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Recap : Aamna denied to give permission for job to Nayab

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They both look at each other with shocked expression.

Seerat : What are u doing here ? Now,you start following too.

Faris : Excuse me , I am the owner of this company .Btw this is my question , What are u doing in my office.

Seerat : You are the reason of my sister tension . How can I forget that u are the reason of everyone’s problem .

She said while giving deadly glare.

Faris :Ye aap har dafa mere baare mein galatfehmiyan paal leti hai aur phir aa jati hai mujhse ladne . ( Why did u misunderstood me every time & then u came for doing fights with me)

Seerat : Mujhe koi shok nahi hai tumhare jaise magroor Insaan par waqt zaya karne ka .( I have not any interest to waste time on egoistic persons like u )

Faris : Lagta hai aapka dimag mazeed kharab hai.( Seems like that ur brain is damaged)

Seerat : Kya kaha tumne . Ek toh meri behn par hukm chalate ho upar se yahan bakwas kar rahe ho.(What did u say ? First, u were giving orders to my sister &
now u are uttering rubbish )

Faris : Dekhein Maine aapki behn par koi hukm nahi chalaya bas unse kaam par aane ko kaha hai.( Look, I didn’t give any order to ur sister . Just told her to come on work)

On the other side -:

Nayab & Mishal is still waiting for Seerat.

Nayab : Pata nahi Seerat kahan chali gayi hai.( Don’t know , Where she gone )

Mishal : Appi fikr na karein , Pakka kisi se ladne ya kisi Ko darane me masroof hogi wo chudail .( Appi don’t take tension , that witch(churail) might be busy with fighting someone or in scaring someone.)

Nayab look at her angrily .

Nayab : Mishi ye koi tareeka hai apni Badi behn ke baare mein baat karne ka.(Mishi, Is this any manner to talk about ur elder sister)

Mishal : Appi,Why are u become serious in every matter.

Nayab : You never become serious ….right .

Nayab : Let me call Seerat .

She check her call history & get shocked seeing the company number.

Mishal : Kya ho gaya Appi .( What happen )

Nayab : Chalein , Humein Abhi Jaana hoga.( Let’s go, We have to go now only)

She said while dragging Mishal while she get confused.

They both take a cab for Faris’s company.

They get shocked seeing the scenario infront of their eyes.

Seerat & Faris are busy in arguing with each other .

Faris : Aapko yakeenan maza aata hai fazool ke ilzaam lagane mein.( You really like to put false allegations on others)

Seerat : Oh Hello , Don’t behave like innocent soul.

Nayab : Seerat, You misunderstood his intentions.

Faris : Allah ka shukr hai ki aapke paas dimag hai aur aapki behn ke paas zara sa bhi nahi .( Thank God , you have some brain unlike ur sister )

Seerat : Haha….Very funny . Tum toh jaise Einstein ho na.( You are saying like that you are Einstein )

Mishal is enjoying their fights while Ayaan came from behind to stop their fights.

Mishal : Are Ruke na , Kahan Jaa rahe hai aap . Ladne de na .( Stop , Where are u gone . Let them fight)

Ayaan : Dimag toh theek hai aapka . Aapko maza aa raha hai unko ladte hue dekhkar .( Are u in ur senses. You are looking their fight as entertainment )

Mishal : Nahi , Shayad Humari Appi aur aapke dost tang aa kar Seerat ko pagalkhane chod aayenge tab maza aayega. Waise bhi use bahut shauk hai ladne ke , Wahi ladegi Sabse .( Not at all , Maybe my sister & your friend sent Seerat to mental hospital after getting irritated with her. She has a lot of interest in fighting , then she will fight there only )

Ayaan : Ha ye toh hai .( Yeah , it is right )

Mishal : Mishal Fatima kabhi galat nahi kehti( Mishal Fatima never say wrong )

She said with fake attitude while he smile at her cuteness

Faris : Now, u only tell that I said to come on work as u told me that u join after ur University .

