The Buddy Project 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 6th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th December 2013 Written Update

Piddi is trying to get an auto.He sees a guy trying to snatch a girl’s bag.He goes and fights with the guy while the other guy comes and catches piddi.He gets beaten up by the guys.The gal wakes up piddi and he is left alone with her.That Gal tells Piddi that they went away as they thought he died.The gal tells him that those guys were troubling her since so many days and she does not want him to get in some trouble because of her.Piddi STTC that for how long that gal can escape from those guys and wonder whether they can’t do anything for that.

KD is checking the reviews about the music college and STTC that he can’t believe this and If this college is not as good as Kiya is thinking then it will be waste of time and money.He tells that he need to get to know well

from its reviewers.Piddi calls KD to talk but KD cuts off him saying that he is busy and will talk to him tomorrow.

Next day, Kiya is in class.RV and Piddi enter the class.Kiya says hi to piddi and Panchi also enters behind him.RV and Panchi look at each other.Panchi goes and sits beside Kiya.Panchi asks what happened and inquires abt KD to Kiya.She says that KD is not happy with her decision of going to America and he does not want her to go far from him.So he is not even talking properly to her.Panchi says that KD is protective and possessive and obviously he will be worried for you as its a whole new place.Kiya replies that its just now that but KD will forget after she goes away from him after few days and she will also.Panchi remembers Ruku’s taunt and STTC that Kiya is right and if she goes away from here, the problems between RV and Ruku will be sorted.She tells that she does not like this place too and she needs a new start.

Piddi is in canteen while a guy comes and bumps at a gal.Piddi comes and scolds that guy.He leaves angrily and the gal too leaves.Piddi STTC that it is a college not park and two people would bump for sure.He needs to think of something.RV comes to canteen and Piddi calls him.He notices Rukmini coming at back of RV and STTC “Ruku baby is number one Gundi”.Piddi says to RV that his coat was good and RV leaves with Piddi.Piddi STTC that there is only one guy who can help him,his lovely friend.

In dean office, Panchi is requesting dean that she can’t tell her reasons to him but she needs to leave the college at any cost.Dean asks her what happened that she wants to leave the college in mid term.Panchi says that she really can’t tell him and she just want to know whether she can get a transfer.She asks for the recommendation letter so that she can easily get admission in another college.Dean asks whether he can help her with anything so that problems can be solved.Panchi tells that this problem can never be solved and if he wants to help her then please let her go.Dean says that she was always been very proud of her and she was one of the finest student of the college.Dean says if she wants to go and he will make sure that she gets into some top college.He also tells that he will always miss you and love you.

Piddi is over hearing all this from outside and STTC why panchi is leaving the college.She comes outside and sees Piddi.Piddi asks her why is he leaving the college and Panchi replies that she feels that after she is gone, so many problems between the people here will be solved.Piddi asks who are those people and asks whether she is talking abt RV and Gundi Rukmini.Piddi asks whether she is going because of them and Panchi tells that she is going because of her personal problems.He asks her to wait there and he will come back.

Piddi comes searching for RV and asks rukmini where is RV.He sees RV and goes to him.He says that Panchi is leaving college.RV asks whether she is ill and Piddi asks him not to talk about mickey mouse.Piddi tells him that Panchi is leaving the college forever.RV is shocked.Ruku is also there.RV asks where is she going and piddi asks him to ask her.He tells that he heard with his eyes and saw with his ears and then corrects himself that he heard with his ears and saw with his eyes.Piddi tells that he heard Panchi telling Dean that she needs admission from another college.They both leave Ruku behind and goes to meet Panchi.They don’t find Panchi infront of Dean’s office and goes in searching her.RV calls her but it was not connecting.Ruku comes there and asks whats there to worry in this.She tells that its good that she is leaving as their will be no one in between them now.She also tells that Panchi’s idea is good and asks him to let her go.She also tells if he wants he can go and meet panchi in her house for one last time as she is going away forever.She tells that she is not that bad and does not know whether he can meet her again or not.She also tells that she is happy about the fact that there is no need for her to worry about Panchi from now on.She tells that she will also accompany him to say goodbye.

Three Gals are gossiping about guys and date.They talk that KD is hot as he is clean shaven always.A guy comes with stuble and asks whether he can sit.The gals deny.But when KD asks they offer him a seat as he is clean shaven.KD advertises Gillette fusion power phantom razor.

KD has a skype chat with a reviewer.The reviewer tells that its all fraud.The reviewer tells that they are only interested in getting high fees from the students but there no class,no college or no music and he wasted one yr of his life in that college.KD asks him sorry and also thanks him for the review.He STTC that he wont let Kiya to join this music school at any cost after getting to know about its truth.He tells that Kiya can’t leave him and go.

RV,Ruku nd Piddi in car.Ruku asks RV to go fast so that Panchi does not leave and he can’t meet her while leaving too.Ruku keeps on blabbering that she misunderstood Panchi but she is good.As she is leaving there will be no problems between them from now on and by time he will forget her too.RV is having the flashbacks of Panchi ( Camp and Jaane Kyun ones).She thanks piddi for giving the news of Panchi leaving and keeps on saying that she is so happy.She also give permission for RV to hug her if she wants as she does not know whether he can meet Panchi again.RV gets angry and parks the car in the corner.He says to Ruku that he is not letting Panchi to go anywhere at anytime.Piddi smiles and Ruku becomes sad.The show ends with RV riding the car.

Rukmini tells Panchi that her decision is right one and everyone will be good because of that.RV drags Ruku and tells her to stop it as Panchi is not going anywhere.Ruku asks him that he told he will not Panchi after choosing her, So why it bothers him whether Panchi is here or not.RV says that it bothers because he loves her.Panchi looks shocked/surprised at RV.Ruku is shocked too.The screen divides between the three.

Update Credit to: Rishi1494

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