The Buddy Project 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 3rd September 2013 Written Update

RanSh step in to take revenge against Piyali’s BF for hitting their friend. RV smears BF’s face with a pastry, which instigates a food fight. While RanSh hide behind the counter, all the people in the canteen get involved in the food fight. RanSh rescue Piddi from there, unharmed by the ongoing food fight.

Piddi is in hospital, all beaten up and vowing to take revenge from BF and Piyali. RV calms him saying she ain’t the last girl on earth but Piddi says he loves Piyali. Doc comes it, asking RanSh to leave as he has to give Piddi a dose of injection on his butt. RanSh gladly leave, while Piddi is seen struggling to get away from the painful injection.

RanSh are laughing at Piddi’s state outside the room when KD gets a message from Kamna. He gets disgusted

and asks RV to read it. It says that Kamna is moving to USA cuz she got admission there and she’s throwing a party, inviting KD and RV in it. RV rolls his eyes and tells KD to ignore it. But he gets another message which says if they don’t come, she’ll drag them both from college. RanSh get tensed and curse at the turn of events.

Panchi is shocked at Kiya’s plan of making Kamna seduce RanSh. She tries knocking sense into her that seduction is going too far but Kiya is adamant that the boys lied to them and she can’t just ditch the plan. Panchi even tries reasoning with Ruku but she’s with Kiya that it’s the last test anyway. Kiya and Panchi get into a sort of fight where Kiya tells her not to spread her knowledge everywhere. Panchi retorts she is giving a friendly advice to not over-complicate stuff. But seeing that Kiya isn’t paying attention, she walks out saying she did her job now they can do whatever they want to do!

Avi is exercising when he gets a text from his Secret Admirer (SA). They chat a bit and he gets happy when she flirts with him and invites him to meet at some place. Avi is all happy and they make a plan to meet at 7 PM and says now he’ll know who his SA is.

Next morning, Avi is all charged and pumped up for his “date”. Even in ICC, he’s only impatient for the clock to strike 7 when he sees Panchi in a low mood. He goes to her and offers her to go have pizza with him as it’ll cheer her up but she refuses saying she isn’t in mood to eat anything. However, there’s a rom-com play she wants to see and if he tags along it’ll be fun. Avi agrees but seeing the play is at 7, he blurts out he has to meet a girl. At Panchi’s quizzical glance, he lies that he has to meet a girl his Dad hired for some job. Panchi says its fine and gets up to leave. Avi says behind her that he can meet her for dinner after the play. Panchi agrees and asks him to call her when he’s done.

Panchi meets with KD who is covering his phone with a waterproof cover because Kamna had once dropped the drink on it. He notices Panchi isn’t in high spirits and asks what’s wrong? She avoids the topic and gives him the play tickets, saying KiSha can go together. KD says but she had been waiting for this play for quite some time. Panchi says she isn’t in mood now and she won’t be able to go so the tickets will go to waste anyway. Kiya comes there and asks what are they planning and Panchi leaves from there. KD asks Kiya about the play but Kiya lies she has to be home for some party. KD is disappointed but says it’s alright. Kiya tells him not to be sad, it’s only a matter of one night…after that’s she free.

Ruku asks Panchi if she’s feeling low cuz of their plan to test RanSh? Panchi is in her own senses and doesn’t answer immediately. Kiya comes there accusing Panchi of trying to sabotage her plan by giving KD the play tickets. Panchi gets mad and says had this been her intention, she would’ve told KD everything. But KD wanting to go to play with Kiya rather than the party proves that KD wants to be with Kiya and Kiya would’ve sabotaged her own plan. Kiya is deliberately not listening to Panchi’s voice of logic and seeing such reaction, Panchi storms away. Even Ruku says she is not getting good vibes from the plan but it only pushes Kiya to carry on with her plan, with or without Ruku!

Kiya comes to help Kamna with the preps. Kamna seems nervous but Kiya encourages her and suggests she go to parlor as she should look her stunning best while Kiya will manage the preps. Kamna is worried how Kiya will do it alone but Ruku comes there saying she is with Kiya and the girls get happy that no one knows their boys’ tastes better than them.

RanSh are worried about the party and trying doing a pros-cons list but there’s trouble for them on both sides. RV suggests coin toss. They toss it thrice, all the time the coin tells them to go. They decide to go, despite knowing there’ll be trouble for them. Piddi comes there, all emotional that RanSh are his true friends and he was a kameena for spying on them. He tells them everything about Kiya emotionally blackmailing him to spy of the boys while they took their loyalty test. RanSh are shocked. Piddi says Kiya set Kamna up for the party, to test if RanSh will slip or not. RanSh are mad.

Avi gets to the venue, all dressed up with flowers. He sees a girl in shadows and goes to meet her and asks her to step out as he offers her the flowers. The girl steps out. It’s none other than Panchi. Avi is shocked seeing her.

Precap – Kiya calls Kamna, asking where she is. Kamna is at a club and says she changed the venue of the party. Kiya gets mad and Kamna says after meeting KD, she couldn’t help herself from falling for him. Kiya is shocked.

Update Credit to: spicysugar

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