The Buddy Project 9th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 9th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 9th April 2013 Written Update

RanSh are knocked out but before JeeMi can take care of them, JJ stops them and looks at Kiya who has this guilty expression on her face. JJ approaches RanSh and gets hold of their arms. On cue, Kiya rushes to help him with RV and Piddi with KD. They all make RanSh stand up who are not in their senses. JJ STTC, “It could’ve happened. That they stopped hating each other, it could’ve happened. But…” He looks at them helplessly and they walk off. Cs&Ds follow them while Avantika looks on with an amused/thoughtful look on her face.

Dean is taking JJ’s class in the office. He asks how did he manage to make the students fight. JJ gives Sophia a swift glance and explains that it was very easy! He called the students in room, gave them gloves and rang the gong, they started fighting. Dean is dumbfounded while Sophia laughs at this (AND YOU GUYS SAY KE INKA SCENE NAHIN HO SAKTA?! Broaden your imaginations Peoples!!!) but shuts up seeing Dean. Dean asks JJ has he any idea of the consequences if the media and Trustees (uff! Yahan bhi Trustees ) get to know of this. JJ says he won’t tell them anything of his plan, he’d just direct them to Dean and unless he wants to be interviewed, media thingy is bad thingy. Dean asks what about RanSh? Sophia is giving JJ all those Moony looks (OH EM GEE!!! DECIDE THEIR COUPLE NAME IDIOTS! They are SOOO meant to be!!!) JJ replies that they have been given first aid. One has been taken to his home while the other rests in hostel. Deans call JJ mad and JJ thanks him for the compliment saying does he remember what he said to Rama Sir when he called? Dean replies that he said that ICC is being run by barbarians, lunatics and mad peoples. JJ asks and what did RS reply? Dean says that he had said that he can only think of a bigger mad person than the students! JJ says he got what he wanted and unless he doesn’t want JJ to clear up the mess, he shouldn’t interfere in JJ’s work. Dean taunts like he did today. JJ becomes serious and says not like today, today he failed. Then he gives Dean Edison’s example of how he had said that he has discovered 1000 ways of how not to invent a bulb before actually inventing one. Similarly, he has found out how the fight will not be resolved. Dean retorts that he hopes JJ won’t have to waste a 1000 times before succeeding. JJ laughs hearing this. Sophia continues the moony looks and Dean asks her doesn’t she think he’s mad?! Sophia, in the moony mode, says no, he is very cool. In fact, he’s very CUTE and ICC needs him. She also walks away and Dean exclaims that it seems like ICC just doesn’t need him (Dean) anymore!

JJ gets out of the office and behind him, Avantika gets out of a nearby room with headphones on. She takes out the mic she had fitted in the office and says finally, they got someone to give them fair challenge and thanks the Ol’ Man (Dean) for it.

Piddi is praying in front of the Gods saying he doesn’t care if he’s punished or thrown out of the EB. He doesn’t care if he doesn’t get to finish College, he can do any weird stuff for a living like taking dogs on strolls for 20 rupees. But, God shouldn’t do such stuff to KD no more. He then picks the Junglee Stone and continues that his (JJ’s) network is coming busy, God should do something then as He can do anything.

Omi is tending to KD like a brother should and would in a hostel room. Omi is saying to KD that he had told him before to take the room in the hostel but KD had refused. It’s about time he says yes. KD says he stayed because he can’t face his father in this state. Omi says KD should stay permanently as these types of things can continue happening. They won’t spare those Ds now and teach them such a lesson that their offsprings will come in the world with bruised faces. KD says there’s no need for that and to this, JJ says there is every need. Omi is surprised seeing JJ at the door while KD is completely dumfounded! JJ steps in saying that he is right and asks Omi’s name. Omi tells him so and JJ continues that fights are necessary. If every week 50-60 students aren’t beaten the way KD was today, what’s the fun in life? He sits beside KD and continues his sarcastic remarks that life is full of these fights and they should be. It’s so fun to break those bones and noses and have the plasters on the legs. He again asks Omi’s name and he shamefully tells him so. JJ remarks that Omi has such a short and sweet name and suggests him to declare open war. These hockey sticks and fist fights are out dated now. They should have bombs and swords and annihilate everyone. But there’s a catch, if they annihilate everyone, who would they fight with? KD motions Omi to leave and he nods but JJ stops him, only to take the glass of water from his hand. Omi leaves.

