The Game of Revenge #Riansh O.S.

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Riddhima enters VR Mansion in injured state.She heard Vansh calling Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania.She propers her hairs and clothes.She saw Vansh coming towards her.She smiled.Vansh came and stood in front of Riddhima and extended his hand.But before Riddhima could give him her hand,she saw a hand being forwarded from her back.Vansh held the hand.Riddhima,who was shocked seeing this,turned back to see.She was super shocked to see Ahana.

Riddhima who was about to fall back,took support to pillar to stand straight.She was staring at him.But ignoring her,Vansh took Ahana towards the stage.He introduced her as his wife,Mrs.Ahana Vansh Raisinghania.

Angre saw Riddhima and requested the reporters,if they could excuse them.After the reporters left,Riddhima came near Vansh and held him from collars.She asked him that why did he do this,as she is his legal wife…But she was more shocked when Vansh refused to recognise her.She went to dadi.When dadi also refused to recognise her,she was shattered.She was staring at Vansh in disbelief.Vansh on the other hand,was trying to avoid eye contact with Riddhima.Ishani and Ahana insulted Riddhima.Ishani held her and started heading towards the door.

The moment Ishani threw Riddhima on the floor,Vansh turned around to hide his tears.As soon as he realised that Ishani had closed the door,he ran back to his room.

On reaching his room,he started to break the things in anger.He had locked himself in the room.Dadi was standing at the door at observing her broken grandson. She wanted to go and console him,but she knew that he needed space.She was getting angry on that girl,but she was unable to do anything except to sit and watch.

After sometime,she came back to Vansh’s room and saw that Vansh was pushing Ahana out of his room.She went near them and asked Ahana to go and sleep in guest room ,while she will talk to Vansh and try to make him understand.

After Ahana had left,dadi went near Vansh and kept her hand on his shoulder.Vansh immediately hugged dadi.He was shedding silent tears.Dadi tried to console him.

Vansh: Dadi,how can she…

Dadi: SShhh..Vansh calm down.Whatever we are doing is absolutely right.And that girl,she will be permanently out of our lives now.

Dadi rested his head in her lap and tried to divert his mind.After he was calm,Vansh spoke,

Vansh: Dadi,now I need to go.I’ve already wasted lot of time.I immediately need to get back to my work…I swear,I’m not gonna leave them.I’ll show them the living hell.What did they think that they’ll mess with Vansh Raisinghania and I’ll be quiet…Naahh..(turning towards dadi)Dadi,now I’ll take a leave.

Vansh took his wallet and phone and drove out in his car.He reached outside a hotel.He went towards the room,that he had booked and knocked.A girl opened the door.Seeing his state,she spoke,

Girl: Vansh,first you come in and freshen up yourself…just look at yourself,what you’ve become.

Vansh: Relax sweetheart…(and he hugged her).Now that I’ve seen you,I’ve forgotten all my sorrows….It was a torture for me to live with that girl.

Girl: Vansh,you are with me…but still thinking about her…have you really fallen for her?

Vansh: I can sense that someone is jealous….but sweetheart,you can trust me….the girl,who has the right to rule my heart is only you.

Girl: Are you trying to flirt Mr.Raisinghania.

Vansh: Absolutely yes.!

Girl: Come’on now…quickly go and freshen up.

Vansh gave her a peck on her cheeks and left to freshen up.After he came back,he saw that dinner was served and the girl was waiting for him.

Girl: Come Vansh,let’s have our dinner…although it’s going to be midnight,but I know that you must’ve not eaten anything.

Vansh was overwhelmed by her love and care.They started their dinner.They were feeding each other.

Vansh: Sweetheart,you know what…you truly deserve the title of Mrs.Vansh Raisinghania…But because of that girl and my half bro,everything got ruined…But you don’t worry.After I complete my revenge,I’ll take you to the mansion.

Girl: But what about the next step of our plan.According to the first step,Riddhima is thrown out of the house….What next?

Vansh explains her the further plan.The girl was suggesting him some of the changes.They finalised their plan and went to sleep.

Next day,Vansh had already reached home before anyone could wake up.The family came down to have breakfast.While,they were having their breakfast,Ishani spoke,

Ishani: This new morning has brought back the happiness.I’m glad that cheap girl is out of our lives.She…

Vansh(shouted): Ishaniii!

And he left the dining table and went out.

Dadi(to Ishani): Ishani,don’t take her name next time.You are hurting your brother.

Ishani: I’m sorry dadi.I’ll keep in mind.

On the other side,Riddhima had already planned to execute her plan.

Riddhima(to herself): What to you think of yourself!..You that you’ll use me and then throw like a tissue paper…I had loved from the bottom of my heart…but you…you did
this to me.I was ready to give my life for you,but you killed my soul…But now,be ready…you are gonna pay for every tear that I had shed.

She receives a call.It’s an unknown number.She picks the call.A boy speaks from other side,

Boy: Hello.