He said to Nayab .

Seerat : Ha toh wo ek din nahi aati toh tumhari company band toh nahi ho jati .(If she didn’t come one day ,then ur company get bankrupt ….right)

Faris : Main aapse baat karne mein koi dilchaspi nahi rakhta. Aapko beech mein bolne ko kisne kaha.(I have no interest in talking with u. Don’t talk in between)

Seerat : She is my sister & I have full right to interfere in her matter . Did u asked the reason from Noor that why she is not coming on job. No , you just take ur so called decision in attitude .

Faris : Excuse me , If she have any problem then it’s her duty to inform me not mine.

Nayab : Your receptionist cut the call without listening me . I accept it’s my mistake as well as your mistake Seerat.

She said to Seerat .

Seerat : Ther is not any fault of mine .

Nayab : Kisi ke baare mein Bina jaane uske baare mein galat sochna galat hai. (It’s wrong to think bad about any person without knowing )

Faris : Yahi baat inko samajh nahi aati.(She didn’t understand this only)

Seerat : Main muafi nahi mangungi.( I will not say sorry)

She said while turning her face in opposite direction.

She move toward Mishal.

Mishal : Ya Allah Ab kya mujhse bhi ladogi .( Ya Allah, Now u will also fight with me)

She said giggling . Ayaan move toward Faris.

Seerat : Shut up Mishi .

Nayab : Hum muafi chahte hai Seerat ki taraf se . Wo kya hai unhe thoda gussa aa jaat hai kabhi kabhi ( I am sorry on the behalf of Seerat . Actually , sometime she get lil bit angry)

Faris : Thoda gussa .( lil bit angry)

Ayaan & Faris both said in unison looking at her shock.

Faris : Unka bas Chalein toh wo toh aasmaan sar par utha le. Aapko ye thoda gussa lagta hai.( If it’s in her hand , she will pick sky on her head. This seems to you lil bit anger)

Nayab look toward Seerat who fumes on his statement .

She understands that it is better to end this matter here.

Nayab : I will surely come after tomorrow or day after tomorrow on work. Please give me that much time .

She said in hurry & hold Seerat ‘s hand to move outside as she know she is going to explode again.

Seerat look at him with deadly eyes & frowns . Nayab dragged both of them toward the exit.

Ayaan : Bro, Why u don’t say anything to that girl. She always ready to fight with anyone.

Faris : Don’t know ….I don’t want to drag this matter more .

He said while staring at Seerat .

They both move toward his cabin.

Seerat is very annoyed with her sister. They are waiting for cab outside the company.

A girl get collided with Nayab & the documents in her hand get fall down . She mutters Sorry to her & run inside .

She notice documents & pick those .

Nayab : Excuse me , You forget this .

She turned while saying .

Nayab : I am coming in two minutes . You both wait for cab here only.

Mishal : Where are u gone ?

Nayab : Someone forget these , I am going to return these documents.

Seerat : Aise hi zindagi bhar doosron ki madad karti rehna tum aur sab tumhe nuksaan pahunchate rahenge .( You do help of others lifetime just like this & they will always tried to harming u)

She said angrily while she smile .

She enter inside & saw her on the reception.

Nayab : Excuse me , you forget these documents .

She said while tapping on her shoulder. She turn & the girl is revealed as Aima.

Aima : Shukriya Aapka .( Thank you)

She said while taking papers from her hands .

Nayab look at her & tried to recognise her.

Nayab : Humne aapko pehle bhi dekha hai Shayad . Waise aap yahan kaam karti hai kya .( I might be saw you somewhere. Did u work here ? )

Aima : Nahi hum….( No, I am…)

Mishal called her name before she listen her statement.

Nayab : Waise hum yahi kaam karte hai .Allah ne chaha toh dobara mulakaat hogi .( I am working here only . If Allah wants, then we will met again)

She said & runs toward exit.

