The incomplete swasan saga Chapter 21

Her eyes turned glassy in no seconds. She immediately went inside. Sanskar kept the file aside and he immediately pinned her towards the wall. Swara winced in pain as his grip was tighter, his eyes were in blood red indicating his anger and pain.

SWA: San…..sanskar….i (she stammered in fear)

SAN: Was that report true?

Swara closed her eyes tightly.

SAN: Say swara

He shouted and jurked her arms. She nodded in yes without looking at him.

He was shocked. His grip lossened leaving his hand marks on her arms but swara was giving no head it.

SAN: Y? Swara y? Y u were hiding this swara?

His voice was totally broken with pain. Swara was also in the same condition.

SWA: Try to understand sanskar i…..

He showed his hand to stop.

SAN: What is left swara? R u hiding anything else?

His eyes turned glassy.

SWA: Sanskar try to understand i… I tried to say this many time but…..

SAN: But what swara? Am i that bad that u r hiding such a big thing, that u have brain tumor?

Swara was crying silently and nodded her head in no.

Suddenly they heard a glass breaking sound. Swasan looked at the the door.

SWA: Ma……

It was ap who has dropped the glass of juice she brought for swara. Ap’s eyes were teary too.

Swara looked at sanskar but he looked away. She went to ap and made her come in.

Ap: Swara……

SWA: Ma please atleast u understand i don’t want hid this please.

Sanskar closed his tightly and left. Swara looked at him but he was already left. Now ap also left. Swara was left behind now, she started crying badly.

Sanskar came down and saw sakshi entering in.

Sak: Hi jiju.

SAN: Even u didn’t say about swara na?

Sakshi was shocked

Sak: Jiji I….I..

Sanskar left. Sakshi went inside Swasan’s room and saw swara crying badly.

Sak: Swara.

Swara immediately got up and hugged sakshi crying. Sakshi had tears in her eyes too.

Sak: Swara u would have made jiju understand na?

SWA: He didn’t even listen to me sakshu what will I do?

Sakshi wipes her tears.

Sak: This is the time u have to be bold swara, u shouldn’t become weak, at least think about the baby in u. U have to be strong at least for that. When jiju comes try to speak with him.

Swara just hummed.

After sometime sakshi left. Swara lied on the couch while tears were flowing uncontrollably from her eyes.

Ragini came to swara’s room.

Rag: Swara.

Swara didn’t look at her and was lost in her world.

Rag: Y didn’t u say this to anyone?

Swara got up and wiped her tears.

SWA: Ragini I want to be alone.

Rag: But………

SWA: Please.

Ragini left from there sadly. She closed her eyes tightly and all she would remember was the morning incident.

Suddenly she felt someone caressing her hairs. She opened her eyes

SWA: Dida…

Swara hugged her tightly. Dida broke the hug and cupped her face.

Dida: U already knew this would happen so don’t worry we’ll convince everyone.

Swara lied on her dida’s lap while dida was caressing her hairs.

After few hours….

Dida: Swara eat something.

He forwarded her hand which had a morsel of food.

SWA: No dida I’m not hungry.

Dida: Swara at least for the baby u eat na!

Dida was correct just because of me I can’t let my baby to in hunger she thought and are a little.

Dida went down and convinced everyone saying about swara’s condition. While all accepted it too. (I don’t want to drag the family drama so….)

It’s been night 8:00 sanskar has not yet returned. Dida made swara eat and swara sent dida home and dida went unwillingly.

It’s 9:30 now swara was just starting at their wedding photo frame.

The door cracked as it was getting opened. She looked up and saw sanskar who’s face and eyes were all red, his hairs were messy, to say in short he was totally devastated.

Swara’s heart felt many stabs in heart as she saw him like this that too because of her. She got up and went to him but he totally ignored her yet caught his wrist.

SWA: Please listen to me….. Please (teary eyes)

Sanskar closed his eyes tightly.

SWA: I…. I had no intentions to hide this thing sanskar. The day I came to know uttara’s wedding functions were going on so I thought….. I thought I would tell u after that. Then I tried many times alas I couldn’t make it up, next ragini’s baby got aborted, then I got kidnapped. Now tell me what should I have done? I’m not justifying myself I was wrong too. Yet I can’t spoil ur happiness sanskar I… I can’t. Every time I gave me ur love, ur support but me? I gave u only pain na! This time I wanted to do this for you. I want u to be happy and I can do anything for that.

SAN: But u would have told me na, swara?

Swara smiled sadly.

SWA: What would have happened if I have said? Doctor told me to (closed her eyes tightly) ab…. abort the child.(sanskar was shocked) and I’m sure u would have done that right? No sanskar I…. I can’t. U would have faked smile in front of me and u would have cried when I’m not there. (she held his arms) This our baby sanskar how would i do that?. U dreamt so much for the baby how can I collapse it? I can’t be heartless like that. I no u can’t forgive me but please I…I’m sorry. If u think I’m wrong even now then…….

Swara left him, switched off the light and lied on the side of the bed.

Sanskar was too shocked, he never expected this. He looked at swara who has already lied on the bed. Sanskar went to the bed lied beside her. His mind was fully running about swara’s words only.

Sanskar’s POV:

Swara was right if doctor would have told me to…… abort the baby I would have done. I would have been like what swara told but today she’s only suffering. When I can’t see even one drop of tear from her eyes then how can I see her suffer. She is going through so much but only I didn’t know. I can’t see her this way either, I can’t leave her alone.

His thoughts were broken by swara who twisting and turning her body. Sanskar looked at her and before he would call her.

SWA: Ah………

She winced in pain holding her head and tried to get up, sanskar helped her.

SAN: Swara what happened?

Swara’s eyes were closed tightly.

SWA: My…….my bag.

She managed to say and pointed the cupboard. Sanskar immediately took her bag out and switched on the lamp light.

Her hands were trembling yet she took out the tablet and sanskar gave her some water. She gulped the tablet and closed her eyes once again while tears were making way from her eyes due to pain. She kept her head on the head board while sanskar took her in his arms. His eyes turned glassy seeing her in pain.

After few minutes she was alright. She got up from his arms.

SAN: Swara u r alright now?

Swara just hummed and again lied on the bed showing her back to him. Sanskar was just observing her. He took a deep breath to control his tears and lied beside her still looking at her. After confirming that she slept he took her in his arms.

SAN: I promise to be with you swara. I will and always be there for you.

He kissed her forehead and hugged her tightly without hurting her belly.


PRECAP: Probably I have no idea 😅

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