The Estranged Lovers (A bond of a lifetime- Episode 11)

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The shout had been thunderous as if the person at the door had put all its efforts just to make itself heard. All the eyes turned towards the door and there she stood. She was wearing a white saree with her hair tied in a neat bun, had her barrister robe in one hand and her files in other. Anirudh could almost feel his heart beating so fast that it could burst out of his chest. The room was shunned into silence as she walked to the front, put her files down, slid the robe over her petite frame and looked straight into the judge’s eyes and said, “Greetings, Janab. I am Barrister Bondita Das. The defendants’ attorney.” Except the peasants who looked extremely uncomfortable, the whole court was dumbfounded looking at her, a woman who stood out loud and proud. Breaking the silence, the oldest farmer amongst the lot stood up to walk over to her and with great discomfort whispered into Bondita’s ear as she had gone back to arranging her files completely ignoring her surroundings, “Barrister Babu, we really did not know that he will be the opposing attorney. Otherwise, we would not have begged you to take our case.” Only then, Bondita turned her head and saw Anirudh standing in front of the plaintiff.

Each froze, as if they had got lost into each other’s eyes. Bondita had always dreamt of this day, the day she can proudly wear her robe in front of her Birristera Babu, the day they stand by each other’s side against all evils in the temple of law, the day her sakha babu will see her first win in court. Meanwhile, Anirudh could even explain what was going through his head .His surroundings seemed to have faded out. His dream of last 10 years realizing in front of his eyes, was sending a rush of adrenaline through his veins. The black robe over her shoulder had been spun with thousands of efforts and millions of sacrifices and it fit her just right. Oh, how beautiful she looked in it!! No clothes or jewellery how much so expensive, could make his Bondita look more beautiful than this, Anirudh concluded with dreamy smile.

“Weren’t these two married about a decade ago but got divorced to support the abolishment of child marriage in our village? So now she is going to fight against her ex-husband?” Someone passed a comment from the back. The comment was really loud and before both could look away, Bondita snapped into reality. ‘Is he crazy? How could he fight for those greedy vultures? Did he really change so much that even he has now even lost his own principles?’ Thousands of such question gushed into Bondita’s head like a flood. Bondita closed her eyes momentarily as she recollected her oath, ‘I swore as got my degree, that I will be the provider of justice for the wronged at all costs. If completing this promise today will result in a showdown with my own god, then so be it.’ Now armed with a fresh belief, she turned to the old man beside her, and with a genuine smile said, “Don’t worry, Kaka. If God himself decides to be on their side today, even he cannot stop me from getting justice for you. Please relax and take your seat”. Thus, began the trial as Anirudh stood and recounted everything he was told by his relatives in detail.

The peasants, with a stunned expression turned to look at those zamindars. “That is a lie, Janab.” “We were never violent” the peasants broke out in a hurry. “Order! Order! No shouting in the court” The judge cut them off, with authority. The peasants turned to look at Bondita, who was gesturing them to sit down with a pitiful expression, which made them reluctantly obey her. “Now that we heard the plaintiff’s side, what is your stand on the case, defendant?” The judge inquired as Anirudh returned to his seat.

“The plaintiff’s attorney seems to have grasped only half of the truth. Yes, my defendants were present on the plaintiff’s land but rather than being armed with weapons and shouts of protest,these poor farmers were hurt with injustice and were wailing for their rights. I, personally came across them during a tour of the neighbouring area two days ago as they sat under the hot sun waiting to be heard.” Bondita spoke as she rose up. “Now coming onto the case, according to the current zamindari system, the cultivators pay almost 1/2 of their total produce of the year to the zamindar. One fourth of which is submitted to the government by the zamindars. However, in recent years, my clients have paid almost 2/3 of their produce to zamindars while the plaintiffs continued paying the original ¼ to the government.”

“Where is the evidence for the same, Barrister?” Anirudh’s voice rung through the court. “Do you have a proof?” For Anirudh, work had always been his religion. It was his dedication to his duties that had made him the man he was today. He had not thought twice before marrying Bondita to save her life and taking her as his responsibility ten years ago and still need not think twice before going against his beloved for his work. This had been one of the reasons why Bondita fell for him in the first place.

Bondita had been worried for a second thinking Anirudh might go soft hearted. But seeing his strong opposition, she smiled from within. This was the commitment she had expected from her Sakha Babu and she felt glad that at least this had not changed in him.

“Of course, I do” she had replied. She was prepared, prepared to fight tooth and nail today. To prove her worth both to the world and her teacher. The court proceeded as both barristers continued their arguments, with any personal feelings or emotions, neither of them ready to back down.

“Thus, I request you, Janab to book each of the plaintiffs an apt punishment and also suitable compensation to all my clients. I, thereby rest my case.” Bondita concluded as she turned to take her seat. Anirudh who had been seated as she was concluding, smiled as he looked down. Well, now his little Bondita had grown up to be a phenomenal barrister. He had known, the moment Bondita had replied with an of course to his first question, that she was going all out today. He had always known since the beginning, that there was no way he would be excused of being rendered speechless by his treasured student today, whose once curious arguments were now backed by her religious dedication towards her profession. He had tried his best to win. But, well as matter of fact, not everybody could win against his Barrister Bondita, and he had found out years ago that he was not exception either.

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