The Buddy Project 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 8th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 8th January 2014 Written Update

Piddi suggests to KD that they go out for some fresh air, it’s too suffocating inside. One by one, all the Buddies disperse. Harsh smirks that he is already liking the party.

Outside, Piddi calms KD down. KD says if it wasn’t for JJ, he would teach Harsh a lesson. Piddi tells him that they will take all their revenge in the basketball match. He then tells KD about his analysis of Harsh that he may be a good player but he is an egoistic person and will do anything to impress Kiya and degrade everyone else. Which means he will try to score all baskets himself. Now they have to strategize keeping this in mind. KD is mighty impressed. Piddi becomes all modest and says he has plans for RV as well. But just then, RV is seen approaching them and Piddi excuses himself.

Inside, Harsh suggests to the girls that they play truth and dare. Panchi immediately likes the idea. Piddi comes there and taunts Harsh for suggesting such childish games. Harsh retorts by calling him a mosquito and well they have a little war of words. Kiya intervenes and goes with Harsh’s idea of truth and dare.

Bottle ends on Kiya and she chooses truth. Harsh asks her if she finds him attractive? Piddi gets offended at the question but Harsh says he asked Kiya, not him. Kiya replies he is reasonably good looking and not that bad. Harsh smirks and tells Piddi to go inform KD what Kiya thinks about him. Panchi intervenes by continuing the game.

Outside, RV apologizes to KD for leaving Kiya alone. KD replies that it wasn’t his fault, Kiya is a big girl and doesn’t need a bodyguard. In fact, at least RV trusted her..KD couldn’t even do it. He apologizes to RV for shouting at him but RV brushes it aside. RV says he is worried about the basketball match that it might turn into a Chillars vs Dhakkans fight or Election version 2.0. KD assures him that it won’t happen, they will make sure the match is played in true sportsman spirit. RV asks is it necessary for the match to happen. KD replies it is as JJ wants it. But all’s well between them. In the end, KD warns him that he won’t let go of RV’s team so easily. they will taste a bitter defeat. RV laughs and replies in the same spirit that they will see about it.

Bottle stops on Kiya again and she chooses dare. Harsh asks her is it true she danced blind folded at NYB? Panchi says it’s true. Harsh asks her for a similar dance. Kiya is shocked and says no but Harsh tells her a dare is a dare. She agrees.

Harsh gets really close to her during the dance and RanSh are shocked to see the scene when they come back in.

KD breaks them apart and angrily shouts at KD. Harsh retorts saying it’s fine he is insecure of him but he could at least trust Kiya. KD gets all pushy shovy with Harsh and Kiya stops the fight saying that JJ told them to take care of Harsh instead of fighting all the time. KD turns to Kiya and asks is she really doing it only for JJ? Doesn’t she have an ulterior motive behind her concern for Harsh? Harsh shouts at KD for talking to Kiya in such manner. KD turns to Harsh for fight but Kiya shouts at him for coming back at square one. He promised that he would control his anger and possessiveness but he is doing the same again. This time she won’t let him control her. KD retorts what did she expect him to do? Stand aside and let the playboy flirt and dance with him?! Kiya says Harsh is right, he can never change! The fight intensifies and KD suggests if she has so many problems with him why doesn’t she leave him! Kiya agrees and says he left her no option, they should just break up. Much to the Buddies’ shock and Harsh’s pleasure.

KD asks is she breaking up with him for Harsh? Kiya replies she is breaking up with him cuz of his behavior. KD just shakes his head and leaves, ignoring RaHi’s pleas to stay and talk. Piddi wants to talk to him but Kiya stops him. Harsh applauds Kiya’s stand and praises her but she says she just wants to go home for the night. Harsh offers to drop her home but RV says he will do it. Kiya says she will go herself but Harsh insists and she goes with him.

Harsh drops Kiya home but delays her going inside by suggesting that she go clubbing with him instead as all alone she might get bad thoughts and memories. He will make sure she ends the night on a happy note. Kiya says it’s a good idea but she is really tired. Harsh offers to escort her to her door and she agrees.

She thanks him for being a gentleman and Harsh says it’s all his pleasure. Anya opens the door and is impressed by Harsh’s car and presence. She doesn’t misses the chance to taunt KD by saying she was wondering how come KD got a car. Harsh laughs at this and Kiya doesn’t say anything. Anya says she’s happy her little sister is making new friends and invites Harsh in who readily accepts.

Inside, Harsh does a detailed and braggy introduction of himself and Anya becomes even more impressed by his “royal” status. He also goes on flirting with Anya as well. When it starts to become too much, Kiya hints at Harsh to leave. Harsh leaves after consoling Kiya one last time. When he’s gone, Anya tries fishing out news about any KiSha fight from Kiya but Kiya ignores it all and goes to her room.

Precap – Harsh’s team is practicing on the court when KD comes with his team, breaking their practice. Harsh riles KD up for a fight saying last night his girlfriend dumped and tomorrow, Harsh will make him taste bitter defeat. Isn’t KD tired of being insulted all the time via Harsh’s hand? KD gets angry and shoves Harsh aside and they almost get in a fight.

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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