The Buddy Project 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 9th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 9th April 2014 Written Update

Ranveer says to vani if your cafe and our website will collaborate, it will be profitable for you…You will get promotions in free… Vani says enough is enough..keep your stupid idea for your cafe ..Just remember this is my cafe..I will manage it..You guys just think about to launch your website..Dont think about my cafe..Actually i am not your type who go to coffee shop only for time pass..Coffee..gossiping..thats it..Now piddi says in coffee shop if people doesnt take coffee then what they do..n if they dont take coffee then how you got profit..She says dont worry about my sale just think about you..How long you will have fun..She says its not my idea that in my cafe people come and sing songs. I want to protect animals..You know i want to take some serious action for my cafe..I hope you get know i wont think about a change.. Piddi says what is the fun to be so serious..Ranveer says just think about our will be profitable. then why not.. Vani says you are so are thinking about your business not about my cafe..enough now. this conversation is over..please leave..

Maya and jt comes there.. maya asks what’a happening..Kd says we are discussing our plans with vani..Ravveer says i dont think so kd .. Just now vani throws our plan in dustbin..Kd dont let know about their fight to maya.. Maya says i hope vani is cooperating..Piddi about to say something wrong about her but later says, she is nice girl. Kd says forget we discussed,, Actually i have another great idea..maya says glad that you guys getting more ideas..Buddies and vani go together..
Jt sir says to maya , i hope these guys are alright..
Buddies drop vani at her home and kd says we want to discuss out plan with you.. vani doesnt listen to them and says maya likes your plan not me..I am not interested in your plans..Ranveer says kd let her go home.. she is so arrogant.. we dont need her help..I am silent because of jt sir, otherwise.. kd asks them to relax… Vani says to tell your idea soon.. he says your passion is to help society and to change in community.

You can protect for animals safety..thats great.. so why not we our your cafe as a place where people meet and discuss the problem of community..think about solutions and then will take actions..A place like cafe cum community centre… Vani likes his idea now.. and smiles..Ranveer says what about our website.. Kd says we dont forget its vani’s cafe so it will happen which vani likes..Ranveer says just a minute, what are you saying we will hold our business because of her cafe..Are you mad? I never thought you will break my plan.. He gets angry n goes.. Vani says well your idea sounds good..i was about to do that only..she asks to meet tomorrow now getting late n goes..

Next scene in morning buddies waiting for vani.. She says sorry . and i wont be able to call you as my phone breaks.. Sheeba says its ok.. Kd says firstly we will create a page because people used to do net surfing..He asks her account.. she denies as she doesnt have any account on internet…They all shocked to know it..She says actually i dont have passion of it…Kd creates her account on laptop..N they work on laptop for her cafe..
Next scene Ranveer is cooking , Kd comes their.. Ranveer says why you come here .. you know i dont want to face that girl.. dont say me to convince her..Kd says i didnt say anything about her..I came here to see how you will cook noodles..I means its much entertaining..Panchi have seen many times..KD says i miss her too.. she used to teach us like teacher..All people consulted their problems to her..He asks ranveer if panchi would be at their place what she would do..Ranveer says i cant do this..Kd says it will not be easy, it will tough for everyone. This is a lesson number one. Ranveer says what about our business plan..Kd says we will work unitedly with her and our business..

Buddies sleep and vani taunts them that they are really kid .. Kd says to leave for now.. its late night now.. kd says i will drop.. A boy is asking to shopkeeper to give him rest rupees..But he says you ate two plates.. Vani comes there with Kd on bike..She asks that boy what happened? why is he disturbing you.. The boy tells her, I gave her 50 rupees and ate only one plate paani puri..when i asked for change.. He is saying its completed..Vani scolded shopkeeper.. and asks him to give rest money to kid.. He talks her rudely.. Kd comes n says dont be so rude.. Shopkeeper says if i do what will you do..Kd says i will beat you..leave him.. He denies.. Vani says i will break your teeth.. n kd beats him with helmet.. Kd says dont be over smart otherwise i will beat you more..Now he gives him money back..The boy thanks both of them n goes..

Vani says what was the need of my help.. I was handling..I didnt call you.. Kd gets angry and says Whats your problem.. Whats happened with you..?? why are you like this?? vani says to leave her alone..Kd catches her hand.. and says you have to tell me why are you so rude to whom, who help you..give me answer.. what is the story vani.. Vani says i dont have any story….Kd says why are you so angry anytime .. you help others when you know you can get in trouble. why you take a lot risk..or you want to hide something..Vani says i did everything my own always…Sometimes i really think that anyone help me..kd says we are doing your help..She says you are doing because you are asked to do.. You think i am not capable to do it alone..and i hate it..I dont want anyone’s sympathy.I am not weak..He says what are you saying do you know.. He says i help others because i have to do i dont think they are weak..All complication you have in your mind..

Vani comes to buddies home..Kd shows that you have 300 followers of your cafe..She is very happy as its only in one day..Kd repairs vani’s phone n gives her.. Ranveer is surprised as kd didnt do his work…and remember about vani’s phone…

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