The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 15

SWA: Who is that sanskar?

She asked holding both his arms. Sanskar closed his eyes tightly and started to answer.

SAN: Sahil

Swara was shocked, her eyes widened with tears brimming up, the hands which held sanskar’s hand tightly got loosen. She stumbled a bit but sanskar caught her.

SWA: That…that means was is it…h…his plan for me to loose….our….

Sanskar nodded. Swara stumbled a bit but sanskar caught her.

SAN: Swara (concerned)

SWA: Sanskar I…..I (holds his arms) don’t know that he….he

Sanskar’s eyes turned glassy seeing swara in this state. He pulled her into his embrace while swara hid her face in his chest as crying & sobbing. After sometime sanskar broke the hug and wiped her tears.

After 2 days,

Ragini was discharged and all their faces were sad. Ragini climbed the stairs but stopped in the middle. Flashes came in her mind like how she fell down from the stairs. She closed her eyes while tears making there way, she closed her ears with her hands and shouted “Noooooooooo” laksh tightened his grip on her showing that he is there. Ragini looked at laksh.

Rag: Laksh…..laksh I…I can’t stay here please take me to badi…. please… please.

Lak: K ragini…I’ll take u there.

His eyes were moist yet red.

AP: Laksh take her to badi (with heavy heart)

Laksh just nodded and took her out. Swara was also getting flashes of how ragini fell and was standing like a statue. Sanskar knew very well what was swara thinking so he tightened the grip of his on hers which was already entangled. Swara looked at their fingers and him.

Suj: Sanskar take swara in she needs rest.

Sanskar took swara to their room.


Both entered

SWA: Sanskar I’ll fresh up and come.

She said and sanskar nodded. Swara took her her dress and left to the washroom. Sanskar sat on the bed all lost in thoughts.

Soon after fresh up swara came out of the washroom rubbing her wet hairs yet lost in thoughts. Sanskar made her sit and took the towel from her and started rubbing her hairs. Swara was shocked that all happened in a fraction of seconds that she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t save her unborn newphew. She blamed, cursed and taunt herself inside because she thought just because of her, sahil came in and now created such a mess. She was guilty for making sahil not only her enemy but also her family’s, guilty just because of her ragini’s child is no more, just because of her ragini is suffering. She started to blame herself thinking all this her eyes filled with tears. Sanskar who finished wiping her hairs lifted her face up and was shocked to see swara’s eyes filled with tears.

SAN: (in shock) Swara, what have u…….

Before he could complete she hugged him tightly.

SWA: (in between her sobs) Just because of me….. ragini…lost her……child….San… Sanskar, only…. because of me.

Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face.

SAN: Stop blaming urself Shona, u have done nothing in this so (rubs her tears) don’t cry.

Swara once again hugged him.


Swasan went to badi and spent some time with ragini and swara came to dida’s house. Sanskar was with laksh.

Dida: Shona u r fine na?

Swara just hummed and hugged her dida.

Dida: U go to our room, I’ll bring something for you.

Swara nodded and went inside. She placed her handbag in the table and took out her reports and opened it. She caressed it with tears brimmed her eyes.

SWA: See, every time when I wanted to tell u, I couldn’t nor to say my destiny is playing with me in such a way that I couldn’t say u my truth……that I’m suffering from brain tumor.

She heard a glass tray breaking sound. Swara looked at the sound where it got produced. Her eyes widened and the report fell off from her hands, she was in horror. It was Dadi with tears brimmed in her eyes.

SWA: Dadi (in shock)

Swara immediately pulled dida in and closed the door. Dida caught swara’s arms.

Dida: Swara were u telling the truth?

SWA: Dadi….I…woh (she stammered)

Dida: I asked u something swara (in anger)

Swara was afraid, yes swara was afraid of her dida for the first time in her life yet she answered.

SWA: Y…yes

Dida slapped swara and she hissed in pain catching her cheek.

Dida: Do u know what have you done? (Holds her arms tightly) do u know what r u doing to ur self?

Swara felt extremely bad seeing her dida crying like this.

SWA: Dida (takes her hand and placed it on her head) u have my swear that u don’t say this to anyone.

Dida: But y? (Dida’s eyes softened and made swara to sit)

SWA: Trust me dida I tried so much to say this to everyone dida but something or the other came in that I couldn’t say dida but trust me dida I have no intention to hide this….trust me dida

Swara started sobbing badly while dida was having tears seeing her Shona totally broken.

SWA: Dida will u help me?

Dida: I’m always there.

Swara hugged dida.

SWA: Thanks dida

There was a knock on the door.

SAN: Swara, dida

Dida: Shona u go wash ur face and come.

Swara went inside the washroom and sanskar came in.

Dida: Swara has gone to the washroom.

SAN: Oh….

He signed in relief.

After sometime swasan left to their mansion.


PRECAP: Sahil’s entry, a month leap, Holi time

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