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“Kunj I want to fly …” I wine while he pulls me away from the railings “Twinkle you can not fly” He says closing the balcony door “Bu… but why can’t I ?” I say sitting on the floor with my legs folded “You just can’t “ He says “Can you ?” I ask him “Yes I can “ He says and I look at him in aww “Can you show me ?” I ask him giving him my best puppy dog face “No I can’t “ he says looking away “You are no fun” I say……..


“Twinkle you practically have no food” Kunj wined from the kitchen cabinet. Rolling my eyes I went and patted his back “Well Mr. I do feel that you can see but then I have learned in my medical profession things may not be the same as they seem to be so may be you may be blind but I think I do see bournvita and some chocos and if you want to make something I do have all the ingredients what do you possibly think is missing ” I say in a bored tone.“You have no coffee” he said in a duh tone.“I know I never buy it I don’t like it” I replied back in the same tone.

“Oh my god I can’t believe you have no coffee and you don’t like coffee”He said walking behind me after I took my bowl of bounvita and chocos “Yeah I don’t like it so whats the big deal” I said slapping away his hand when he was snatching my chocos.“Ouch Touché” he said rubbing his hand well I am sure I did not hit that hard did I ? Nah he is just acting

“So well you must have coffee for other people” He said “Well I don’t see any problem in not having it” I said taking a sip of my breakfast “I don’t see why you don’t like coffee and since you are a doctor and you work night shifts and sometimes early morning shifts you need caffein in your system how do you get it if not from coffee” he said inspecting an apple from the fruit basket before biting it “Well for starters thank you for thinking about me but I don’t need caffein to work” I replied back “It hurts to know that you think I don’t care for you You mean a lot to me Princess” he said and I snorted unattractively “What I am serious” he said taking another bite of his apple. “Well why don’t you try some bournvita” I said trying to sip the last drop of milk in my bowel without drinking it directly from the bowl you see I can’t just lift the bowl to surp up the last drop infront of this insanely hot man who is eating an apple as if he is putting on a show for others.“Bournvitta is all sugar I can’t drink it” He says “Says the man who ate 4 chocolates after brushing his teeth  “ I shot back at him. “ I said I am sorry I did not know they were yours” He says “ Who else do you think they would have belonged to if they are not yours and are in my fridge” I say .It’s not that I am rude but he ate those 4 chocolates from my secrete stash and I do not like sharing chocolates and pastries you can take one of my kidneys for all I care. “Any way can you please get me some coffee from the neighbours I will buy coffee today” He says turning his back towards me this is my chance to surp from the bowl and I do it “there done” I say to myself licking my lips.“Twinkle umm there is some milk left on your chin “Kunj says pointing to the right side of his chin looking at me with an amused smile smooth Twinkle real smooth … “ What ?” I say wiping the milk of with my sleeves “Can you borrow some coffee from your neighbours ?” He asks and I oblige “Fine but then you would have to do the dishes” I say “ Fine” he says smiling opening the door for me to go out “ Desperate much?” I say cooking an eyebrow at him “ Very” He shoots back.

Walking to the neighbour who I know would definitely help me I ring his door bell “ I have 3 neighbours 2 of them are those noisy women you see in every building they would help me but would gossip and waste my time. “Oh Twinkle” the brown eyed hot man Rehan says opening the door .“Um hi Rehan I was just wondering if I could you know borrow some coffee from you ?” I ask twirling a strand of my hair around my fingers “Yeah sure why not hey come inside “ He says opening the door further so I can enter the house .His house looks just like mine except for the fact that the walls and furnitures all are blank but surprisingly his house is clean cleaner then my closet “ Um sorry for the mess” He says picking up some of his clothes which were n the couch and by the way did I tell you he is shirtless and his biceps are flexing and he looks so sexy.

“FOCUS TWINKLE” I remind myself .“Yeah no problem I know how difficult it is for me to keep my house clean without Kamla Maushi I really don’t know how would I survive this week” I say walking to his kitchen and lean on the doorframe.“Here” He hands me a pack of coffee “ Um Rehan thanks for the generosity but don’t you think its a bit too much I asked you for some coffee not the whole pack “I say a bit embarrassed god what do I have to do for this guy I feel like a broke person asking for food. “Oh its not a big deal I have 2 packs with me this was extra so no problem” He says while he walks me back to his door. “Thanks” I say “No problem” He says and I turn around to walk back home “umm Twinkle there is a party at my place this Saturday and I know you are very busy but would you like to come?” He asks rubbing the back of his neck “Umm yeah sure I will try if my schedule is free” I say with a smile “Bye” I say closing my door “Bye” I here is reply.

“He likes you” Kunj says while taking the coffee. “Thank you Twinkle for getting me coffee – Oh you are welcome Kunj” I say out loud and I here him chuckle.“Thanks Twinkle but I think you should thank me since you got a chance to flirt with your lover boy there “ He says “Hey Rehan does not like me “ I say crossing my arms “Sure and I hate coffee he says preparing his coffee. “Whatever …. Why do you even like coffee” I say scrunching my nose “Hey don’t talk like that about coffee I like it you don’t its your fault you have missed a chance to taste the world most divine creation” He says and I walk away dismissing him and his high talks about coffee.

