“Oh for the love for god not you” I almost yelled at the guy infront of me at my door.”Gezz Thanks women this is all what I wished for “ the hot man said in a s*xy sarcastic way god Twinkle he is your enemy and you are not supposed to praise him. “Well not that I am complaining but is this how you treat your guests” he complained pointing at himself “Very funny but I don’t know you and so you are not my guest” I saw trying to close the door but this man with his wonderful crafted biceps stoped me from closing it “UV did warn me about you being weird but I think it was supposed to be translated to crazy “ he said stepping in with his bag pushing me a bit in the process but god he does really workout because I could feel his abs “And he did say that you talk to yourself but I thought he was joking but now I think it may be true he said smirking “Shut up I was just thinking that have I seen you somewhere and then I just did remember I saw you on the wanted list in the police station what crime were you in for ?” I asked him faking a smile “The same reason you were in there for “ he said crossing his arms looking so s*xy leaning on the wall with one leg with his boots on “What the hell do you think are you doing get you dirty boots off my wall “ I practically screamed “Women calm down and I don’t think you should be cursing infront of children “ he said giving a sweet smile looking at the door where there were kids form my building standing there with a donation box.

“Hey Ruhi how are you and what are you collecting donations for ?” I asked them “Twinki we are building a house for boogie “ she said showing me her dog looking at which I stepped back but bumped into the 6 no 8 pack abs Twinkle concentrate I said to my self moving away from him  “Ruhi are you sure you want to keep him ?” I asked looking at the kids hoping that they don’t keep him “Twinki its a she” Ruhi corrected me putting the donation box infront of me “Oh that is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen and here is my donation” The guy said pulling out 2000 note damm I don’t know his name and why the hell is he donating so much money “Thank you …. “ Ruhi said waiting for him to tell his name “Kunj” he said with a sweet smile Man he is capable of giving such a beautiful smile “Thank you Kunj Bhaiya Twinki donation “ Ruhi asked I took out a 500 note from my purse but then the look Kunj and the kids gave me forced me to change it with 2000 note damm them I paying so much for something I don’t even like I could have ordered a pizza oh who am I kidding 4 pizzas with that money “Thank you Twinki Thank you Bhaiya “ Ruhi said giving her cute smile with 1 missing tooth “Well beautiful girls get to call me Kunj “ he said giving his boyish smile to her to which she blushed

“Ahh” I screamed running inside because the dog jumped on me “God Ruhi take this dog away from me “ I screamed running around as the dog followed me around I jumped on top of the dinning table while the dog barked at me wagging her tail while the kids were laughing along with that idiot but then something happened  that I would regret but it did happen I slipped and I had shut my eyes really tight even though I know it wont stop me from falling but I did now that was the most humiliating thing I thought that could happen to me but no I fell into a strong pair of very muscular and comfortable arms and when I opened my eyes I was lost in the most amazing pair of brown eyes I have ever seen “Umh umh” someone cleared his throat and then that was the most humiliating thing in my life okay maybe only up-till now because I am so sure of my track record that I would most definitely do something even more humiliating Aww don’t put me down I so love it in here I want to stay here I thought as Kunj put me down

 “ Oh so I assume you guys have meet each other “Bhai(UV)  said giving me his knowing look “Yes we have” I said giving him a fake smile  “So Kunj did you have a tour of the house ?” Bhai asked but wait “Bhai why does he have to have a tour of my house?” I looked at bhai confused and then “ Bhai are you kidding me is he the new tenant are you serious” I asked Bhai  and then bhai looked like the dear caught in the headlight “Twinkle Kunj is a really nice guy” Bhai said “Oh really I don’t think so” I said “Ahh glad to know the feelings are mutual” That jerk said 


“Excuse me Mr.I do think that this is my drink ” I told the hot guy who reached out for my bourvita and he almost ran no leave it he drank it “ Eks it’s chocolate milk are you sure it is yours I think it belongs to some child” The guy looked so disgusted no one should dare say that anything about my Bournvita “Excuse me Mr. It’s my drink and its not a chocolate drink its bournvita and its yummy “ I said taking my drink from his hand but then I saw the way he was trying to control his laugh “Hey Mr. Don’t you dare laugh Its yummy and its healthy you should try it too “ I said trying to control my raging anger “Well you do know it’s still considered as a child’s drink” he said smirking “There is no age limit on it” I said defending my self “Oh whatever helps you think you are a lady and not a baby girl” He said walking away while I actually thought of pulling my hair.



“Hey thats my cab “ I said to the man with the most amazing backside in the world “Are you following me” I heard his voice “Not you again” I literally cried “I am fine Glad to meet you too” he said with that damm charming smile “Its my cab get out of it “ I said pulling his bag but I accidentally slipped and fell on his lap  “Hey mad yet beautiful  women though I appreciate you being here trying to seduce me with your cute little a** I am getting late” he said while I tried getting up “Ma’am you can get another cab the code I have belongs to Sir” The Cab driver said that when a another creepy looking cab driver pulled up maybe he was drunk or something “Madam ji I am your ride tonight” Hey slurred a bit while saying this “Sir can you close the door so that we can leave” The guys cab driver asked “ Madam ji you can get in too so we can go” He said rolling the window down and smiling in  a weird way “Bhaiya wait she is my wife and you know the usual husband wife fight she fought with me and she is angry on me” That guy who now had a hand placed around my waist said it was uncomfortable it made me feel safe after this the creepy cab driver drove away since the airport had no more empty cab he let me get into the cab with him “Where do you live ?” He asked me while I gave him a weird look “We need to tell him” he said pointing at the cab driver “Oh … Bandra ……..” I told my address  “Bhaiya we need to go to the same area so can you drop her before me ”he told the cab driver  … “But sir your stop comes before her “ the cab driver said looking at the guy “No we drop her first” The guy said in voice that had no room for argument left when I reached home and I really felt that this guy was so good at hear he proved me wrong When I got down and turned over he said “I know you would miss me so your bag has my card call me when you miss me too much and I hope we meet again” He said  “I hope we never meet again “ I said closing the door and taking a deep breath. 


“Oh so this isn’t your first encounter ?”Bhai asked “Duh bhai I think the flashback just answered all your questions right “ I said “ Oh I also got the answer to my question you did enjoy the view I knew it “ That jerk said with that smirk 

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