Anidita – Love or fire? (Part 4) The Concert By Bondita Das?

Hi guys this is Ziya. I thought to have my own story and I have tried to give you the best. I hope this track will like you. And this is episode 3.

Bondita is in her room writing a letter to her mother Sumati. She was till wondering from whom it was the call from? Is it from Anirudh or Anyone else? But question was why there was not a conversation? Was it was a prank? Maybe not…She thought. She started writing. The starting lines were ‘Ami tomake bhalubashi Maa’ Hello Maa How are you? I know you have started crying till now! Now you will also wipe as you know you can’t read further! Maa I am coming to India next month. Yes you heard it right! Maa I am going to get my barristery degree next week. After that I will come and hug you tight.

Your Bondita.

She printed it and made it ready.

Suddenly a paper flowed from the Window. Written Singing Competition now in Tulsipur. She got up from her chair with some excitement. Hip hip hurray. I know what is my plan! She called Rudra.

(Guys I have not shorted it you will know what is her plan!)

After some days..

In Tulsipur Rc Haveli. Anirudh! Anirudh! Screamed Kaka! Yes Kaka it was anirudh running! Did you not get ready we have to.. Anirudh interrupted.. Kaka I know but why me? Anirudh you are badshah of Tulsipur and it’s imp too. Kaka added. Kaka but! Anirudh No ifs and buts get ready. I will call Som nad sampoorna and shashwati.

After some minutes everyone were in the car.. Maa are we going to a concert? Yes Beta added Sampoorna. I will enjoy a lot right? Yes shashwati Said Som with some dissatisfaction.O think we have reached the venue.

All the members reached the venue where Krishnagar Was ready. Chandrachur,thakumaa,Tupur and tapur and sumati maa too..

Both went away without looking at anyone face…

Bondita and Rudra came there In a car.he said go! All the best. Thanks Rudra u pls come .yes of course.. you go Bondita!

Anirudh and his family were seated.. Perfect ly. Everyone greeted them they were served with bevarages etc.other side thakumaa and everyone were greeted with a serving of bevarages and drinks. The Concert started… The host started speaking ” Namaste everyone I am Mini Bhoumik I am doctor but actually got a wonderful opportunity to talk about today Concert. The chief guests for today are Mr..Anirudh Roy Choudhury ( she was shocked and looked at him) And his family on ther other hand Ms.Kalindi Das and her family. the first performer of the day is a girl. She stopped as something was going to happen. After a pause she started Ms.Bondita Das. Everyone was shocked including Anirudh.As he heard this name after 5 yrs..Thakumaa Said Bondita? Sumati was crying My Bondita? Kaka said bondita? Shashwati – bondita maasi?

All were confused and Mini recheck ed for sometime and said confidently yes you heard it right Bondita Das! Ms Bondita where are you? She checked but nowhere to found. Bondita Das? But the door got opened Everyone looked around the door.A pretty girl with long hair and a white gown opened the door and With a wide smile she ran to the stage..All knew it was Bondita.Kaka was thinking Such a pretty girl is Bondita. Sumati was whispering My Bondita.

She came to stairs and touched the stairs and Anirudh was still wondering with a lot of sweat. As it was a long time..

She took the mic and said Namaste all I am Bondita Das. The song I am going to sing was taught by my late father. Thank you. She took the violin and sat on a chair. Started playing with a melodious tune.everyone was awsturuck . Was Bondita was playing?

After playing she started to humm. Anirudh and Som were just staring her melodious voice maybe..they liked her at a point.

The song –

Marhami sa chand hai tu
Diljala sa main andhera
Ekk dooje ke liye hain
Neend meri khaab tera

Tu ghataa hai fuhaar ki
Main ghadi intezaar ki
Apna milna likha
Issi baras hai naa…

Jo meri manzilon ko jati hai
Tere naam ki koi sadak hai na
Jo mere dil ko dil banaati hai
Tere naam ki koi dhadak hai na

Koi bandhni joda odh ke
Baabul ki gali aaun chhod ke
Tere hi liye laaungi piyaa
Solah saal ke sawan jod ke

Pyar se thamna… dorr bareek hai
Saat janmon ki yeh pehli tareekh hai

Dor ka ekk main sira
Aur tera tera hai doosra
Jud sake beech mein kayi tadap hai na

Jo meri manzilon ko jati hai
Tere naam ki koi sadak hai na
Jo mere dil ko dil banaati hai
Tere naam ki koi dhadak hai na

Next part will be posted hope you like it

Thank you Sir


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