The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 13

Days started going by and now swara is in her 5 month. Uttara’s marriage was fixed after a month as they didn’t get any auspicious day the before month so without no choice they chose this month. Swara used to get mild headaches yet she controlled everything somehow. Today was the mehandi function as haldi function already got over yesterday. Many women were present at the hall and our beautiful ladies swaragini was also present having nice talks with the guests while ap and sujata simultaneously attends the guest as well as taking care of their pregnant bahus. Uttara was all blushing as her friends were all teasing her while the mehandi designer women was smiling hearing their talks yet was drawing pretty mehandi designs on her hands after all she is the bride. Sujata came to swaragini who was also busy teasing their sister in law.

Suj: Swara, ragini drink this.

She forwarded 2 glasses for them which had orange juice. Both frowned seeing it.

Rag: Chachi just now we ate sweets but again u r giving this. (Making faces)

Suj: Chup karo u both should drink as well as eat after all u both r not alone but bearing a life inside u so u better don’t show ur tauntrums and drink.

Both very well knew they can’t win over their chachi/mom so both took the glass and started drinking the juice. After drinking they hand overed it to sujata.

Suj: Arrey beta (to the mehandi designer women) put mehandi for them too.

Designer: ji aunty.

2 girls came to swaragini.

Suj: Start putting beta.

SWA: What mom ?

Suj: Mehandi

SWA: Mom but…….

Suj: u both r not going to do anything so u can atleast put mehandi na? U start beta.

The girls started drawing mehandi designs on both of their hands. After the girls finished and they left to put for other while swaragini continued their teasing session. After sometime ap called sanlak and asked them to take their wifes to their room. As said sanlak took their respective wifes.


Swara was walking in the corridors along with sanskar while swara was waving her hands to make her mehandi dry off. Sanskar was looking all her antics which he found it cute. He stopped in middle while swara took few steps but not finding sanskar she stopped and looked at him while raising her one eyebrow mentioning “What happened?” through her action. He nodded no and came forward and stood before her while swara looked at him confused. In no seconds swara was lifted up by sanskar and he started walking.

SWA: Sanskar what r u doing? Leave me down what if someone sees us?

SAN: I don’t care after all im not that mean to make pregnant wife walk this much that too with her pretty mehandi on her hands.

Swara smiled.

SWA: Idiot

SAN: Only for you.

They reached their room. He made her sit on the bed and sat behind her so that he can hug her from the back. He placed his hands on her belly while she fully lied behind him. He placed his head on her shoulder.

SAN: Show me ur mehandi.

Swara lifted her hands little up so that he can see.

SAN: its pretty.

SWA: I know

SAN: But not more than you.

Those words were enough to make a red shade on her cheeks.

SWA: Sanskaaaaaar (blushes)

SAN: Swara

SWA: Hmm?

SAN: Do u remember swara we never had a proper mehandi function na?

SWA: Hmmm, we should had but…….

Seeing swara’s eyes getting moist and he got to know she’s remembering their past.

SAN: Leave it swara by the way it looks nice and did u eat?

Swara nodded her head in no cutely.

SAN: Swara what is this ah? U didn’t eat anything? (Shocked)

SWA: Nooo sanskar mom gave me something or the other to eat so only.

SAN: K ill bring something and come.

He stood up. She too stood up making him confused.

SWA: Ill wash my hands and come.

She turned to leave but held her arm.

SAN: Swara its alright u better come sit down, y im here ill feed u.

SWA: But……

SAN: Shuuuu not a word. Ill take and come u better sit k?

Swara nodded while ap came in with a food tray and placed it on the table.

Ap: Swara u eat it and sanskar u better come and eat afterwards.

SAN: Ji ma.

Ap left. He turned towards swara who just sat on the bed carefully holding her growing baby bump.

SAN: See ma itself came.

He took the food tray and sat beside her. He took the morsel to feed her. She itself didn’t know when her eyes turned glassy yet starting at him. He was quite surprised to see her glassy eyes all of a sudden. Yet he forced a smile and lifted both his eyebrows noting her to eat. She opened his mouth a little while he fed her. Without much concern she hugged him tightly making him to jurk a little. She hid her face in his chest. He didn’t know what was happening to her. He placed the tray on the table and hugged her with one hand, he rubbed her back.

SAN: Swara what happened? Please don’t cry.

She tightened her grip on his collar as her mehandi has dried. After 10 minutes her sobs started to fade. Her each tear was stabbing his heart. Now she has totally stopped her crying but has not gone from his embrace either. Seeing her soothed, he pulled her out of the hug. He was shocked to see her face all red. His heart felt like bursting seeing her in such a condition.

SAN: What happened?

He asked her softly. Her eyes turned moist but she controlled.

SAN: Are u again feeling headache?

She nodded no.

SAN: Then what happened?

SWA: I…I don’t know suddenly I felt like. (Sniffs)

SAN: Hmmm but u cried so much (swara hung her head down) in one second I thought our baby will also become a crying baby just like u did.

Hearing this swara looked up with eyes widened.

SWA: Idiot, stupid, non sense (hits him) what u said baby will also like me, crying baby ah? (Still hitting him as her mehandi is dried).

