeing u yesterday like that.

SWA: It’s nothing sanskar it’s normal only. When i get headaches when i get more stressed. leave that.

After sometime swara saw sanskar’s facw which was little sad so to change his mood.

SWA: Sanskar what baby u want? boy or girl?

SAN: Anything swara I don’t care whether it will be a boy or girl.

SWA: Usually boys like girl baby na?

SAN: Yes that’S true but u wanted a boy na, so this time let it be boy Aand why u won’t give me a girl baby next time.

SWA: Yeah yeah i’ll give but…….

She realised what she said and blushed.

SAN: And i’m waiting for the next.

Swara blushed even more.

Swara saw a mango vendor so she dragged him there and brought mangoes with chilly powder and salt on it.

SAN: Mom already brought mangoes for u but still u want to eat this here?

SWA: Any problem?

SAN: No no y will i ?

Swara didn’t reply and was busy eating while while sanskar was admiring his cute wife.

They spent time like this and went home. All were behaving normally with swara. She felt herself blessed to get a family like this.

Soon she slept and sanskar was having her in his embrace.

SAN: I promise to keep u happy.

He kissed her forehead while swara smiled in her sleep feeling while sanskar too smiles and hugs her tightly.


PRECAP: Swara’s moodswings.

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