Aima move toward Faris’s cabin.

Aima : Asslamoalaikum Bhaijaan.

Faris : Walekumasslam . Yahan kaise aana hua aapka.( How did u came here)

Ayaan : Are Aapke pair toh nahi toot gaye yahan aane mein , itni nazuk hai jo aap .(Didn’t ur legs get broken , you are very delicate na )

He said while teasing her.

Aima : Ayaan Bhaijaan , Ab aapki biryani Banna cancel.( Your Biryani treat get cancel)

Ayaan : Ya Khuda , Ab har koi biryani ki dhamki dene laga hai .( Oh God , Now everyone start blackmailing me in the name of Biryani)

Faris : Ho Gaya .. Ghar Jaa kar ladna. Aap apna kaam bataiye.(Done….You both will fight in home not here …You tell ur work)

Aima : Ye Ammi ne aapko diye hai . Aapko pata hai Bhaijaan humne ye gira diye the par Allah ka shukr hai ki unhone humein lauta diye .( Ammi give this for u . You know I lost these paper in way but thank God she returned this)

Ayaan : Kisne …(Who)

Aima : Unka naam nahi pata par wo keh rahi thi ki wo yahan employee hain.( I don’t know her name but she was saying that she is employee here)

Faris : Hmm….Chalo accha hai.(Hmm…Fine)

They trio reached at the house .

Seerat is still disturbed as well as angry & it didn’t went unnoticed by they both.

Mishal : Ek toh Masha Allah se tumhara chehra itna accha hai aur upar se boil hue aalo sa mooh bana rakha hai .(Masha Allah, your face is good & on the top of that u are making your face like boiled potato)

She said in a sarcastic way.

Nayab chuckle while Seerat give them deadly glare.

Seerat : Tu to jaise hoor ki pari hai .( You are Angel of heaven…right )

Mishal : Woh toh hun.(yeah , I am )

Seerat : Tere khawaboon mein ……(in ur dreams only)

Nayab : Enough , u both are most beautiful.

Seerat : Why don’t u understand Noor that sometime it’s important to fight .

Mishal : Koi inse seekhein logon se ladna.( Someone learn from her how to fight with people)

Seerat : Aur tujhse seekhein logon ka mazak udana.( & learn from her how to make fun of others)

Nayab : I don’t need to learn things from u both .

In Night –

Mishal & Seerat are busy in their dinner while Nayab is thinking how to make Amna agree. They both intentionally start fighting for changing her mind.

Mishal : Kitna khayegi tu . Itni toh moti hai ab ballon mein tabdeel hona hai kya.(How much u eat . You are already fat , now u want to look like ballon)

Seerat : You dumb , What’s your problem with my diet ?

Mishal : Thoda khana Appi ke liye bhi chod dein . Dekhein unhe kitni kamzor lag rahi hain.( Left something for Appi to eat. See , she is looking very weak)

She said with a wink .

Nayab : Huh….I am not at all weak.

Seerat : Right , Mishi need immediate eye checkup.

Mishal : You need dieting plan .

They both look at each other like enemies .

Nayab : Kam se Kam khaana khaate waqt toh ladna band kar dein . Chup ho kar khayegi nahi toh kal se kisi Ko bhi khana nahi milega. ( At least , stop fighting when u are eating . Do ur dinner quietly or else you both don’t get food to eat tomorrow)

Both look at her with shock & finished their dinner.

Nayab is sitting in their room & trio are busy in chatting with each other .

Nayab : It’s become late , Now u both sleep.

Seerat : Sleep here only . Here is enough space .

Mishal : Ha Appi , zyada zaroorat padi toh is moti Ko bed se phaink denge (Yeah Appi, if you need more space , then we will throw this moti from the bed)

Seerat : Aur tujhe ghar se bahar.( & I will throw u out of the house )

Nayab : No , You both know that I have a habit of writing diary in night .You both get disturbed .

