The Buddy Project 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 6th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 6th August 2013 Written Update

Mrs.G tells Kiya to follow them. When they are gone, Kiya lashes at KD for shouting at her mother and not keeping quiet. KD retorts that he can tolerate anything which is directed towards him but when it comes to his father, he can’t just stand still. Kiya snaps that she understands that and she ain’t saying that Mrs.G is right but if KD does the same as her mother, what’s the difference between them?! Had he kept quiet, at least their first date wouldn’t have turned into a public humiliation. Thanks to his temper and ego, everything is ruined! KD says fault was Mrs.G, Kiya saw everything! Kiya retorts that blame lies equally, you can’t fight fire with fire (oooh! I’m loving Bharati here! Damn! The way she’s grown as an actress ) Had he kept quiet, Mrs.G would’ve done the same. KD should’ve given her, Kiya, and their date at least one thought before losing his temper. She says even she had a surprise for him and hands him two tickets to a movie, just for the two of them. But now he can go alone. Kiya leaves from there but not before coldly thanking KD for the dinner. KD feels immensely guilty and bites back his tears and FBs about Kiya’s happy expectations of the date to Kiya saying, “Everything is ruined!”

RV enters the restaurant as the Gujrals leave. Kiya passes him by and doesn’t listen to him calling her name. Then comes KD who does the same but RV holds him back and asks what happened? KD is all dazed so RV tells him to come over to his house but KD pulls back from his grip and says he has to be in the hostel and in daze, leaves. RV gets concerned.

Omi is playing Snakes&Ladders with his Cs when KD arrives. Omi stops him and asks for details about the date. KD wants to excuse himself but Omi insists. KD angrily snaps that he’ll tell him later, much to Omi’s shock. KD then keeps his voice in check and pleads to be left alone.

Kiya is crying in her room and KD is all forlorn in his own room. She angrily throws away her date dress. They both look at their picture (the one Kiya gifted KD when he shifted to hostel) and remember some pre-date and pro-date moments. Then KD remembers Mrs.G insulting his father and gets mad. But then they both get up and pick up the stuff which they threw away.

ICC. Piddi is laughing and joking on his own, evidently in happy spirits. Just then, Kiya enters with glasses on (aww! she cried the night away ) and Piddi starts pestering her about the date and all. Kiya ignores him at first but when he doesn’t shut up, she snaps at him to keep his mouth shut and if he’s so curious, he should go ask his “KD Bhai” all these questions and she storms away. Piddi STTC, “Oh My Jai Mata Di!” (Okay this is hilarious! ) and wonders just what did he say to offend her so much? He gets worried whether something wrong happened.

Omi in canteen and Panchi comes happily there. After some initial awkwardness from his side because he got up when she sat and then she stood up but he was sitting, they both settle down and Omi complains that she doesn’t meet him anymore. Panchi replies now she’s with him. They both sit and Omi asks her what will she have to eat. Just then, Avi comes there and complains where was she yesterday, no calls, no texts. It’s like she doesn’t care for him one bit! Panchi gets confused and looks at Omi. Avi gets a little mad and leaves from there saying evidently she’s still busy. Panchi excuses herself from Omi and follows Avi, much to Omi’s displeasure.

Panchi keeps asking Avi what’s his problem, why is he acting like that? Avi stops and tells her and he had been waiting for her call the entire night and she didn’t even call once! (what was stopping you from calling her Mr.Roy? ) Panchi keeps following her and tells him about the whole day been gone in planning KD’s date and then taking care of stuff! Then she gets a tubelight moment and goes, “Tum mujhe miss kar rahe the?” Avi replies in positive and that when two people are in a relationship, they talk all night. Was he wrong to expect that? Panchi becomes all apologetic that she was with her friends. Avi complains she could’ve dropped him a message. Panchi keeps saying sorry and says after class, all her time is his. Avi is not that happy but agrees. It’s class time and asks his permission to go. Avi nods but he’s not in high spirits. Panchi rushes from there but comes back after a second and kisses Avi’s cheek before running away again (feels! My feels!!!! After WEEKS! My ViChi feels are back!!! ) Avi becomes all blushy at her act.