Riddhima: Hey…how are you?

Boy: I should be the one asking it…are you fine?

Girl: Yes..I’m fine.

Boy: Riddhima,now listen carefully.You have to be strong.Don’t fall weak.This is your chance to take revenge for whatever he has done to you.

Riddhima: Don’t worry,I’m not gonna fall weak.That old Riddhima had died long back.

Boy: That’s like my girl! you know naa what you have to do…the necessary things have been sent to you.

Riddhima: Yes…’s time to take revenge..bye.

Boy: All the very best..bye!

After she had hanged the call,she goes into a dark room.Someone has been tied to the chair,whose whole body had scars over it.Riddhima went near the chair and spoke,

Riddhima: You know,what’s your mistake…nothing much…but you are most loved one of the person,from whom I want my revenge.I know that he is smart enough to take you out from this hell,but let’s give him a surprise.

Riddhima took out a phone.She dialed a number.The person picked up the call.

Riddhima: So finally,you have picked my call.

Person: Youuuu!!!What do you want from me.Listen I’ve some urgent work….I’ve already thrown you out of my life.Now you are no less than an unknown person to me.

Riddhima: And that’s your biggest mistake that you have used me and then thrown me out of your life as if I were a trash.

Perosn: That’s what you are…trash.

Riddhima(laughs): So nice of you…you gave me so much respect…and I don’t like to keep someone’s favour on me…I return 10 times the thing that I receive.Be it love,hatred or deceive…..So without any delay,let’s get to the point.So Mr.,you are going to receive a gift from my side.Start moving towards the door,you’ll get a parcel very soon…Now start…tik tok..tik tok…tik tok..and…

The door bell rings.The person receive a parcel,while he was still on the line.

Riddhima: Now…open it.

As soon as the opened the box,it fell down from his hands.

Person(on call): Wh..what the hell is it?

Riddhima: Ohho,relax…it’s very special…you know whose finger is this…no naa…let me tell.This finger belongs to the person,whom you love a lot.Your one and only…

Person: How can you be so cruel and how did you reach her….just leave her I said.

Riddhima: You said and I had listened..don’t expect more than this….If you want to see him alive,then come and meet me.I’ll text you the address.See you at 4…Bbyee

And she hanged up the call.As soon as she cut the call,she went to the washroom and started to splash water on her face.Her body was shivering.

Riddhima(thinking): I never thought that I’ll have to all this.But this is what you deserve.You are gonna see a different shade of me,when we will meet.

Rdiddhima had already reached the place and waited for the person.He came.They had heated argument.While arguing,Riddhima cleverly made him confess whatever
he has done till now.

Riddhima: You lost!! lost the person and this battle…you see how cleverly,I had recorded everything and now I’ll give this to police and rest you know.

The person was shocked at this.He held her from neck and tried to snatch the phone from her hand.After,he had succeeded,he threw her to a side and searched for the
recording.But he couldn’t find any.He glared at Riddhima.

Riddhima(getting up): What happened,didn’t you find the recording… sad.But wait I have better surprise for you..(calling someone).Commissioner Sir,you
can come out.

The person was shell shocked.He didn’t expect anything of this sort.But before he could think of something,he was handcuffed and taken to jail.

Riddhima felt so relaxed.She sat there for sometime and then informed the boy regarding the completion her mission.

She then went to VR Mansion.She called out everybody.All were shocked to see Riddhima.

Ishani: Youu…what are you doing here?

Ahana: wasn’t that insult enough that you again came back to get insulted.

Angre: What do…

Riddhima(shouted): Enough!!Is this how you people treat the owner…Learn some manners and..

Ishani: What you even realise what you just said.You..

Riddhima: Ishani,you know what,there is no use in talking to you..So let me talk to your husband.And please don’t speak in between.

Saying so,she handed over some paper to Angre.Angre was left shocked after he read the papers.

Ishani: Angre,why are you so shocked.Tell us,what’s written in these papers.

Angre: Ish..Ishani,it’s …

Riddhima: Angre,I can see that you are so shocked that you even unable to tell them…Don’t worry,I’ll tell them.So these papers say that this mansion,Vansh’s business,his shares,everything…now belongs to me..So,I’m the new owner of this mansion.

All were shell shocked.Dadi was unable to bear this and fell unconscious.Rudra,Chanchal and Aryan took her to her room.

Ishani: How’s this possible,I’m sure these papers are fake,just like you…Angre,call bhai,he’ll only handle her.

Angre: Ishani,his phone is unreachable…I tried to contact in the office,but no one knows where he is.

Ishani: What are you saying Angre,where is bhai,what happened to him?(she was crying)

Riddhima: Ishani,don’t stress yourself,you are pregnant..instead of asking from Angre,you should’ve asked me…I’ll tell you.Like all of you,he also received punishment of his deeds…More clearly,he is in jail.