She leave from there while they both look at each other angrily.

Nayab is sitting while holding her diary.
She is busy in penning down her thoughts .

Suddenly , a knock broke her chain of thoughts .

She look at the entrance .

Nayab : Aunty, is waqt aap yahan. ( You here on this time)

Amna : I have to tell u something important .

She keep her pen & close the diary . She move toward her.

Nayab : Hmm…Bolein.(Say)

Amna : You want to help me in expenses from your job .

She nods her head.

Amna : Why u want to help me ?

Nayab : Because I don’t want that u face any problem because of me . I don’t want to become burden on you.

Amna : You think like that u return my all favours from your job. It’s impossible to return my favours as they are unlimited. How do u pay back that I did care for u & spend money on u from ur childhood like mother.

Nayab : Dekhein, jaanti hoon ki aapke bahut ehsaan hai hum par lekin aapne mujhe kabhi bhi Maa ki tarah nahi paala hai isliye humari ammi ke baraabar apne aap ko dekhna band kar dein kyunki ye baat aap bhi janti hai aur Allah bhi ki aap jhoot bol rahi hain isliye keh rahi hoon aur jhoot bolkar apne gunahon mein izaafa na karein.( Look,I know there are many favours of you on me but u never take care of me like mother , so stop comparing yourself from my Mother because u know & Allah also know that u are telling lie that’s why I am saying don’t do more sin )

She said while shooting glare from her eyes .

Amna : Jo bhi hai ….Main tumhe jaane ki izzat de dungi lekin tumhe kuch karna padega.( Whatever….I will give u permission to go for job but you have to do something in the return)

Nayab : Saaf lafzon mein bolein ki Sauda karna chahti hai aap . Bataye kya chaiye ab aapko.( Tell me clearly , that u want to do deal. What do u want now ?)

Amna : Tumhari ammi ke wo zevar jo tumhare paas hai. Seerat ke jahez ke liye chaiye .( I want jewelleries of your mother which u have . I want to give Seerat for dowry)

Nayab : Fazool ki bahane na karein , wo humari ammi ki aakhiri nishani hai . Humein samajh nahi aata aap apni beti ke liye aisa shohar kyun chahti hai jo jahez le . Aap toh Mishal aur Seerat ki acchi Maa nahi ban saki humari kya banegi .( Don’t give lame excuses , those jewelleries are my mum’s last signs . I don’t understand why u want a husband who take dowry for your daughter. You can’t become Mishal & Seerat’s good mother , how will u become my mother then)

Amna raised her hand to slap her but she hold her hand.

Nayab : Sochiyega bhi mat , humein zyadtiyaan aur galat sehne ki aadat nahi hai . Hum wo Seerat ko tohfe mein de denge lekin jahez mein nahi . ( Don’t u dare to think , I don’t have habit of tolerate torture & wrong . I will give that Seerat to as a gift but not in dowry)

She move toward her almirah & take out the jewellery box .

Nayab : Rakhein ise aur Seerat ko tohfe mein de dijiyega lekin agar humein ye jahez ke saman mein dikh gaye toh aag laga denge saare saaman mein .( Take this & give Seerat as a gift but if i see these jewelleries in dowry then I will burn all the things ).

She said while handing box to her . She leave from there after taking the box.

She closed the door . She sit on the bed while holding her parents photo .

Background song –

Door Manzil hai , rahguzar tanha

Raasta khatm hi nahi hota

Nayab : Ammi humein muaf kar dein aapki aakhiri nishani bhi humne kho di lekin phir ye sochte hai ki humse badhkar aap donon ki nishani kuch aur kaise ho sakti hai . Hum khud aap logon ki nishani hai aur aap donon ki yaad karne ke liye humein kisi nishani ki ab zaroorat nahi hai .(Ammi, forgive me I lost you ur last remembrance too but then I think that who is your both biggest sign rather than me . I am the sign of u both & I don’t need any thing to remember u )

Reza Reza khwaab hai aankho mein

Kaise keh doon ki gham nahi hota

A teardrop fall down from her eyes on photo .