Kiya is sitting alone in canteen. RV sees her and joins her but she gets up, requesting RV not to ask any questions about the date. Before she can leave, Piddi, Panchi and Ruku come there and make her sit and start asking all these teasing questions about the date as its their right to know. RV is the only one serious there and he tells them to not bug her but Panchi says if friends won’t tease after first date then who would? KD also comes in the canteen and sees all this commotion from afar. Piddi notices KD and pulls him towards the gang and makes him sit beside Kiya. He then sings a teasing song which Panchi and Ruku enjoy but RV doesn’t. Annoyed, Kiya leaves from there and Piddi jokes that Kiya has such nice values that she got shy. KD snaps at Piddi to shut up as joking all the time can get annoying. KD leaves from there, leaving the trio shocked.

RV states the obvious that he told them not to annoy them now (uff! He looked so hot sitting there with one leg over the other, fingers at his mouth and a serious expression on his face. Main te gayii!!! ) Panchi asks what happened to them so suddenly and RV replies he thinks they had a fight. RV tells them all about the wallet issue. Piddi is shocked and RV says then he saw them leaving but they didn’t say anything. Panchi wonders but why are they fighting?

In the washroom, Kiya tells the girls everything that KD ruined their first date. She knows Mrs.G was wrong but couldn’t KD show self control at least once, for them?

KD tells the boys no one has the right to insult his father, not even Mrs.G! RV says but he was on his first date. KD retorts he knew that and he tried hard not to say anything but when parents get insulted, being angry is just a reflex action. For his date he couldn’t tolerate his father being insulted.

Kiya says its all cuz of his ego! Ruku tells Kiya that she is being mad at the wrong reason, it’s hard to hear one’s father being insulted. Kiya retorts that’s double standard! If she can hear her mother being insulted for him, why couldn’t he do the same? Panchi says she can’t hold grudges forever in her life. She has to let go and try anew. Kiya retorts she can’t! The charm and special feeling of a first date, that’s all gone now. It can’t be replicated.

KD says he agrees he has issues with his father but that doesn’t mean he will stand by and hear his father get insulted. If Kiya can’t understand this thing, how can she understand him?! Piddi says to RV that it’s a huge mess, what will they do now? RV says they have to something to patch them up.

Students are crowding the notice board; exams dates are announced. Piddi, Panchi and RV are cursing at this sudden announcement. Kiya says she’s happy, at least in exam tension she won’t have time to think about other stuff. She turns around and comes face to face to KD but then leaves. KD watches her go but by the time she turns around to see him, he has already looked away.

In library, RV comes to KD and asks him why is he avoiding him? KD asks what does RV want him to do? RV says he doesn’t want to interfere in KD’s personal matters but they are friends and he understands him and he can see KiSha aren’t at peace, they love each other! So why making it an ego issue? KD just tells him to go tell this all to Kiya and sits down on the chair. RV says it’s a non-issue and KD should stop dragging his ego here. If he’d take the first step, nothing would happen! KD retorts what does RV know of his condition? He doesn’t have parents so he doesn’t know what it feels to hear one’s parents being insulted! (oooh! wrong move KD!! ) RV is hurt and KD realizes his mistake soon. He apologizes to RV as he didn’t have any intention to hurt him but it’s a small thing; regardless of any differences, KD will get angry if any outsider will insult his father. If RV would reflect upon it neutrally, he’d know that KD is right. KD takes out a book from the shelf and leaves from there. Behind the shelf, Kiya has heard all this.

Precap – In library, VeeNi are studying together. On stairs, ViChi. In canteen, KD is studying alone without wanting to be disturbed. Piddi doesn’t like it and complains to the camera that who would help him? Piddi with some guys and threatening them that if they don’t give him the papers, he’d complain against them. The guy tells Piddi to help them in stealing the paper. Piddi says no matter if he has to steal but he will be on the top (TU KAB SUDHRE GA?!??!! )


Update Credit to: spicysugar

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