The Buddy Project 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 4th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 4th December 2013 Written Update

RV is in the basketball court, playing all by his own. He remembers the time when he used to play with Panchi. He stops and STTCs that he has used up all his thinking power but he can’t come to any decision at all! He resumes playing and remembers the camp moments with Panchi and her quoting JJ’s words that one has to take all his decisions on his own. RV sits on the ball and STTC that he is so confused with this choice. On one side there’s Rukmini, his girlfriend. On the other, there’s Panchi his best friend without whom he can’t even imagine his life. There’s just no solution of this problem. Frustrated, he throws the ball away.

…which hits Rukmini LOL She gets mad and demands who hit her. She looks up and Piddi is standing

there. She follows him and Piddi runs away to hide in Dean’s office. He hides behind the door and Rukmini comes there, asking if Dean has seen Piddi somewhere? After some initial nautanki, Dean slips out that Piddi is behind the door (Piddi’s expression! He was head-dooring ROFL) Rukmini sees Piddi and drags him outside. She scolds him for always creating problems for her, he did so in the camp as well. But Piddi escapes her bhashan.

Piddi comes in the corridor and STTC that today is a bad day, everyone is treating him like a mandir ka ghanta, anyone is hitting him on whims! He sees KD there, who is smiling while talking on phone. Piddi goes to him and asks him if something happened? It feels good to see him smiling. KD cheerfully replies everything is going to be well now. Piddi asks why, is the GF of his friend not leaving anymore? KD scolds him a little and then happily tells him that no one is going anywhere. KD walks away and Piddi STTC that anything is better than seeing KD in his Devdas mode.

Rukmini is waiting for RV in the corridor. RV comes to her. She asks him if he made a decision? RV affirms. Rukmini tells him to think wisely because once he makes a decision, he has to honor it for life (what the eff? Stern Smile) She tells him if he chooses her then he has to follow certain conditions.
No talking to Panchi.
No going to her house.
No going to any trip with Buddies where she is going.
No being involved in anything in which she is involved.
RV is stunned by these conditions. He looks sideways and sees Panchi there. And there’s this moment where her side of the screen becomes all black and white while he remains colored. And all the camp flashbacks are shown but this time only in reverse. And then Panchi is shown going back and disappearing.

Rukmini asks him what did he decide?

Scene fades to night time and RV pacing back and forth in his room. It is shown via fbs that RV chose Rukmini and then he remembers all of Rukmini’s warnings that he has to stay away from Panchi. Distressed, he STTC that whatever happens now, he gave it his all and made a decision. And he has to stick with it. So why stressing over it? He tries to calm himself down and goes to the kitchen to drink water. Alas, it isn’t easy. Stuff makes him remember the time he spent with Panchi.

He goes back to his room and takes out his cell. First he hesitates but then he calls Piddi…

..who is on the toilet scene, finishing up business ROFL Khair, after some initial banter, RV asks him to do something for him. Piddi refuses because all troubles start whenever anyone has work for him. RV assures him nothing will happen like that, all he has to do is call Panchi and ask if she’s alright. Piddi tells him to do it for himself but RV pleads him to do and not mention to her that RV asked him to call. Reluctantly, Piddi agrees.

Piddi calls Panchi and starts talking random stuff like how’s the weather at her place? Panchi is confused at his randomness but he keeps blurting nonsense. He then comes to the point and says he just wanted to ask if she was alright. Panchi replies she’s fine but then realizes something.

“Did RV ask you to call me?”

Piddi is surprised at the way she caught up so fast. Panchi assures him that she’s fine and asks if RV is well as well? Piddi tells her that he’s fine too. They finish the call.

RV is impatiently waiting for the phone to ring. It does. He picks it up, it’s Rukmini. And he’s disappointed, major wala LOL He accepts the call and sooo half heartedly starts talking to her. How are you? Fine. How was the day? It was good. It is evident that RV is in no mood but Rukmini is all happy and chirpy. She tells him she was listening to music and makes his hear it as well.

No points for guessing it’s “Bin Tere”. While she is all dreamy eyed listening to the song, RV is rolling his eyes and not even listening. She stops the song and tells him it reminded her of him. Sensing RV’s disinterest, she gets mad and tells him to call her when he’s in his senses!

(I have so many words to say about Rukmini but none of them are polite so I’ll just work with an emoticon – Censored)

After this call, Piddi calls RV. RV impatiently picks up and asks did he talk to Panchi? How was she? Was she fine? Piddi assures him that Panchi sounded happy and fine. RV seems a little disappointed at that but lets it slide.

Panchi is in her room and Mrs. R comes there. She notices the silence and asks her daughter why is she listening to the music in mute mode? It’s her favorite song. Mrs. R turns up the volume and the song is, not Bin Tere LOL, but Dil Ibaadat. Panchi gets FBs of the kiss and she turns the tv off and tells Mrs. R that she wants to study. Mrs. R gets up to leave and asks Panchi if she will go to RV’s place the next day, she has made some gajar ka halwa for him. Panchi says she won’t be meeting RV and Mrs. R need not to do anything for him. Mrs. R is displeased at their constant fighting like kids and wonders when they will stop it? When she’s gone, Panchi says to herself that her mother need not worry, she won’t be fighting with RV anymore. In fact, she won’t be even talking to him (and cue tears Cry)

ICC. RV sees Panchi sitting in the canteen with a sad expression and he STTC that Piddi is a fool! From which angle does she seem happy?! He is going away but Kiya comes there and drags him to sit with her and Panchi. She asks Panchi if she told RV the news? RaHi are all awkward and RV excuses herself from there. On his way out, he sees Rukmini coming in. She sees where he’s coming from. RV asks her not to misunderstand, he walked away as soon as he saw Panchi standing there. Rukmini incredulously asks really? RV tells her that he made a promise and he has to value it.

Precap – KD is telling Kiya to something along the lines of not going away but Kiya tells him adamantly that she will go to USA. And if he really loves her then why is he so scared of a long distant relationship? Doesn’t he trust himself one bit? Kiya storms away and KD is shocked behind her.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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