The incomplete swasan saga-Chapter 10

Three days has passed by. She was having a little headache which she didn’t mind. She slept in sanskar’s arms.


As the sun started raising sanskar woke up due to that. He looked at swara who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. After starting her lovingly for few minutes. He started to take her hands from him to get released but she caught his shirt tighter like a small kid. He smiled seeing that. He caressed her hairs lovingly.

SAN: Swara leave me i should to go.

Swara opened her eyes a little.

SWA: No sanskar just 5 minutes please.

She said in a sleepy tone and again nuzzeled in his chest. While sanskar had no other choice. After sometime swara herself opened her eyes and looked at him who was busy with his mobile.

SWA: Sanskar.

SAN: U got up princess good morning.

SWA: Ha such a bad morning.

She said and got up while sanskar to got up.

SAN: What happened?

SWA: U really don’t know?

SAN: Oh what to do princess i didn’t go to office for 2 days so i was checking mails.

SWA: And u forgot ur wife (pouts) im going.

She got up from the bed and started leaving but sanskar caught her and hugged her from behind.

SAN: What to do u was sleeping and i didn’t get my sleep too. Sorry.

SWA: Hmmmmm k.

Sanskar made her turn and hugged her. After sometime they broke the hug.

SWA: Y all of a sudden?

SAN: Dont know i felt like.

SWA: K im getting ready.

Swara went to get ready and again sanskar again went to check his mails once again. After both getting ready they went down. All the mens went to office as they didn’t go to office for quite a long time. Swara and ragini was sitting on couch chatting while sujata and ap were taking care of all the arrangements after it is uttara’s sangeet tomorrow. Ragini went up as ap asked to take rest and she even said swara but swara insisted that is feeling bored doing nothing in the room, So ap asked swara to tie jasmine flowers. Swara happily started doing that work and she finished it too. Sujata was speaking with ramu kaka and this caught her attention.

Suj: U go buy all this and come ill will too come.

Kaka: ji madam.

SWA: Mom u dont go u already have back pain na, so ill go.

Suj: Arrey chori no no its not good for u now u better stay ill go and come.

Ap: What happened sujata?

Suj: U itself say jiji swara wants to go to the market to buy these things that too at this condition.

SWA: badi ma its boring here and moreover mom has back pain how will she able to walk nicely? Please badi ma don’t say no please.

After a long discussion ap agreed while sujata agreed unwillingly. Ap instructed ramu kaka to take swara carefully and swara went to the bazzar happily.

After 2 hours of shopping.

SWA: I got everything except jasmine flowers.

She entered into the flower market and ordered half kg’s of jasmine flower for tomorrow. After placing the order she looked behind.

Girl: Swara.

SWA: Sakshi.

Both shared a hug.

Sak: What r u doing here?

SWA: Tomorrow is my sister in law’s sangeet so buying things for that.

Sak: Oh… That’s nice. Swara come with me to the hospital na please u remember u have promised me when i have my own hospital u will visit na so come.

SWA: But…….k wait (to kaka) Ramu kaka u go home ill tell mom.

Kaka: ji beta.

Ramu kaka left. Swara and sakshi came to the hospital. Swara informed sujata while sujata spoke with sakshi and asked her to take care of swara. After speaking they disconnected the call, Swara suddenly felt blurred but sakshi noticed her and made her sit. While swara held her head in pain

Sak: Swara u r in which month?

SWA: 4th month sakshi. Ah……this headache uff i dont know what to do with this.

Sak: U r having headache all of a sudden.

SWA: I don’t know sakshi im having slight headache for the past 3 days anyways leave that if i take rest it will go.

Sak: hmm.

She hummed but as a doctor she didn’t feel it good. Both were speaking about each other’s life when sakshi suddenly yelled.

Sak: Swara y r u bleeding? (Yelled)

Swara looked at her confused. She touched her lips and looked at her hands which had blood. Her eyes widened and in no minute swara felt like her head spinning and she fainted.
After sometime swara opened her eyes. She looked at herself on the bed with drips wire connected to her on her left hand. She tried to sit while sakshi too helped. This is when swara remembered how she fainted. A sudden fear came in her heart which she didn’t know y.

SWA: Sakshi y i fainted? is everything k? Is my baby fine?

She asked sakshi while sakshi was all quite.

Sak: Even i have no idea swara but wait we took few tests and the reports r with my head doctor. U wait her ill come and don’t worry everything will be alright.

Swara nodded with a little smile but yet she was confused and fear engulfed her heart all of a sudden. After 10 minutes sakshi came inside. She didn’t utter a word. She took off her drips wire and took her to the head doctor. Swara was damn scared.
Sakshi made swara to sit.

Doc: So Mrs. Maheshwari how r u feeling now?

SWA: Im fine doctor.

Doctor just hummed and looked at the reports once again and looked at swara.

SWA: Look Mrs. Maheshwari u have to make yourself strong.

Doctor hesitation was making swara to get even more scared.

Doc: Im sorry Mrs. Maheshwari u r suffering from brain tumor.

This was it swara stood up in shock while tears made their way. She still couldn’t believe. Seeing her friend in such a state sakshi held her as she stumbled in her place. Her eyes turned glassy seeing swara in such a state. Doctor further told many things (which will be reveled later). Swara immediately took fast steps and came out of the hospital and reached a place where no one is much seen. She sat down with a thund. The doctor’s words were ringing in swara’s ears continuously while she was totally freezed but not her tears. She cried and cried for hours which made her eyes blood red but still she didn’t find peace. Suddenly her phone rang but it was ringing for a long time but she only realised it now. She took the mobile and it was written SUJATA MA on the display. She smiled sadly and wiped her tears and attended the call.

Suj: Arrey chori how many times to call u ha? K leave it come home soon its already 6.

SWA: K mom.

This when she realised that it was 6 in the evening. She looked at surroundings where the sky was getting dark and the sun has already set. She smiled sadly and thought ” This is how my life is now”. Looking at the sky which is getting darker and darker. She stood and took a taxi to reach home. Her face was all pale and tired. She was controlling herself not to cry infront of anyone. She paid the taxi and went inside. Sujata who saw swara came to her.

Suj: look how tired u have become. Come take rest.

She said and took swara to her room. Seeing her care swara felt like crying yet she was controlling. Sujata made her sit while uttara came with a glass of juice. Sujata made her drink while swara drank without protesting.

Suj: Very good swara here after dont protest and be like this k?

Swara just nodded. Sujata was about to go but swara hugged her making her suprised. Swara’s eyes was filled with tears but she wiped it off and sujata broke the hug.

Sujata left asking her to take rest while swara closed the door she took unstable steps as her legs failed to walk anymore but she dragged herself and sat down on the floor near her bed and started crying heavily.


PRECAP: Swara’s POV, uttara’s sangeet.

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