The Buddy Project 7th November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 7th November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th November 2013 Written Update

Panchi gets a call from Avi and she gets worried. She remembers her calling off their relationship and disconnects. Just then, Mrs. R comes there and asks Panchi is everything alright? Panchi manages a smile to cover her emotions and says it’s alright. When Mrs.R is gone, Panchi gets a text from Avi which says that he just returned from out of town and asks why isn’t she picking his calls, answering his texts and that he wants to meet her. Panchi says out loud that she won’t meet Avi. She is extremely worried and tensed and thinks about calling Ranveer. But before the calls gets through, she remembers her harsh words to him that she is in her breathing space and wants to be left alone. She disconnects the call saying if she’d call him now, he’d get confused and tensed for no reason. It is true that she is missing Ranveer but she can’t worry him. She then accidentally calls RV again and notices it too late.

RV is having coffee with Rukmini at a cafe. Rukmini says it’s been so long since they spent time together and RV agrees, saying that not spending time together was the reason of their misunderstandings. Rukmini asks how come suddenly he got the idea of going out? Was it on his own or did Panchi ask him to? RV chokes on his coffee and asks Rukmini why does she drag Panchi in every matter? Rukmini retorts she doesn’t, he does. Is it not true that he is always concerned for Panchi? Just then, RV sees Panchi’s name flashing on his phone screen as a missed call. RV stammers and says to Rukmini that it was something of childhood, now they are grown ups and she can handle her matters on her own. But he is extremely worried about her call and wonders how should he call her back in front of Rukmini? If Panchi has called that means she could be in some trouble (might I add that RV went full crazy concerned with just ONE missed call?) He makes up an excuse to Rukmini saying he has some urgent office work and cuts the date short.

Kiya gets to her room and she is extremely mad and hurt. She remembers KD’s words about giving him his breathing space and gets more hurt.

KD is watching Kiya’s old videos. He can’t seem to concentrate on anything and remembers him throwing water on her.

Kiya says determinly if KD wants to move on then she won’t stop him. Maybe it’s time for them to just break up.

KD angrily says if Kiya thinks she can blackmail him by writing messages like she’ll be gone soon then she’s dead wrong. If their relationship isn’t important for her then he won’t force it.

Panchi is in her own at night time and Mrs. R comes there saying she knew it that Panchi was troubled about something. Panchi sighs that nothing is wrong with her. Mrs. R says if that’s not the case, why did she call RV here? Panchi is surprised hearing this and more surprised as she sees RV walking in. Mrs. R says she only calls RV whenever she is in trouble and Panchi is by then, frowning seeing the smile on RV’s face. Mrs. R leaves the two of them to talk. When she’s gone, Panchi sternly asks why is he there? RV jumps on the bed with her and says smugly that she is the one who thought of him! Panchi is shocked that how does he know about her missing him? She lies that she was not thinking of him and RV STTC that he doesn’t think Panchi knows of her missed call to him and decides to play along. Panchi says angrily that she doesn’t need his help, none at all! RV is baffled and STTC then why did she think of him?! He laughs and says that they share a telepathic connection (Lo! yehi line KD ko bhi chipkayi thi ) So whenever she thinks of him, he knows about it. Panchi shrugs him off saying has he read some cheap novel that he is sprouting such nonsense? RV starts playfully hitting her cheeks saying she can lie all she wants, she can’t stay away from him. Panchi is surprised and STTC how does he know that she was thinking of him? Does telepathy really exist? Must be else how would he know? (RV kept hitting her while she broke the fourth wall with the camera ) Annoyed by his hitting, she shouts out, “statue!” and freezes him then asks does he really think she was thinking about him? But he can’t reply cuz hey! He can’t move! She calls off the jinx and he continues hitting her saying of course he thinks so and he also knows what she thinks about. She enables the jinx again and confesses that she was thinking about him, much to RV’s happiness. Panchi scolds him not to be too happy about it but RV continues giggling.

When she breaks the jinx again, he is all happy and smug that this is what you call telepathy! He says she so haughtily walked away in the morning saying she can solve her problems on her own but now what? She ended up needing him! Panchi starts crying (wo playful wala) that she did remember him just a little. RV smiles softly at this and to lift the mood, mimicks her crying and earns himself a slap. Panchi continues saying she can’t solve her matters on her own anymore! RV seems concerned at this but doesn’t let her know and pastes a grin on his face and cheers her up by mimicking various actors and saying he will solve all her problems in a snap of a finger. He manages to finally cheer her up and they hug.

ICC. KD enters college and notices students’ weird behavior with him. He goes to his locker and sees the word, “Jerk” written all over it. He gets mad and starts demanding who did this and is shocked seeing Kiya stand there, giving him cold stares. RaHi come there and RV is surprised seeing KD’s locker. He gets mad and says he’ll take action against anyone who has done this. He asks Kiya if she has any idea and Kiya so innocently says she doesn’t know. Maybe KD did something to deserve this treatment and KD remembers the water throwing incident. Kiya adds one who doesn’t respect others can’t expect to be respected. So no, she has no clue who did this. It’s obvious all her words are for KD and she walks away. RV asks KD why was she behaving like that and KD coldly says he’ll deal with whoever did this thing, personally.

RV sees Kiya sitting in the canteen. He gathers courage and goes to her and timidly asks her what’s wrong between KiSha? Kiya gets mad and says why doesn’t he go ask KD that?! RV tries calming her down saying no one said anything, he just noticed cold vibes. KiSha are a great couple, many of people look up to their exemplary relationship. Kiya cuts across him saying there’s nothing extraordinary about them! KD refuses to understand anything and wants to take charge in everything, regardless of other person’s feeling. And she knows RV is here to take KD’s side so he can save it. She is not interested. She marches off after hitting RV for being a biased KD friend. RV huffs that there’s no goodness left in world. He came to her to solve their problem and was ended up being physically hit!

Precap – RV advices Panchi to do something constructive to keep her mind off this Avi issue. Panchi agrees that she wants to forget Avi now. Avi comes behind her saying he won’t let that happen. He approaches Panchi but RV stops her. Avi says to RV that this is between Avi and Panchi. RV corrects him saying it used to be Avi and Panchi’s matter now it is RV and Panchi’s matter. Avi says fine but he wants Panchi to say this personally.

Update Credit to: spicySugar

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