“Hey Twinkle why don’t we play a game we will ask each other 5 questions about bourvita and coffee to each other and if suppose I can’t answer it I have to drink a cup of bournvita and you would have to drink a cup of coffee” Kunj suggests after an hour of us sitting on the couch well I am sleeping on it and watching TV “ Umm sounds fun” I say making my way to the kitchen and he follows behind me.

Kunj makes coffee while I make bournvita okay so you add 3 big spoons no scratch that you add bornvita to milk until it turns into a dark brown colour that’s my secrete recipe to make the best bournvita in the world.

In the next fifteen minutes we ask each other absurd questions on bournvita and coffee like its types its forms and Kunj had to drink 3 cups of bourvita but then that sneaky idiot asked me when was bournvita founded like who knows when bourvita was made but god should bless the soul who made it and now here I am holding the cup of coffee staring at it “Come on be a sport and drink it” Kunj says liking the way I try not close my nose I drink it in a gulp “Oh ho Twinkle slow down what’s the hurry” I here Kunj say with amusement in his voice while I concentrate on drinking this coffee “Done” I say putting the cup down and take the next cup “Who knows how much sugar bourvitta contains and I have to drink another cup “Done” I say again wiping the excess of my lips from my sleeves “Well see was it that bad ?” He asks “ No but nothing can beat bornvita” I say “You know what why waste all the remaining 3 coffee cups you should drink it and I will drink this 1 cup of sugar” Kunj says taking the cup of bournvita and I oblige after drinking the remaining 3 cups of coffee I  go to bed my drear bed here I come ….

Turning and tossing for about an hour I can’t seem to sleep just because of that stupid  Kunj and his stupid coffee I walk out of the bed with a pout and stand infront of Kunj who is watching some football match “Kunj” I wine “Twinkle” He says in the same tone pushing me slightly “ Hey I am talking to you “ I say taking the remote away from him and switching off the TV “ I walk to the TV and hug it “Good night Mr.TV” I say moving away from it but I gave him a kiss so he won’t miss me much but I think it will suffice “Twinkle are you on a caffeine high ?” He asks me looking at me weirdly.

“Kunj silly how can I be high I am not a bird” I say walking to the balcony “Hey Mr.Crow do you think I can fly?” Ask Mr.Crow who flies away “Hey Come back Mr. I am not done” I shout at him but he does not come back “Katti” I shout at him liking my thumb against my teeth. 

“Zara sa udhlu meh Zara sa fly fly “ I sing “Twinkle what are you doing ?” Kunj asks me sitting on the swing “Kunj you asked me if I am high and I said I am not a bird but what if I can actually fly like an angel” I say trying to look at my back to see my secrete wings may be if I jump they would come out “ NO THEY WONT” Kunj says I think I said that aloud “Kunj I want to fly …” I wine while he pulls me away from the railings “Twinkle you can not fly” He says closing the balcony door “Bu… but why can’t I ?” I say sitting on the floor with my legs folded “You just can’t “ He says “Can you ?” I ask him “Yes I can “ He says and I look at him in aww “Can you show me ?” I ask him giving him my best puppy dog face “No I can’t “ he says looking away “You are no fun” I say I jump back up and walk towards Mr.TV “Mr.TV can you please wake up” I say giving Mr.TV my pouty face and he wakes up “I love you Mr.TV but I love Mr.Bed more sorry” I say giving him a kiss “Can you play some songs for me plews “ I say and then he plays songs for me “Kunj did you see Mr.TV he is so nice I love him maybe s much as I love Mr.Bed” I turn to Kunj who looks at me with amazement and places the remote on the table “Hey don’t keep Miss.Remote away from Mr.TV he likes her” I say and Kunj chuckles but keeps Miss.Remote near Mr.TV

“Come on Kunj Dance” I say jumping up and down and hold Kunj’s hand to jump along with me After what seems like a few minutes but an hour according to Kunj we sit on the couch. Holding the the cushion in my hands I bounce it up and then catch it after doing it for sometime I throw it at Kunj and he looks at me tiredly “Hey Kunj lets play cushion fight” I suggest holding 1 cushion as a sword and another as a shield “No Twinkle we will not” Kunj says trying to take the cushion from me “Plews” I say giving him my best puppy dog face “Ugh… okay “ He says taking two cushions and then we start playing after I have defeated Kunj and as a reward I get a piggy back ride across the whole apartment Kunj then suddenly stops in the kitchen and opens the fridge taking a bottle of water out and forces me to drink it all of it “No Kunj then I have to go to susu so many times if I drink all of it” I say backing away but he grabs both my hands in one hand and forces the water down my throat “Kunj do you exercise ?” I ask him pocking his biceps “Yes Twinkle I do” he says closing the bottle and picking me up in his arms like I am a potato sac Oh god what if I am fat and Kunj would go down into the floor but we are on the fourth floor that means he will go down to Mrs.Kumar’s house but she is a meany  “You are not that heavy and I am strong enough to not fall down with your weight” Kunj tells me smiling putting me on the bed “You have a beautiful smile” I say before I close my eyes I think I heard him say you do to but never mind I need to sleep.


The aftermath of a caffeine high Twinkle

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