All were shocked to hear this.Ishani came forward and was about to slap Riddhima,when Riddhima held her hand.

Riddhima: Ishani,I know you are angry,but believe me,if you repeat this again..I’ll forget that you are pregnant.

Angre came in rescue of Ishani.After the heated arguement,Riddhima spoke,

Riddhima: now that y’all are convinced that I’m the new owner,let me tell you your duties.So chachi’ll take care of the kitchen.Ahana,you’ll take care of cleaning, laundry . Angre,you and chacha ji will manage business.Aryan will be the driver.And Ishani,just because you are pregnant,I’m giving you the liberty.You’ll take care of dadi and Siya as they are unwell.Although dadi is also involved with y’all.. I cannot forget my mannerism…you all will work and I’ll enjoy…..So what are you waiting for,start your work.And chachi ji,I’m really hungry,prepare something to eat….Ahana,follow me.

Riddhima went to her room,followed by Ahana.Riddhima seated herself on the bed.

Riddhima: Ahana,you know when Ishani threw me down,I got several internal injuries.As a physiotherapist,I know what to do…So you massage my shoulders.

Ahana(surprised): What!!me?

Riddhima: I guess,there’s only one Ahana here….and if you don’t then…

Ahana unwillingly started to give her a massage.

Riddhima: Now my legs and my feet.

Ahana was shocked at first,but as she didn’t have any choice,she started to press her legs and feet.

Ahana(thinking): I had thought that I’ll rule here after I become Vansh’s wife,but now I’ve became a servant.And this Riddhima,I thought her to be weak and stupid girl,but
she…she’s even two step ahead of me..I feel like instead of pressing her feet,I should press her neck….anyways.I’ll find a chance and kill her..Yes,this is right.

After she was done,Riddhima asked her to go and clean the storeroom.
Two days passed.The family was seeing different shades of Riddhima everyday.

Ahana was not able to tolerate more this and decided to execute her plan.At night,when Riddhima was sleeping,she kidnapped her,brought to an unknown place and tied her to chair.Riddhima tried her best to free herself,but in vain.Ahana was threatening her with ways,that she was going to torture her with.She also told that how she had saved dadi,three years ago,when she was about to roll about the stairs of temple.And that’s when Vansh had promised her that he will fulfill her any one demand.But she…she took advantage of he situation and how she planned to rule over the mansion.She also tried to kill Riddhima,but failed everytime.But now,there’s no one who can save her.

After all this,she was about to push Riddhima in acid,when a boy saved Riddhima in nick of time.He freed Riddhima and gave a tight slap to Ahana.Ahana was shocked
with what just happened now.

Boy: Riddhima,are you fine…I’m sorry,I got late.

Riddhima(breathing heavily): I’m fine…relax.

Ahana(shocked): How’s this possible.What are you doing here,Vansh?You were…

Before she could complete,she felt another slap,landing on her face.She turned to see.It was dadi.Dadi came towards Riddhima and hugged her tightly.

Dadi: Riddhima,are you fine,bacha…we are sorry for being late.

Riddhima: Dadi,see.Nothing happened to me.I’m alright.

Ahana tried to run,but police caught her.Ahana was fuming in anger.

Ahana: What the hell is happening here?What is all this?

Riddhima came forward and slapped her twice on either cheek.

Riddhima: This is unity.Ahana,you won’t understand all this.

Vansh came forward to explain everything.

Vansh: So it started when we going to Kuldevi’s temple…there we had cleared our misunderstandings.But we had you and Kabir as our enemy.So me,Riddhima and dadi came up with a plan to take revenge from both of you.And all that happened in front of media was planned.Even that media was fake.Riddhima acted well.But the thing I am very upset with,is the way Ishani behaved with Riddhima.I am not gonna forgive her.

Dadi: Vansh forget all that.

Riddhima: Yes Vansh…so continuing further,we used to meet at hotel room and plan the next move.We then made a call to him,telling that Anupriya had run from jail…He was tensed. And before he could confirm it,I called him and sent a finger as a gift to him.He loved his mom,so came to rescue her,but poor guy,he fell in our trap and got arrested.

Vansh: Then Riddhima went to VR Mansion,and told everyone that I was in jail,but the truth was that I was always in the mansion,keeping an eye on y’all.Then we tortured you so that you try to harm Riddhima,although it was risky,still she agreed to it.I don’t know why.I’m still angry with her for this.

Riddhima: Aawww Vansh,I always knew that you’d save me….Leaving all this…haan,so,you were trapped and you know what happened after that.You confessed in front of inspector.So you can’t escape.

Vansh: Inspector,take her and throw her in the prison.

The police took Ahana.The trio had a group hug.They came back to the mansion.All were shocked at first,but after they revealed everything,they understood.Ishani apologised from Riddhima.TheRudra family also seeked forgiveness.
After all misunderstandings were clear,the family lived happy ever after.

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