SAN: Swara (holds both her hands) never cry like this because yr each tear will stab my heart k?

Swara nodded and hugged him.

SWA: Sorry

SAN: No worries.

Broke the hug and took the food plate.

SAN: Now will u eat?

Swara smiled and sanskar started feeding her. Soon he too ate and both slept but the truth is she didn’t sleep. She opened her eyes to see him sleeping peacefully hugging her. She smiled.


Once again a lie (her eyes turned moist) I don’t know sanskar but sometimes ur care makes me feel guilty. I know, hiding this thing is hard but u make it harder. I can’t afford to see ur eyes with pain, the pain which will hide from me but I assure you after uttara’s marriage I will definitely tell u everything. I know it’s going to be hard but in that way I can’t lose our baby either. (Places her hand on her belly but still looking at him). I can’t see u collapsing each and every little dream u have for he/she. I don’t care about myself, all I care is that our baby should be with us even if I die it should be with u and I know u’ll give everything to our baby. (POV ends)

She took a deep breath and slowly slowly her eyes started getting heavy and soon she slept.

A Weak later:

The whole maheshwari mansion is fully decorated  with colourful curtains, flowers and lightning y not? Afterall it’s maheshwari’s only daughter’s marriage. In the middle of the hall a beautiful stage is created where yagh kundh was ready with all the sufficient  things on the plates. Panditji is also present. Guest were appearing one by one while sanlak, ramta, AP, dp and ragini were welcoming them. Swara and uttara’s friends were helping uttara to getting ready. Arjun arrived with his family. Sujata took the aarthi and Arjun sat on the stage while pandit started chanting the mantras. Soon the bride was asked to come. Swara and others brought uttara and made her sit beside Arjun. All the Maheshwari’s eyes were shining in happiness seeing their daughter/sister in so much happy. Arjun looked at her while uttara blushed all looking down.

Arj: Looking like a goddess.

Uttara blushed even more on hearing his comments. Soon the rituals started and they exchanged garlands, took 7 vows, he filled her maang and tied the mangalsutra making her as his from now on. Panditji declared them as husband and wife. They took blessings and after few rituals it was time for her bidai. Uttara hugged both her mothers who took care of her till date, then fathers who guided her in whatever she did and she looked at her Bhaiya’s who were with their wifes. Even though sanlak irritates her they can’t see a single tear from her eyes and from now on she’s going miss all those teases. She went near Raglak and hugged both of them while laksh has no words to say and if he could he will definitely end up crying so kept on smiling. Uttara went to swasan. They smiled at uttara. Sanskar extended his hands to take her for the hug while uttara quickly hugged him. She was crying, of course she will miss her Bhaiya soooooo much. Sanskar hugged her closing his eyes tightly and all he remembered was one thing, his sister will not be with him from now on and that thought hurted him yet he was happy that she got a wonderful husband.

Utt: Thanks Bhaiya and bhabhi.

This was mere wisper she made and sanskar broke the hug. Swara hugged uttara.

SAN: Now u started saying thanks to your sanskar Bhaiya ah?

Uttara smiled with tears.

SWA: Stop crying (wispers to uttara which is audible only to swasan and uttara) then how will u celebrate yr first night?

Swara winks while uttara blushed but again got sad.

UTT: I’ll miss u all.

Swasan smiled even though they were fighting with tears. Both wiped her tears. Their bond was admired by all.

Uttara smiled a little. Sanskar went near Arjun.

SAN: Arjun I know u but now I’m giving my precious girl to u (looks at uttara) take care man.

Arj: Sure Bhai I will.

Both shared a hug. After few minutes uttara left the Maheshwari mansion to her house. She sat on the car while all had tears yet they smiled and waved a bye and uttara too did so. She left seeking for a new beginning of her life.

All came in while the guests has already left. All went to their rooms.


Swara came out after changing her dress while sanskar was looking at sky through the window all lost in thoughts. His hands is tied under his chest. She walked near him and kept her hands on his shoulder. He just turned his head to her but not fully. Swara knowing his emotions called him softly.

SWA: Sanskar

She said and turned him towards her and was shocked to see both his eyes welled up with tears. In no seconds sanskar hugged her. After few minutes he himself got up and wiped his tears and made swara to sit on the bed and he sat down on the floor beside her and placed his head on her lap. She smiled and caressed his hairs.

SAN: I didn’t realize the time that has gone so fast that my little sister is now a wife of someone.

SWA: Sanskar it will happen in ever girls life. Every girl should leave her birth house and live with her husband and uttara is no different to that.

SAN: I understand but…’s hard swara I can’t see her whenever I want, I can’t tease her and see the funny faces she makes. Ill really miss her.

Swara made him sit and cupped his face.

SWA: U want to see our sister happy na? (Sanskar noddes in yes) then u have to do this. If u yourself break down then think about mom, she is her mother too. Uttara will hate to see her brother crying, so smile.

He smiled while swara wiped his tears through thumb and kissed his forehead. He hugged her through her waist and placed his head on her belly but not keeping all his weight of his head. Swara caressed his hairs. After sometime both slept.


PRECAP: Swara trying to say the truth to sanskar and something happening at ragini’s godh bharai.

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