The Dangerous Mafia and his sweet girlfriend -Riansh-4- The cruise party..

Scene 1 :

Vansh : Angre, Call Samarth Shukla to join AR Industries..

Angre : Boss, IT would be better if you call him..

Vansh : OK fine..

He rings Samarth. 

Vansh : Hello..

Samarth : Hello..

Vansh : Uncle, I want SS Industries to join AR’s. 

Samarth : So ? 

Vansh : So called to ask you..

Samarth : I will tell by tomorrow..

Vansh : OK Uncle, Thanks

Samarth hangs up. Vansh leaves . 

Scene 2 : 

Next day , On cruise : 

The cruise is decorated very beautifully. Riddhima is wearing a cut sleeve black, silver gown and Vansh is wearing a black suit . Riddhima is checking the arrangements. Ishani and Siya are standing near the stage. The Shukla family comes. Riddhima hugs Samarth and Sejal. Vansh grabs everyone’s attention. 

Vansh : Hello everyone, First of all, Thank you for joining me. Secondly, I got a challenge from Mr. Praveen that Can I organise a better party from his’s. So what do you all say , IS it organising better than that ?

The audience hoots. 

Vansh : Thank you so much ..So, I won the challenge.. Enjoy…!

He leaves the stage to Mr. Praveen. 

Mr. Praveen : Well done, Mr. Rai Singhania..By the way, who organised the party ? 

Vansh : Some things, if not told are better..Enjoy..

He leaves from there to Riddhima. 

Vansh : Thanks Riddhima for the wonderful arrangement

Riddhima : It’s ok..

Scene 3 :

She leaves from there, while she is walking , a boy comes across her. 

Riddhima : Yess ? 

The boy : Hello, I’m Vijay…You are ? 

Riddhima : Riddhima..

Vijay forwards his hand to handshake , Riddhima handshakes with him. Vijay smiles. 

Vijay : A dance ?

Riddhima : Sorry, someone is calling me..

She goes.

Vijay : Pretty ! 

Vansh comes to Vijay.

Vijay: OH hello, Mr. Vansh..

Vansh : Hello Mr. Vijay..By the way, stop following girls in my party..

Vijay : Me? Following girls ? I think you are mistaken..

Vansh : No , not at all..I saw you..

Vijay: Come on..Forget it..

Vansh : Vansh Rai Singhania doesn’t forget anything easily.

He leaves from there.

Scene 4 : 

 Riddhima is standing with her brothers. 

Kabir : Riddhu , anything happened ? 

Riddhima : No..Why ?

Aryan : Vaise hi..We were just enquiring..

Riddhima : No-no , nothing..

Vansh comes to them. 

Vansh : Riddhima ,are they trying to flirt with you ?

Riddhima giggles.

Vansh : What happened ? 

Riddhima : Actually..

Aryan : We are her brothers..

They laugh.

Vansh : Ohk..

He forwards his hand, and they three handshake. Riddhima leaves from there.

Vansh : So, Plan 1 succeeds..

Kabir : Hmm..Plan 2 will also succeed soon..

They are talking and then, Anupriya calls Vansh. Vansh goes to her.

Vansh : Yes mom..

Anupriya : Vansh , Why have you called Samarth ?

Vansh : How type of question is this ? He is my business client..

Anupriya : OK..

Anupriya goes.

Scene 5 : 

.Kabir and Siya are talking to each other.

Siya : So has plan 1 succeeded ? 

Kabir : Hmm

Siya : Nice…And Samarth uncle is involved ? 

Kabir : Ya ya, Mom and dad both…

Siya : OH nice..So, soon we will start Plan 2 

Kabir : Hmm..

On the other side : 

Vansh : I still remember the day..

Samarth : It’s OK Vansh ..We will do it..

Sejal : Right..We will succeed..

Vansh : Hope so..Anyways, Enjoy..

Sejal nods. 

Scene 6: 

Angre : Boss, when we have to start Plan 2 ? 

Vansh : Angre , we will have to wait for an hour..

Angre : Do you think it will be helpful in..

Vansh : YES Angre, I am sure..

That’s all for this part..I hope you liked it..Do tell your reviews and think about the plan..Almost everyone is involved in it..What can it be ? And for whom ?

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