KD wants to say something to JJ but JJ cuts across him asking if he wants to end the enmity between RanSh? KD immediately doesn’t answer and says that JJ doesn’t know the full story. JJ says that he does know, everything. About the MMS which KD didn’t send. About the money that KD didn’t have. About the ego that is filled within KD. About the lack of trust that YaRa are suffering from, he knows everything. He had thought that he, no, they had finished everything. The friendship they built would last for years but he was just making sand castles. It’s his loss, RA’s biggest loser turned out to be Anirudh Jaitley. KD is hurt/shocked hearing this. JJ again asks if he wants to end the enmity with RV or not? KD looks away and says it’s not that easy, they did a lot to him. JJ cuts across him and exclaims they did a lot to him, then he did a lot to them! But that’s not how things will end! You can’t beat fire with fire and this will go on till one of them extends the hand of friendship. But if KD wants, that can happen. JJ asks again, if KD is ready to extend the hand of friendship towards RV or not? KD looks away and doesn’t reply. JJ stares at him for a while and then thanks him. He makes him rest and puts the blanket on him and leaves after thanking him for giving his answer. After he’s gone, KD desperately calls for him but it’s too late. He drags his hurt body on the bed but then cries miserably out of the pain, hurt and shame of it all (OH MY GOD! This is coming from a person who is not a fan of Fahad – this scene topped all scenes from yesterday’s fight. It’s that good )

AviKa at their place. Avi asks Avantika how come she is eating ice cream with marshmallows? She replies just like that. Avi sarcastically comments that he has just met her yesterday, is that what she’s thinking? He knows she eats ice cream with marshmallows only when she’s super happy and she’s super happy only when she’s either done mischief or is about to do so. Avantika calls him Marshall and says it’s nothing like that. Avi pinches her ear hard and warns her never to mess around with him and she bursts out saying he is practicing Domestic Violence on her and he’d never get married and if he does it won’t be love marriage, it’d be arranged and that would happen after showing those charts they get made after birth! ( this girl is the bomb! Doesn’t even let me hate her completely ) Avi gets it that she finally found someone of her level and she affirms. Avi jokes that it must be some inmate of the Mental Asylum from which she escaped and Avantika smiles it’s not an inmate, it’s a Warden. It’s a Professor. Avi understands that she is talking about JJ and she nods. He gets frustrated and says that she knows JJ is not a normal Professor and YaRa talk about him like he’s a supernatural, superhero kind of a being. Avantika brightens up and jokes that JJ wears his underwear inside his pants () Avi rebukes her for thinking everything funny. Like how on her 12th birthday she banged Dad’s sports car in the wall, it wasn’t so funny after the police case and Avantika explains that she only wanted to know if the safety balloons aired up or not. Avi warns Titli saying he’d stop her from making any mistakes this time. Avantika lovingly holds his shoulders and says she’s born to make mistakes and he’s born to save her ass. She runs away saying she loves him and he just smiles helplessly after her (I swear, if anyone wants to know Avi is in love, see if he smiles in this way for any girl who’s not Avantika. Because that smile holds SO MUCH LOVE that words can’t measure ) After she’s gone, he says that he loves her too that’s why he’s worried about her all the time.

Someone is applying medicine on RV’s face and winces out in pain, begging his Moti to calm down as it hurts. Panchi replies that he’s the one who got beaten up and then he scolds the one who is tending to him?! He apologizes and asks if KD also got hurt this much. Panchi says he’s on the verge of dying and yet more than his bruises, he is happy about the hurt he caused KD. RV stops her from lecturing and she says it’s not a lecture. 3 months ago, RV was the one adamant on saving KD’s house. RV retorts that look what KD did in return, pointing to his bruised body. Panchi tells him when they were helping KD, he was thankful but RV refuses to listen. Panchi says this has to stop somewhere and RV says it will, once he shows KD his real place (HOW?!?!?). Panchi tells him JJ won’t let this happen and RV defends saying JJ was the one who made them fight. Panchi explains only so that they let out all their hatred once and for all. RV says he is glad JJ is back and she knows how much he respects JJ but this time, he won’t let JJ come between him and KD. JJ is at the door and he says, “Thank you.” hearing this. RaHi are shocked seeing him.

JJ says he had come here with a request for RV to stop this fight thinking he was their teacher but he guess not. He thanks RV for showing him his real place today. He leaves after thanking him again. Panchi runs after him and RV weakly calls for her but ends up wincing in pain.

Panchi gets hold of JJ outside and asks him not to give up and fix all this. JJ says how can he, there’s too much hatred there! Panchi says till now JJ was the one who showed them the way. How can he ask her about it now, she doesn’t know anything! She begs him to fix it all and doesn’t listen to what he excuse he wants to make and runs inside again.

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