The Estranged Lovers (A bond of a lifetime- Episode 16)

The only sound which could be heard in the room were those of the curtain rustling in response to the strong wind blowing outside. A heavy rain looked imminent as Bondita stood by the open window, her long tresses scattering behind her in the wind. “A heavy shower is brewing up” Bondita spoke in a low voice, as she sensed a much-awaited arrival in the room. “It will bring only destruction” a reply came through gritted teeth of the other person in the room. “Come on, you can’t say that. Whether this rainfall drowns the endings or washes the way for new beginnings, only time can be its judge” Bondita expressed her melancholy, moving away from the window to face her. “The rain is all you can talk about, Barrister Bondita Das after you and that Sakha babu of yours convicted my husband of all your baseless assumption? After my husband will be sentenced for God knows how long as a result of your petitions? After you have once again ruined your own sister’s happiness?” The accusation echoed in the room as the voice got louder and louder with each livid remark. “Of course not, take a seat, Tupur” Bondita mustered up, in an attempt to re-establish their strained relationship.

“Do you recognize this signature?” she inquiredwith a steady voice, pushing an old receipt towards Tupur. “This is my husband’s sign” Tupur acknowledged. “Oh, so now, you are trying to turn me against my husband?” she snarled, standing up from her chair. “No, not at all, Tupur” Bondita’s voice remained steady “I just wanted to inform you that these were the very signatures found on receipts of buying both poison and kulfi far away in Dhaka, in an attempt to not be caught. It was these signatures that proved that Chandrachur babu was the one who bought them to serve that poisonous kulfi to the Roy Chowdharys, nearly killing them in the process, which as we both know, laid the foundation of the decade-old rivalry between the two villages as we see it today.” Tupur did not utter a word, all she did was glare at the old receipt from eight years ago, wishing Bondita would have never seen it.

Bondita sighed at her younger sister’s silence as she stood up to retrieve the sketch of a young Chandrachur, before gently handing it over to Tupur. “This is the sketch of the man who planned and funded the assault on Mr. Binoy Roy Chowdhary while he was in Dhaka, on a business trip, which left Mr. Binoy, a once-proud business, mentally unstable. It was made eight years ago, drawn as described by Musa, the main assailant of My Binoy. However, this was shoved under the racks after the investigating police team accepted a huge bribe from Chandrachur Babu’s family only to be revealed now when Anirudh babu and the police began requestioning the responsible authorities from years ago. Tupur…” Bondita stopped seeing Tupur’s raised hand in demand for silence. “Oh please, Bondita, if the only reason you called me here was to boast how you and your Anirudh babu managed to catch my husband red-handed, then please spare me from it. I have already heard this in court. Congratulations to both of you.” Tupur, remarked in disdain as she got up to leave. “I called you not to boast but to do two things: one to inform you something and other to ask you a question” Bondita spoke with finality making Tupur pause on the threshold of the room. “Tomorrow, before the judge declares his punishment, I will file another charge against Mr. Chandrachur Basu ” Tupur let out a mirthless laugh, “I knew it, may I know what charge is still left to be submitted against my husband, Barrister?” she spoke, menacingly. “Charge of domestic violence on his wife, Mrs. Tupur Basu,” Bondita responded with a straight face.

“What!?” Tupur was at a loss for words. Bondita let out a long sigh as her voice turned gentle, “Did you really think that those marks of physical abuse on your body will remain hidden under that pallu forever?” Getting no reply from the younger one, Bondita continued with the same tone, “Now onto the question, why are so hell-bent in believing the innocence of a monster?” “The man whom you love, care for, and believe in the innocence of is the same man who nearly killed an entire family just to foster his mere dislike towards them. He is the same man who is responsible for the loss of your parents. Countless people have lost their lives to fuel the fire of revenge which he started years ago. He is the same heartless man who reduced one of the most respectable men in the village to a mere madman. He is also the same man who mistreats you. Yet, yet why do you still refuse to accept his faults?” Bondita’s voice broke.

“Because that man is my husband” Tupur’s voice thundered across the room. “Protecting and believing in my husband is my duty.” “It is a virtue I have learned, since childhood while reading our ancient scriptures when you were lost reading those books from abroad. But how will you know anything about virtue, Barrister Bondita Das?” she accused.

