THE HEIRS- Ishqbaaz Ff -Chapter 2

The episode starts showing Rudy and soumya running.. Just then dadi enters there..

Dadi : What’s going on here???

Soumya : Rudy’s result..

Dadi : I hope you didn’t fail this time

All laughs rudy gives an innocent face

Soumya : No but this time he passed..

Om : Soumya don’t forget to put his result in your college’s whatsapp group..

Soumya : Don’t worry bade baal wale bhaiyya.. i won’t forget about that..

Rudy : Wah.. om are you guys my brothers or her..

Shivay : Of course hers..


Tej : Shivaay … can i have a word with you..

Shivaay : Yes. Bade papa..

Shivaay and Tej moves to the pool side

Tej : Shivaay.. i know you are doing well on business.. And i am quite happy about all of it..

Shivaay : I know what are you saying badepapa i promise that i will get this project at any cause.

Tej : I know you can.. but shivaay..


Pinky : Shivaay .. don’t you understand.. here the talk is about the next Heir

Tej : You are right pinky . Its always was and will be about the Heir. Just because your son is well in business we can’t make him the next Heir..


Shivaay : Can’t we discuss it at any other time..

Dadi : Don’t stop them Billu. Let them release their anger for eachother… I have told you all earlier that we won’t have any discussion about this them Why.. ( she mutes for a minute) Shivaay its time for you to leave everyone is waiting for you ..

Dadi , shivaay goes and following them Pinky and tej also..

Om : Shivaay here is your back …

Shivaay : Thans om..

Rudra : You don’t worry about om.. i will take care of him..

Shivaay : (in om’s ear)That is what i am worried about that

They both smiles..

Rudy : What!!!

shivom : Nothing..

Prinku and soumya comes running.. They both shake’s handswith Shivaay..

Soumya&Prinku : All the best bhai..

Prinku gives a chit to shivaay..

Shivaay : What is this prinku??

Prinku : Its a list… And you should get us all the things..

Shivaay hugs prinku…

Shivaay : Where is badi mom..

soumya : Actually Jhanvi aunty is having and she is in her room..

Shakti : Shivaay .. you should leave now..

Shivaay with his omru , Prinku and soumya walks to the chooper

He enters into it and waves bye to his siblings and they takeoff..


  1. Jasminerahul

    rumya scene was nice.rudra passed.sad that tej openly said that he doesn’t want shivay to be the best heir. wonder where Shivay is leaving.perfect pics

  2. Niriha


  3. It is nice one

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing…Will be waiting for the next..

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