The days of friendship and love Season2 ArDeep,MayRa,SharDaa SS Part 4

The days of friendship and love Season2 Part 4
Somebody dropped Arohi to office on his bike.Arohi hugged him and said ’bye’.

Deep was shocked to see it.He was shattered.

That man held Arohi’s hand and said:Take care.Bye.

She smiled.

Deep could not bear it anymore.Tears rolled down his cheeks.



Deep was crying in the house.

Raya and Maya were shocked to see him cry.

Maya:What’s the matter Deep?Why are you crying like a child?

Raya:Did anyone hurt you?

Deep:Arohi…I lost her.She loves someone else.

Raya and Maya were shocked.

Maya:Did her marriage get fixed with a NRI boy even before the construction of her house finished?

Deep:I don’t know.But I saw him dropping her to office in the morning.

Raya:Oh…he may have just given her lift.

Deep:No.From their behaviour we can be sure that they are not strangers.

Maya-Raya became dull.

Maya:Arohi is super rich.She is too arrogant for an innocent boy like you.

Forget her.

Deep:No Maya.I can’t forget Arohi.I can even think of loving someone else.Can you think of someone other than Rudra?

Maya:No.But Rudra loves me,not like Arohi.

Raya:Exactly. broke up with Amar.Still why did’nt you love someone else?

Raya could not reply.

Deep:Love is like that.Once we fall in love,we are in love.It’s difficult to come out of it.

Maya and Raya became upset.

Raya:But still how can she fall in love fast?

Her marriage must have just fixed.I don’t think love must have formed between them.That NRI guy may be on his vacation.So he just want to spent some time with Arohi.Still there is time Deep.You try to tell her about your love.She might drop her marriage alliance for you.

Deep:Will she really drop the proposal for me?

Raya:Why not?

Deep:But if she rejects it will be shame for me.

Maya:Just try.If she can’t accept you,it’s a loss for her.

Deep was in a dilemma.



The next day….

Deep went near Arohi during the break time.

Deep:Would you like to join me for a cold coffee?

Arohi:Yes Sure.Why not?

They bought cold coffee from the canteen.

Deep:How is the construction work going?

Arohi:Going well.Touch wood.

Deep:After the house warming only you will look for marriage proposals or now itself you will look for marriage proposals?

Arohi:Why are you asking this?Are you planning to start any marriage bureau and bring proposals for me?

Deep gave her a pale smile.

Deep:I just asked.

Arohi:Till the house warming happens and I start staying there I will not even think of marriage.

Deep was relieved.

Deep:Are you sure?


Deep was very happy.

Deep:By the way yesterday I saw someone dropping you.Who was that?

Arohi:Oh that’s my cousin Virat bhai.Since my bike is given for repair he said that he will drop me.

Deep became extremely happy.

Deep smiled:He is your cousin brother?


He hid his happiness.

Deep:I was thinking that though you are very rich you are very simple.Instead of car,you prefer bike.

Arohi just smiled.

Deep hugged Maya and Raya tight.

Raya:Leave us Deep.I am not able to breath.

Deep released them.

Maya:What is the matter?Did you propose Arohi and she accepted you?

Deep:I did not propose her.But she told me that the boy who dropped her was her cousin brother.

I am so happy.I did’nt lose her.

Raya and Maya became very happy.

Raya:That’s so sweet Deep.Congrats.

Raya pulled Deep’s cheek cutely making him smile.

Maya:So I need samosa.

Raya:I need sweets too.

Deep:I will give treat to both of you.

They smiled.



Maya and Rudra were sitting together and talking.

Rudra:As I expected Ananya told everyone that I am a gay.So my parents got angry and questioned me.Finally I told them about us.

Maya was surprised:Really?

Rudra:Yes.Anyways one day I had to tell them about us.It happened.But I never expected that I would be telling them about us like this.

Maya:What did they say?

Rudra became dull.

Rudra:Dad is not so happy.He still wants me to marry Ananya.But I told him strongly that I will marry only you.

Maya became upset.

Rudra:But mom supports me.

Maya’s face blossomed.

Rudra:She wants to meet you.

Maya was surprised.

Rudra:So tomorrow be ready.We will meet at the mall.I will bring my mom there.

Maya smiled.

Maya:I feel nervous to meet her.

Rudra:Don’t be nervous.My mom is very sweet.I am sure that mom will like you.If she likes you,she will convince my dad.But since he is very strict it will take some time for him to melt.You need to wait.

Maya:I will wait Rudra.

He smiled.



Rudra brought his mother Antara to the mall.There Maya also came.

Rudra introduced Antara and Maya to each other.

Maya got blessed by Antara.

Antara:I knew that my son’s choice can’t go wrong.But I never expected this much.You are well mannered and beautiful.

Maya smiled.

Antara:As you know ..Rudra’s father is narrow minded and strict.It is difficult for him to accept you.

Maya became sad.Rudra also became dull.

Antara caressed her and said:But I promise you that our daughter in law will be only you.

Maya-Rudra smiled.

Antara:Don’t worry.I will convince Rudra’s dad and one day he himself will get you married to Rudra.But you should wait patiently.I will try my level best.

Maya became very happy.She hugged Antara in happiness.Antara caressed her.Rudra became very happy to see it.



Raya did some grocery shopping and came out of the shop.Suddenly Alok appeared before her.Raya was shocked.


Alok:Did you think that you can simply wash off your hands and escape from me if you put me in the police lock up?I won’t leave you.

He held her hand and dragged her to his van while she struggled hard to escape from his hands.

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    Loved the chapter. Nice to Vineet in this FF. To Deep’s surprise, he ended up as Aarohi’s cousin. Raya and Maya caring for Deep and consoling him was sweet. Deep clarifying with Aarohi regarding Virat was nice. I liked Aarohi cross-questioning Deep if he start marriage bureau. Loved the edit. Deep hugging his friends was cute. Rudra finally revealed to MJ and Antara about Maya… Antara getting impressed was nice. Shocking that Alok kidnapped Raya.

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  2. Aww! Such an amazing and sweet episode. I really loved it. Their friendship is super strong.😍😍

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    Amazing and interesting 😊. Antara maya bond was nice😊. shocking that raya is kidnapped..i hope amar will rescue her soon

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