Koi shikwa nahi magar maula -2
Kya karoon Dard kam nahi hota.

Nayab : Aapko pata hai pehle hum Allah se bahut khafa hote the ki humari saath hi wo galat kyun karte hai , Kyun aap donon ki humse cheen liya phir humein samajh aaya ki wo jaanta hai ki Insaan bahut khudgarz hota hai agar uski zindagi sirf khushiyon se bhar di jaaye toh wo Allah Ko bhool jaata hai . Allah nahi chahta ki hum unhe bhulein , wo chahta hai ki hum aansoon bahakar user shikayat karein , dua karein aur usse apni dil ki baatein karein. Wo humein Apne qareeb rakhna chahta hai Shayad isliye itne takleef deta hai zindagi mein.Hum toh bahut khushnaseeb hai ki Allah humara saath dena chahta hai , humari dua Sunna chahta hai.(You know Ammi ,firstly i was very angry with God that why he only do wrong with me , why he snatched u both from me , then I get understand that he already know that human is very selfish ,if his life is full of happiness only then he forget God.Allah does not want that I forget him , he want that I will complained to him while crying ,I will pray from him & share my feelings of heart from him . He want to make me near him that’s why he give this much problems in my life .I am very lucky that Allah(God) want to together with me in every phase of life & want to listen my prayers)

Zindagi ke udaas lamho mein teri yaadonn ka saaybaan toh hai

She said while smiling in tears . She wiped away her tears & keep the photo on table near her bed.

Tera ehsaas, teri khusboo hai
Mere apnon ka ek maan toh hai

Nayab (think ) : Finally, I got permission to join job. Now, no one can stop my dream getting fulfilled .

Ye chirago Ko kya bujhayengi ki hawaon mein dam nahi hota

Koi Shikwa nahi magar maula-2
Kya karoon Dard kam nahi hota

She think in herself & closed her eyes while lying down on bed .

She is sleeping peacefully .

After some time, She wake up while shouting & check her surrounding . She breathe in relief .

Nayab : Ya Allah , Ye kaisa khwaab tha.Humari toh Jaan hi nikal gayi thi . Hum teenon ka rishta tootne ke baarein mein zikr kya soch bhi nahi sakte hum.
( Oh God , How was that dream . I feel like dying .I can never think about that our relation get broken , saying this is very difficult for me)

She drink water & look at the clock . She get worried & start walking toward the window .

Nayab : Ya Khuda , Ammi kehti thi ki Fazr ke waqt ka khwaab toh sach ho jaata hai. Nahi , humara mukammal dimag kharab ho Gaya hai , jaane kya sochein jaa rahein hai.Allah sab accha hi karta hai , kuch galat nahi hota .( Ya Khuda, Ammi told the dreams which saw on the time of fazr gets true in reality . No, I think that I lost my mind completely , what I am thinking . God do everything good , nothing wrong happen)

She said staring outside while trying to compose herself …

She start offering Namaaz . She pray for them.

Nayab : Hum nahi jaante ki us khwaab ka kya matlab tha bas itna jaante hai ki aap kuch bura nahi hone denge .Agar ye koi imtihaan hai hum teenon ke rishte ka toh isse hum guzar jaye aur humara rishta bhi na toote . Allah hum teenon ko humesha saath rakhna .( I don’t know what is the meaning of that dream , I only know this that u never do anything wrong . If this is any test of yours to testing our relation then we get passed without hurting this relation. Good keep us three always together)

Tears roll down to her cheeks & fall down on her hand which are praying for them.She get remind of time which she spent with Mishal & Seerat

Screen freezes

Precap – Faris start attracting toward Seerat ….Nayab get to know that Aima is same girl which she saw with Rahil.

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