The Buddy Project 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 7th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 7th January 2014 Written Update

Kiya says that she is Harsh’s friend and starts to add something to it but Harsh stops her and says all confidently that Kiya is his friend. KD lashes out at RV saying it’s all the fault of his stupidity. the basketball match has already become a Chillars vs Dhakkans war. RV retorts asking how come it’s his fault? KD was the one who approached Chillars first. He then tells KD that he already anticipated the match to be a big problem. KD coldly replies that from what he sees, RV is completely on Harsh’s side. RV says Harsh is just his teammate and that’s it. Harsh smirks and tells RV to say it out loud that he is his friend or is RV also scared of KD? KD shouts at Harsh and Harsh shouts back, telling KD to stop shouting. Harsh can shout as well but since he is talking, KD should talk as well and save up all his anger for the basketball match. KD gets ready to use his fists on Harsh but KiPi pull him away. Harsh just rolls his eyes.

RV angrily says to Panchi that KD will never accept his mistakes and will always blame someone else. Harsh comes over there and Panchi tells him that she wants to talk to RV alone. Harsh just shrugs and walks off. But RV doesn’t stay as well and he huffs away with Panchi following him.

Piddi is telling KD to not waste his time on meaningless fights like this and concentrate on the match which they’ll surely win. Kiya says that she wants to talk to KD. Getting the clue that she wants some privacy, Piddi walks away mumbling that he has no importance whatsoever.

Kiya goes to KD but he starts talking about how Kiya is friends with Harsh and she so openly announced it. He says he is cool with it but it’s evident that he is hurt. Kiya turns him around to face her and says that they need to talk.
RaHi are in the car and RV is really irritated. Panchi is acting chirpy but he tells her to cut it out. She only retorts that he keeps calling her “Panchi” and not Moti and she hates that and unless he lovingly calls her Moti, she won’t stop bothering him. She bother him so much that he ends up stopping the car on the road. He looks at her angrily but she bursts out laughing and he just shakes his head and says, “Moti! You’re crazy!” Panchi agrees to that and asks can they talk now? She tells him she has invited all the Buddies at her house for a small get together. RV asks what’s the occasion and she replies that she just figured RV and KD have to sort out some things. She has also invited JJ and Harsh over.
Kiya says to KD that she knows KD loves her and his concern is his way of showing his love. But sometimes she gets annoyed by his possesiveness. KD says he just worries about her. Kiya replies she gets that but she connects with Harsh. Seeing Harsh, she can see her past self. She say she knows why JJ brought Harsh in their life. Because he wants the Buddies to do to him what JJ did to them. Seeing Harsh, Kiya sees her school self. And that’s why she is befriending him. KD says that Harsh is not a nice guy, he always hits on her. Kiya agrees and adds that it will help in her favor. She can get close to him that way. She wants to do that, to help JJ and for herself as well. And right now, she needs KD’s support more than anything else. KD says she has his full support and asks what does she want him to do. Kiya says she wants them to break up. KD is shocked.
Scene fades to KiSha happily walking hand in hand and they get Panchi’s text about the party.
Harsh is looking at Kiya’s pic on his laptop and says that Harshvardhan Sisodia gets what he wants and he wants Kiya. As for the nuisance KD, he will get rid of him in a blink of an eye. He gets Panchi’s text message and says this is a nice opportunity to get close to Kiya.
Buddies are having fun at the party. Panchi’s cake is destroyed and they end up smudging flour and chocolate on each other, all in good spirits. Just then, Harsh arrives at the party. the mood of the party noticeably decreases. Harsh walks over to Kiya and wipes the chocolate off her cheek, ignoring her soft rebuttals. KD gets mad seeing it and Harsh taunts him but KD doesn’t say anything. Harsh still apologizes to Kiya in a very taunting manner to KD. Seeing the seething mood, Panchi suggests that they all clean up and the Buddies all help her clean the mess.
Harsh tells them that JJ went to meet Harsh’s father hence he couldn’t make it. He then gets close to Kiya and whispers that he apologized for nothing if Kiya was going to clean up anyway. KD is mad seeing them close.

Precap – In the game of spin the bottle, Kiya chooses dare. Harsh dares her to dance with him blindfolded like she did at NYB. Kiya refuses at first but saying that it’s a dare, she agrees. Harsh gets close to Kiya under the pretense of dancing and KD doesn’t like seeing it.

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