The Caged Bird – Chapter 8


Draped in the shades of red and golden, laded with jewelry from head to toe, Sayi was looking no less than an angel ascended from heaven, but what made her look prettier were the black and golden beads around her neck and the red pigment on the partition of her hairline.

She was sitting silently on the couch, beside her was the man who was announced as her husband not long ago, surrounded by people and people with cameras and mics, pushing each other to get to the front. She was silently witnessing the commotion, trying to recall what had happened in the past few hours…… the past few hours that had seemed to have passed in a blink of an eye, and changed her whole life.

Her father and father in law finally made their entry, her dad had changed into a formal suit from the sherwani and was now ready to address the media to announce his retirement and her heirship.

She was trying to process the sudden huge events taking place in her life. Everything happened in a hurry, she still hadn’t gotten over her engagement and now she is married and is to be announced as the next chairman of one of the biggest companies of the world. She wasn’t ready to take any of the responsibilities that were being enforced on her by her dad. She was stuck, again, inside the storm of her thoughts, there seemed no escape, she was sweating profusely, her hands and legs were trembling, she gasped for breath, but unlike the last time, a hand held her hand, she turned to see her mother. Usha tai had brought her medicines and she was normal again. Sayi looked from the corner of her eyes, her dad seemed least bothered.


Virat was reminiscing his moments with Pakhi, from the day they met, till the day they fought for the first time in 10 years on his engagement. He hadn’t seen Pakhi since that day, he would wait for her for hours in front of her house, but she never came out.

No one except for him knew what was going inside his heart, not even Pakhi. He had his eyes stuck towards the door, hoping for Pakhi to come, he wanted to see her once, not caring for now about how hurt she would feel seeing him become of someone else. He wanted to register her face in his heart for one last time, as he knew she would never meet him again…………he knew she would not come, for, it was not the same as the last time.

They both were now called to the adjacent room, where their coronation was supposed to happen. The media wasn’t allowed inside and only 2 family photographers were present to witness the crown ceremony.

The bride and the groom were sitting on the chairs while their fathers and mothers were standing on each side, the photographer clicked their photos for the family portrait and did a photoshoot of Virat and Sayi at the same time.

Vikrant, her dad’s most loyal manager came in with some documents in his hand, and went away handling them to Kamal.

Sayi was made to sign a few documents, becoming the sole owner of the Joshi heritage!

The crowns were bought, and their royal priest made them both wear it, Kamal Joshi gifted his daughter the sword that was being passed on to the sons of the family from one generation to another.

They again went to the hall to address the media. Sayi was going to face the media for the first time ever, she was exhausted, but she somehow mustered courage and drained the moment she went in. She could see Ayyan and Piyali (Virat’s PA) waiting for them on the stage.

The media started to bombard them with questions, Sayi hoped for a similar miracle like her engagement to happen, to skip the media, but she knew her luck had accidentally favored that day. She was sitting like a mannequin, while Virat was facing the media as he always did.

“Mrs. Sayi Joshi Chavan, you have been announced as the new chairman of the Joshi Empire, how do you feel about it, what is your vision?”

The whole hall was suddenly silent, Sayi scanned the hall and found every eye looking towards her. She looked in the direction of her mother, who gave her a nod. When Sayi remained silent for a long time, Virat signed Samrat, who understood what he meant and was coming towards them, just then Sayi spoke up.

I remember one of you asking me why didn’t I ever attended any press-cons with my dad or why did I never faced the media, it was always because I was too scared to face the world outside. I never had the courage to answer the questions that came up on me, I never had the courage to face the crowd and I have no idea how am I speaking all this right now, so that is what is the answer to the first part of your question. I’m scared as hell, but, I’m confident that I will never let the guard of the two names attached to mine. And, about how I see this company in the next few years, I have no idea as for now, except for the fact that I will do my best and leave no stone unturned to reach a new height. Thank you

Virat now signed Samrat again, who took away the reporters like last time.

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