The Buddy Project 8th April 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 8th April 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 8th April 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with JJ hitting the gong, RV takes off his jacket and wears the gloves, both RV and KD get ready looking at each other, JJ goes into fb of the farewell night where he wished RV-KD to be together, RV goes into fb of the farewell party when the mms is leaked, KD goes to fb of finding out RV putting extra money
Both the boys prepare for the fight, RV begins hitting KD, they both keep hitting each other
While outside the dean’s cabin Avi and Kiya along with the Dhakkan gang are standing, Kiya signals Avi to eavesdrop, Avi tries to hear through the door when the Chillar gang comes there, Kiya-Piddi and Omi-Avi have a tashan wala look look, Omi and Avi move towards each other when they stop seeing Sophia coming out of the dean’s office, Sophia indicates them to leave and both the gangs leave from there
RanSh are still on fighting each other, RV hits KD who falls on top of the boxes, RV who is tired takes a break while KD sees the chance and gets up and hits him making him fall on the boxes at the other side of the room, JJ watches the two fight their strength out, KD indicates him to get up, RV tries to get up but falls, KD indicates him to come and fight, RV is about hit him a hard punch when he goes to fb of all the good times they had, he stops himself (OMG this scene was just soo Ah-mazingg, i luvd the way RV stops and goes to fb of those moments it was just soo touching)
They both start circling around each other looking at each other, they begin fighting again, outside Avantika tries to hear what is going on inside, she takes out a glass piece from her bag and puts it half inside through the door and sees RanSh fighting, she then recalls RV being taken to the classroom by Sophia and RV gets in and the door is shut, Avantika gets excited and leaves
Back in the room, RV hits KD hard on the head, he hits him again making KD fall at JJ’s feet
In the dean’s cabin, Sophia pours some drink in the glass and quickly takes it to the dean who drinks it in one gulp
Back in the fight room, RV indicates KD to get up who tries to regain his energy and tries to get hold of the water bottle beside JJ but JJ picks it and opens it for himself to drink, KD looks towards RV in anger
Panchi in another room looks through the old photos during their school times, she goes into fb crying remembering all those bad and good times they all shared and the present time where RV-KD have turned enemies, she moves towards the projector board and cries seeing the old photos of RV-KD and JJ during farewell night
In the fight room, KD takes off his gloves and gets up, RV also takes off the gloves and they both start fighting each other, JJ keeps watching them, they keep knocking each other down and indicating each other to come and fight
Kiya walks to and fro all tensed, Avi gets up from the stairs and stops her indicating to calm down and think, Avantika clashes with Avi as she runs to him and pulls him to come with her, everyone follows her, Chillar gang come down the staircase and watches them heading somewhere, Piddi indicates Omi to follow them, Omi summons everyone to follow the dhakkans
Both KD-RV are bleeding and worn out as they fall on to the boxes hitting each other, they get themselves up and keep looking at each other, they go into the fb of the farewell night where they all have a grp hug with JJ, both of them get dizzy and fall onto each other, KD rests his head on RV’s shoulders and they both hold each others arms and try to get themselves up, JJ gets up looking at the two (OOMMGEEE this was another brilliantly enacted scene, i LOVE the way they go into fb of those good moments and then falling on to each other for support, damn both Fahad and Kunal have brilliantly acted out this scene)
Outside the fight room, Avatika straightens a wire to open the lock of the door, the Chillar gang come there and try to open the other door of the room but in vain, Piddi indicates up the door and tries to make a jump to see through there but at the end he keeps hanging, Omi hits him and he comes down
Omi indicates him to get on his back, he sits down and Piddi gets on his shoulders and he tries to peek in
Avantika finally unlocks the door and sees the Chillar gang trying to peek in through the other door, she indicates Avi and others to get in and moves towards the Chillar gang whom Avi and others haven’t noticed yet
Piddi is trying to see what’s going inside when Avantika comes there and pokes him with the wire in her hand, he gets irritated and moves it away, she keeps on poking him, Omi suddenly notices Avantika and Piddi turns to see her and gets scared, Omi drops Piddi suddenly, Avantika moves towards the door and shows them the wire to open the door, Omi and others watch her (OMG hehe i see Omi getting impressed with Avantika cant wait to see more scenes on them)
Avi and Kiya and the others hear the sound of beating from outside and wonder what’s going on, Avantika finally opens the door, Piddi tries to hold the wire but Avantika slaps him and signals him to the door and moves aside, Piddi indicates to Omi ‘she’s crazy’
Dhakkans and Chillars come in and see KD-RV totally worn out holding each other, they both go into flashback of the ‘mms leak’ and ‘adding extra money’, they think about the fight they had during the farewell party and during the freshers talent show, KD-RV push away each other, JJ watches them tensed
Dhakkans move behind RV and Chillars move behind KD, Avantika watches them from the door, KD-RV have a tashan look look and they start hitting each other again, Piddi becomes worried, JJ hurt starts hitting the gong going in to fb of farewell night, he keeps hitting it to stop the fight but KD-RV still goes on hitting each other until they give each other a final hit and fall down flat on the ground

Precap: Omi and Avi make a move towards RV-KD lying down when JJ stops the two and moves them away, JJ looks towards Kiya….

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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