“You are right, I still lack a ton of religious knowledge in your comparison but I know one thing for sure. In Ramayana, there were two women. One wedded to Ram, while the other to Ravana. While a pregnant goddess Sita accepted another 7 years of exile all alone, to stay true to her dignity and maintain her self-respect, Ravana’s wife Mandodari, who went to great lengths to secure Amrit for her husband, remained silent as she watched her husband commit countless sins. Blind in her love and devotion towards her husband, she never attempted to object Ravan’s bloodied path which ended in the downfall of both her husband and his kingdom.” Bondita recounted, in a calm voice. “Both of them are remembered even today. Goddess Sita, as a righteous and perfect wife, while an innocent Queen Mandodari, as a silent accomplice in her husband’s crimes. They made their choice. Now, you stand at the same crossroad, Tupur. Whether you stand against evil or with the evil, the choice is yours.”

Dear Readers,

As I read all the comments in the previous post, I could not help but feel guilty. I am extremely sorry to have disappointed all those who wanted to see Anidita collecting evidence piece by piece against Chandrachur. But in my defense, I have three reasons why I did not take that track:

  1. In the recent track in the show, when I saw Tupur standing up for Chandrachur, I was disappointed like many others. An attempt to make Tupur understand the graveness of her mistreatment by Chandrachur was what compelled me to write this chapter.
  2. Coming up with multiple scenarios for evidence (which I did try to write for some) for each of our villain babu’s crimes will not only take time to think but also drag the Chandrachur track way longer than, it has already been dragged for.
  3. The most important of them all is that as an average 16-year-old, even after securing 98 in history and civics in boards, the only thing I know about the law is my fundamental rights written on the first page of my Civics textbook. Therefore, making up an entire elaborate court scene where each piece of evidence is presented one by one, is tough for me to come up with.

Even after realizing these issues, I am still a bit unsure about posting this chapter. So please, do comment whether this chapter was ok or not. Creative criticism is always come. 🙂

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  1. HARSHI Sis

    1st sorry sis i don’t have time to read finally i read ur ff
    Super sis nyc episode keep rocking

    1. Saisweta

      Congrats 🙂

  2. Sreya Susan Roy

    It was really good ,and even I wanted to see Tapur understanding her mistake of supporting her husband everywhere, so u did a great job 👏👏❤️. And I believe Bondita will be able to make her understand , I hope something like this will be shown in the show rather turning Tapur into a complete villain

    1. Sreya Susan Roy

      Sry not Tapur, I meant Tupur

    2. Saisweta

      Thank you 🙂

  3. It’s really good and I’ve enjoyed reading it. And your reasons has convinced me too. Thank you for taking your time to entertain us with your writing. Waiting for the coming episodes eagerly.

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      Thanks a lot for understanding 🙂

  4. It’s amazing…di, do write more and more soon , waiting for your next update❣❣🌺❤

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  5. Lopa

    At first I thought I overlooked your one episode but At last you convinced me.
    You said right for a normal citizen its tough to represent court scenes but you tried your best.
    Always in love with your writing skills ❤️
    After describing those two women of Ramayana…You nailed the episode 😊
    Keep growing 💕

    1. Saisweta

      Thanks a lot, Lopa di 🙂 🙂

  6. Prachi Gill

    For your age you have done a tremendous job girl !!
    And don’t worry we understand your POV and will always support you so please don’t feel guilty.
    Coming to today’s chapter, I loved the way you compared Mandodari and Sita, this was I believe a highlight of this episode.

    1. Saisweta

      Glad you liked it 🙂

  7. Krutika

    Nice episode di ☺️
    Upload next one soonnn

  8. Oh girl! I can’t believe what I just read. You’re only 16! I thought you as a girl of 20 or more.
    Anyways even I wanted them to connect the dots one by one. And there will be more anindita scenes throughout the process of finding evidence. Actually your way of describing anindita scenes is just another level.
    But respect your decision not to prolong CC track further. You have mentioned almost all misdeeds of CC & proofs within just one episode. Bravo Saisweta. Keep providing us such great fictions. Take love.

    1. Saisweta

      Aww 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  9. Such a wonderful episode
    Now I think tupur will help nondita
    Post soon

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