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“I did not” “you did” “No I did not” “Oh yes you did” “How can I ever say your smile is beautiful or how good your biceps are that just does not make any sense” I said drinking my green tea swinging on the swing while Kunj sat on the balcony floor taking the support of the swing “Well you did” he says with a smirk “Oh do you have a proof ?“ I ask him smugly and he gets up. I am sure he is bluffing but when he takes out his phone my smile vanishes. I hate this guy…. I hate this guy  period .How could he… but he might be bluffing “Oh no I am not bluffing I can show you the video if you want to” He says shoving the phone on my face. Gulping I take the phone and press the play button. OH MY GOD “Thats not me you photoshopped it after all you are a computer something“ I say crossing my hands on my chest trying to avoid eye contact “First of all I am not a computer something I am an Mechanical engineer who has done a course in coding and programming” He said “and second of all that is not photoshopped” he continued folding his hands for emphasis damm the those muscles …. Twinkle control I could feel the heat creeping on my face and that made me more embarrassed “Well I was not in my sense clearly otherwise I swear I won’t have said anything like that” I say getting up trying to cover my face with my hair. “well whatever helps you sleep at night” he said chuckling that idiot.

******************** A FEW DAYS LATER ***********************

“Twinkle we need to make food we can’t order.The delivery services are running  low and I am not in a mood to dress and leave” Kunj said opening the fridge apparently trying to make something for lunch “Kunj we can have some Maggi” I suggest for the billionth time “Twinkle  we have been having that for dinner for the past 3 days I can’t eat it today” Kunj said. “Then make something” I say getting up from the sofa I hate my day off I wish I never get a day off its so much fun working in the hospital who needs a day off and why did Kamla Maushi have to be on a leave  “Ouch ouch ouch” apparently I was so busying my mental ranting that I banged my pinky with the leg of the dinning table “Twinkle are you seriously blind or what how can you injure yourself twice in a day already…. its not even 12 pm yet” Kunj says pulling out a chair for me how sweet maybe not that is when he sits on it “How inconsiderate are you … you should have pulled out a chair for the injured” I say pointing to myself in the injured part “Well Your hands are fine and that is what you need to pull out a chair” He says grinning like he has won the best logic trophy. “Well anyways what’s wrong in eating Maggi its yummy and available” I say pulling out a chair for myself “Twinkle its not healthy out of all the people you should know this you are a doctor” He says taunting me “Excuse where is it written that a doctor is supposed to eat healthy and that’s beside the point Maggi does not count as unhealthy food option infact its not even a food option its an emotion” I say “‘An emotion’ its an emotion please elaborate” Kunj says mocking me. “Well hunger is a kind of emotion and Maggi is the key to it” I say proving my point.”That does not even make sense Twinkle” Kunj said rubbing his forehead with his thumb and index finger damm even his fingers make a perfect angle …. Twinkle control “Kunj lets just order something then or maybe not  “I tried suggesting but the deadly look he shot me made me retract my statement “Lets just cook something we have some tomatoes some paneer some onions some peas we could make matar paneer ” Kunj said looking satisfied about his idea “umm…. why not make a sandwich ? It’s easier and it would be done faster ” I asked giving a reason to support my statement .”No I am craving mattar paneer so we shall make it” he said pulling me up along with him.”Excuse me it you who is craving a pizza so you should be the one to make it I will taste it for sure but I am happy with my maggi ” I said trying to pull out my wrist from his hand which I terribly failed at doing so “Twinkle don’t be a spoilt sport get up and follow me” Kunj ordered and pulled me along with him to the kitchen “Where is the cooker ?” Kunj asks me and I am actually clueless “I have …..” “Got it” Kunj says even before I could complete my statement. “So I am chopping the onions you can put turn on the cooker and continue” Kunj plans the strategy while I watch him with wide eyes and a shock look “Come on buckle up twinkle we don’t have the entire day” Kunj say pushing me towards the stove and shoving the cooker in my hand “I can chop the vegetables” I offer “Okay”Kunj replies placing the knife in my hand and taking the cooker “Okay Twinkle relax its nothing if you can cut open people you can surely cut vegetables right it won’t be that difficult right”

**************** A Few moments later *****************************

Well I was wrong its easier to cut open a human rather than an onion “Ouch Kunj disinfect it properly I don’t want to get septicaemia” I scold him while he looks terrified “Septicaemia …. do I have to call the ambulance do I have to take you the hospital?” He looks confused Aww so cute …. focus Twinkle focus “No Kunj just bandage the wound fast” I say and he pouts cutely before continuing Twinkle are you serious you called him cute I am going crazy what if I am in a hypovolemic shock what if I am dying No I am just going crazy “So Twinkle should we continue cooking” Kunj says cooking at me as if I am an alien. I think he saw me talking to myself “I am injured so I am out” .“Oh yeah well you can sit and I will cook just please try not to spill any more blood okay” He says giving his charming smile. I am actually crazy there is nothing charming about his smile.

“The food is ready milady”I hear Kunj say and I put my book down. “Yummm” I morned out and Kunj looked at me amused.”Its really yummy Kunj you should cook more often” I tell him and continue eating like the starving wild animal I am. “Well that’s the first time you have complimented me I feel honoured” He said taking a bite like a human. “Well maybe even you should cook a day it would be fun we could take turns you know …” Kunj suggested while I chocked on my food coughing out hysterically “Twinkle are you okay?” Kunj asked rubbing my back with concern in his voice “Yeah yeah I am fine the food just entered my trachea” I said shrugging it off and taking a sip of my water. “Okay” Kunj eyed me a bit skeptically before getting back to his seat. “So what else can you cook or is mattar paneer the only food you know how to cook ?” asked Kunj trying to divert the topic from me “Well you would be surprised that I can cook a lot of dishes – the basic dal-chaval, bhindi , Rajma, Rita, cholle-puri, Aloo-puri; pasta; pizza ; gajar ka halwa…….”Kunj went on listing all the yummy dishes down. A hot man who can cook what else does a girl need I thought to myself Twinkle control your thoughts “ Well yeah that’s just about it” Kunj completed his list which I had zoomed out in between. “So what can you cook ?” He asked. I contemplated whether I should lie or not when I decided to not “I can’t cook” I finally dropped the bomb.

************************ A few hours later ************************ 

Twinkle could you make me some dal-chaval I am craving those……..oh sorry I forgot you can’t cook” he said with glint of mischief. I hate this man from the very bottom of my heart. “Kunj its not funny anymore get over it I don’t know how to cook I just don’t get it what’s the big deal about it?” I asked him frantically. He just smiled he had the audacity to smile at me flicking my nose slightly he said “You are cute Twinkle even if you don’t know how to cook” and he left like a breeze. “What do you mean by cute I am not cute come back Mr. I am not done with you” I shouted but he did not pay a heed and he went out of the house playing with the keys of his bike or his car ….. wait a minute what does he have I need to ask him that but now I am tried and I need sleep …. I have a long day tomorrow I thought just as I was getting ready to go to bed.

Precap- Fun in the wards and Arman’s entry  

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