The Buddy Project 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 7th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th June 2013 Written Update

JJ tells to Tika that he got the same drink and they can meet soon.He gets to know the table no from the waiter.JJ gets up from his place and asks about the next plan.They discuss about the starters.As the waiter moves,tika notices that JJ is not their in the table.Tika gets into the club and asks JJ to not follow her and asks why he is impatient.He tells that she must not feel that he did not made any efforts to meet/find her.Tika tells that he can get a second chance to meet her if she orders some second dish.JJ asks whether they are not meeting now and Tika tells that according to game they are not.She also tells that he may get a second chance as he is trying a lot to meet her.JJ thanks her and she asks him to come to dance floor.

Kiya and Piddi are in icecream shop.They

discuss abt the music video.Piddi reads about blind fold and tells that there is no end.Kiya thinks about KiSha’s happy moments,YaRa Kiss and how KiSha got separated.Piddi wonders where is the end and asks kiya to say something.Kiya tells that some love stories do not have happy ending and she does not know abt it.She asks to keep the ending as open one.Piddi tells that he have read that all will be good and if it is not good,then it is not the ending.Piddi tells that story is still left.Kiya nods.

JJ comes inside.Tika calls him and tells that she will come to meet him if he chooses the song in which she can also dance.JJ STTC that the song(I hate luv storys song) is young and peppy but it is not of her type.Tika hopes that he guess the correct song so that she can meet him.

Panchi calls Avi and tells that she saw his message in FB and asks why he did not called her.Avi tells that she might be busy coz of miss vista so he texted her.Avi tells that tomorrow is a big day for her and he thought she must not be nervous.Panchi gets disturbed as he mentioned nervous.Panchi STTC thanks for reminding and asks why everyone is talking abt this.Avi keeps on talking and Panchi is super irritated.Omi too calls her and asks the same.He also keeps on talking and Panchi keeps the phone down.Panchi gets so worried.

Piddi tells to kiya that he misunderstood her in school but they both are together in college.She asks him to say sorry for calling her “lipstick” and putting frog in her bag.He says so and Kiya too apologizes for fixing his and tika’s date.Piddi says that there is no need for that and none of the girls like a guy like him.He further says that Kiya is a singer,Ranveer is singer,guitarist,RJ,Panchi is all-rounder,KD is good at computer but he is not fit for anything and he is just a joker.He leaves sadly.Kiya STTC that she failed in good Samaritan task but if she increases Piddi’s confidence then everything will be good and she just needs to find that in which piddi is talented.

Panchi’s mom comes and asks her to sleep on the bed.She tells that tomorrow is her important day and asks her to sleep.She also says that her smile is missing but she is still upset.She goes to bed and asks her mom the ipod so that she will listen to songs and sleep.

A song of Tika’s interest plays and JJ guess it right.He goes to the dance floor and starts dancing.Tika Is happy and surprised that he chose the right song.
Panchi thinks about going on the stage and everyone making fun of her calling moti as the mic also does not work.She gets too tensed and gets up.

JJ is still dancing and looking around for Tika.He STTC that he hopes he chose the right song otherwise he will be just dancing and she would have gone.Tika also comes to the dance floor and they both miss few chances to meet accidently.Tika goes near JJ and when she is about to touch his shoulder he gets the call from Panchi, so he goes away.

Panchi tells him that she is so tensed and JJ asks her to relax.She tells that she will spoil everything and is so worried.Panchi asks whether she can meet him now and JJ is quite hesitant.JJ is hesitant but then agrees.He asks her to wait and he will come to her home and also asks her to msg him the address.

JJ tells tika that his student called and he wants to go.Tika asks whether he is sure because they were to meet but JJ tells that his life can wait but his student’s one cannot.Tika is silent, JJ asks whether she is angry.Tika tells that she understands and asks him to go.

Tika comes to the table where there drink is kept.She takes one drink and tells that they will soon drink it together and it will be perfect.She tells cheers and drinks it.

Ranveer tells that he does not wanna read all these.Rukmini is angry and tells him tht reading their mother language is village people’s work but he is sahib.So he will read only English.He shouts that he knows that he can learn hindi somehow but it will take one year for her to learn English pronunciation.He asks whether only she can point out mistakes and even he can get angry.Rukmini asks him to shut up and Ranveer shouts at her to shut up and get out.Rukmini raises her hand to slap him and RV gets shocked.She points her finger at him and they both look at each other.

Update Credit to: Roshini1494

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