The Dangerous Mafia and his sweet girlfriend -Riansh- 5- What is that surprise ?

Disclaimer : I am telling you this is gonna be a short part..So read if you can ! 

Vansh : Angre, give her that mocktail ..

Angre : Yes boss..

Angre goes to give a mocktail to Riddhima . 

Riddhima : No Thanks..

Angre: Take naa..

Riddhima : No..

Angre : Take it. Boss has said ! 

Riddhima : Fine

She sips it and says,”Eww..! Your boss has such a bad taste…(Angre is gone) Where is this Angre ?”

Vansh : Did you say something about me ? 

Riddhima : Yess, that you have a bad taste..!

Vansh : What ? But when you tasted me ? (he winks)

Riddhima : Shut up ! I mean that this mocktail , selected by you, has such a weird taste..

Vansh :Ooo..5-4

Riddhima : What ? 

Vansh : 3-2-1 

Riddhima faints . 

Vansh : Over ! 

He picks up her and takes inside a room and makes her lie on the bed . He comes outside. 

Vansh : Thank you for being present..Byee

The guests left. 

Vansh : So let’s start..

They decorate the cruise very beautifully. 

Anupriya : Done..

Sejal : Hmm, done. ! 

Vansh : Good work, now let’s sleep..

Sejal : Hmmm

Vansh goes to his bed while Angre is looking for him . 

Angre : Boss..

Vansh hides.

Angre : Boss…boss..

Vansh : Mujhe mat dhundo hazaaron mein, Hum beeka nhi krte bazaaron mein..(Don’t look for me in thousands , I don’t sell in markets)

Angre : Boss please come it’s urgent..

Vansh appears . 

Vansh : Hmm, what is the issue ? 

Angre  : I saw the CCTV recording a boy is talking on the phone to destroy Shukla’s and put blame on you..

Vansh : Tch-tch…He came on my cruise, and was planning against me ? I think he doesn’t know VR but now he will..Angre search for him..NOWWWW…

Angre : Yes boss..

I apologise for the short..Pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I will give you one episode tomorrow..

  1. Not fair!!
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  2. It was short still m not mad at you because as student I can understand how difficult it would be so chillax bro n Ya plz upload next episode asap💞💞

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      Thanx for understanding !

  3. Samaila

    I love it……Vansh’s bad taste😅😂🤣😆🤣🤣🤣😝

  4. Wow what will be coming and there is something big did Riddhima forget or they are planning anything else.I am guessing what will be it.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thanx..Keep guessing till tmrw

  5. I forgot to say itwas interesting chapter and much suspence which was thought to have explosion in this but will eagerly waiting for next. I reallllly appreciate your work .How can someone post this much in a day I think I read three FF of yours today itself.Wow that’s awesome.Hats off for your hard work.Best of luck in future.I really think writing stories is same like chess it make ones mind sharp and could be key of success in your working field and it could help to understand others emotional and there would be no place of misunderstanding.It will help you alot and you could easily find way when in trouble.So boots new short form because I can’t end without appreciating your hard work.

    1. Jazzmiiiine10

      Thanks a lot..You just read 3 stories…On wattpad + TU Ongoing stories/books are :- 7..I have to update 7 almost daily..Still Unknowingly love wil finish so I will reduce my burden !

    2. You encouraged me by your work and I erased my thought that everything I wanted to do in a day cannot be fulfilled and you helped me too do it. Wow your awesome 😎😎.With love
      Amzi. I revealed my name only to you. I could not stop myself from revealing my name after reading your reply and thankyou so much.

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  9. Short but sweet

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