The define love – Chapter 3

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A week later


It’s been a week I haven’t met Remy and Blake … I even switched off my phone I didn’t attend school, it was too hard to get through everything.  The only guy that my best friend loved turns out love me, how am I supposed to react to it? what exactly am I supposed to say,  how was I supposed to look into remy’s eyes and tell her that everything was actually gonna be fine???

I turned out to be worse than an enemy and what Blake did to me was worse, later that day after the conversation that happened between me him and Chris,  he completely ignored me when I ask him what he meant when he said I’m only his he said that he never meant it and that I don’t mean anything to him.

He just said it so that Chris stays away from me because Chris is an a****** yes maybe he is but that doesn’t mean he has to say that I am his, he said that he was just protecting me how how was it protecting me?? I want to know why did he do it,  why did he say that I told you before too, that means they had a conversation about me before too and maybe Chris told him that he loves me or maybe that he had those kind of feelings for me.

Did Blake know everything??  and if he did then why didn’t he ever tell me about it??  what did he mean by I’m his???  oh my god!!!  this was going to be a mess … how was I supposed to meet my best friend????  how am I supposed to face everything???

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