It is a pleasant morning.The sunrays flashed on Ayaan’s face and he opened his eyes.He wanted to sleep the whole day as the last night’s celebration made him tired.He stared at the ceiling.”How happy Aditi was while she danced with Rihansh in her Sangeet…They are made for each other”,he thought.
“If I were in Rihansh’s place,I could not have danced.I can never match Aditi”,he sighed.
His phone rang and he saw the name  Mehra uncle flashing on the screen.
“Hello uncle”,answered Ayaan in a sleepy voice.
“Ayaan beta…Where are you? The baraat is about to arrive in  half an hour.Come soon..”,said the voice from the other side.
“Haan uncle.I will be there in 30 minutes”,replied Ayaan and hung up.
He got up from his bed and looked for his crutches.He held them and went inside the washroom.
Ayaan Malhotra is a 26 year old gentleman who is a software engineer by profession.When he was ten,he met with an accident in which he lost his parents.He cannot walk without crutches as his leg was injured badly in the accident.Mr.Karan Mehra,his maternal uncle is the one who took care of him after his parents’ demise.Ayaan had spent all of his school and college life in hostel.He works in an MNC and lives in an apartment in Delhi.
Ayaan reached the marriage hall in half an hour.He sees Aditi from a distance.She was dressed up in a red sequinned lehnga looking like a princess.She waved her hand on seeing Ayaan.
She came to him saying,”Mr.Lazy lad…Why are you late? I wont talk to you” ,and turned to the other side with fake anger.
“Miss.Drama queen…Please don’t create scene atleast for today.I was a little tired and that’s why I am late”,Ayaan told hitting her in her head.
“Hmm.I am leaving you as it is my wedding.I don’t want to fight with you on my special day.Get lost”,she said to him.
Ayaan bowed his head saying,”Thank you for your mercy madam”.
By then,Mr.Mehra came towards them.
“Aditi beta…You are the bride and you should not come here.Go and sit in your room”,he said to Aditi like a typical father.
“You are very old fashioned papa”,said Aditi with a smirk.
“Mr.Malhotra..I will come and meet you as Mrs.Rihansh.Stay tuned”,she said to Ayaan with a wink.
Ayaan saw her going.
“I don’t know whether I have to be happy or sad today.It is the wedding of the love of my life.Yeah.I LOVED ADITI.Aditi is my cousin and my childhood best friend.I saw her only as a friend till the day came when one of my relatives said that I am a disgrace and bad luck and because of me only my parents died.But,it was Aditi who stood for me that day.She told them that talking about me like this would bring bad luck to their children.She consoled me.From then on,I started regarding her as my soulmate.She brings smile in my face even if I am sad.She laughs on whatever I say.Her smile means the world to me and I will do anything to see that smile.Nobody knows me better than her.She is the sunshine of my life. I don’t know whether she would have  agreed to my marriage proposal,if I had expressed my love to her. But every love story has a villain.And in mine,my own conscience is the villain. Aditi is beautiful,clever and has a very good  heart.But I cannot walk on my own, not so intelligent and short tempered too.I cannot match her and she deserves someone better.And moreover,It is her dad who took care of me when my parents left me alone in this world.He told that I am his elder son when he introduced me to Rihansh’s family.If I tell him that I love her daughter,that might break his trust on me.I cannot betray him.I had taken the right decision.The smile in Aditi’s face shows that she is happy.That is all I wanted.Let her be happy”.
Ayaan’s train of thoughts broke when he saw Rihansh making Aditi wear the mangalsutra.A tiny teardrop appeared in his eyes which he wiped after checking whether someone saw him.But Apoorva,Aditi’s sister noticed it.Rihansh filled Aditi’s forehead with sindoor.
The night fell.Ayaan was sitting by the poolside reliving the sweet moments he shared with Aditi.He found Apoorva calling his name.He raised his eyebrows and asked her,”What?”
“Wipe your tears first”,said Apoorva pointing to his face and sat beside him.Ayaan did so.
“You miss didi,right? I miss her too”,said Apoorva staring at the pool.
Ayaan did not answer.
“Hmm.I know everything Ayaan.You loved didi,aren’t you?”,asked Apoorva gazing straightly into his eyes.
Ayaan replied,”No” looking at the other side.
“ I have been noticing you closely.I saw the change in your expression when papa started talking about didi’s marriage with jiju.I saw how badly you wanted to surprise didi on her birthday.I had a doubt that you love her and I confirmed it when I saw you crying when jiju made didi wear mangalsutra”,said Apoorva without a pause.
“Shut up.Dont assume things.Aditi is my best friend. Should not I get emotional on her wedding?”,Ayaan tried to hide his feelings.
“Don’t act smart Mr.Malhotra.I am not didi to believe whatever you say.Your tactics don’t work with me.So accept the fact”,said Apoorva in an authoritative tone.
“Yeah..I LOVED HER!!”,shouted Ayaan.
“Cool down.This Devdas version does not suit you”,Apoorva tried to calm him.
“These one side lovers…All of them commit the same mistake.They don’t propose their love having different reasons,isn’t it?? Same is the case with you”,said Apoorva.
Ayaan nodded.
“But I wont do the mistake”,said Apoorva to herself.Ayaan gave a confused reaction.”Yeah..I am also a one side lover”,she said with a wink.
Ayaan did not react.
“Ayaan…I am in love with you”,she said almost instantly.
“What non-sense?? Are you out of your mind?”,asked Ayaan with a confused expression.
Apoorva said calmly,” I am in my senses and I am in love with you.I saw how you sacrificed your love for the happiness of didi.I saw the love for her in your eyes.I just want to be loved like you do.If I had known that you loved didi before,I would have helped you both to unite.But unfortunately,I could not do it.But don’t think that I am saying this as I have sympathy for you.I have always admired you and I feel like it would be nice if you were with me for the rest of my life.So,I am a one side lover waiting for your answer.I think you very well know how it feels when your love fails.So please say yes to me”.
“No!! I cannot do that.Impossible! Your dad regards me as his son.I cannot betray him.And moreover,you deserve someone better.I cannot walk without crutches.I am not a suitable match for you.If you marry me,you will spend the rest of your life giving medicines to me whenever my legs hurt.You deserve a better happy life.Forget it and don’t tell anyone”,he tried to convince her.
By then someone turned all the lights on and Ayaan saw Mrs and Mr.Mehra coming to him.
“Ayaan beta! Why did not you tell me earlier that you loved Aditi? You did a mistake beta.Ok leave it.No use of talking about it.Apoorva told me that she loves you.We are very happy about that.We are really lucky to have a son -in- law like you.Dont think that you are betraying me.It is not betrayal but an endowment.I am very happy to get Apoorva married to you”,said Mr.Mehra holding Ayaan’s hands.
Apoorva went down on her knees.” So,I think we don’t have any obstacles now.I am fallen for you.And I don’t care about your crutches.Because,I WILL BE YOUR CRUTCH FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.Will you marry me?”.
Ayaan was overwhelmed.He made her stand and said,”Sure…Above all YOU ARE THE GIFT OF MY MISTAKE” and planted a kiss on her forehead.

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